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Magic in Lemire is divided in Colour Magic(Green, Yellow, Red and Blue) and No Colour magic(Black and White). Different magics oppose each other, a character cannot learn magic opposed to their element or any other magic they have already. Red opposes Blue, Green opposes Yellow and White opposes Black.

Magic is divided in levels from 1 to 4, 1 being the weakest and 4 the strongest. Each spell has an MP cost, a magic power (which serves as a modifier for the caster's magical power) and an effect.

Non Colour Magic

White Magic
Astral Magic
Black Magic

Colour Magic

Red Magic
Blue Magic
Yellow Magic
Green Magic

Combination Magic

Sun Magic (Yellow + Red)
Blood Magic (Green + Red)
Song Magic (Yellow + Blue)
Bio Magic(Green + Blue)
Purging Magic (White + Any elemental)(In progress)
Corrupted Magic (Black + Any elemental)(In Progress)

Realms of Lemire
Races of Lemire
The world thus far...
Maps of the Realms
Rules of Lemire
Lemirian Art
Characters of the Realms
Forth to Lemire

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