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Lemirian Art Contest!


Welcome to Lemirian Art Contest!
I ([Duredhel]) had been meaning to make a Realms of Lemire art contest for a while now, but I could not settle on a single theme for the contest, so I have decided, instead of a single contest, I'll make a series of contests! Cycling through this page! Every month or so, I will change the theme of the contest and we'll start anew!

To prevent just one person from winning the over and over (should there be a particularly talented contestant) if you win the contest one month, you cannot win first place the following month (can still win second or third!).


1 - Your entry must be your own art! No tracing, copying or anything of the sort. (You can use other people's characters though, as long as you draw them yourself.)
2 - Each contest will last about a month, but this may vary. The deadline will be announced 1 week prior to the actual date.
3 - All mediums accepted, however it must look like something from Lemire! If you are doing a photomanipulation, for example, of someone casting a spell and wearing regular, modern clothes, it won't be accepted, since modern clothes don't exist in Lemire.
4 - No whinning! I will listen to any complaints, questions, comments with courtesy and devote all my attention to you, as long as you do so in a polite and civilized way.
5 - Also be curteous and nice to each other during the contest, or I will hurt you... and enjoy it.
6 - Have fun!! <--- token dumb rule.

Important Links
Realms of Lemire- Teh main page, from where you can reach all Lemire related info!
Realms of Lemire Arena- Can be used as a huge source of character inspiration.
Characters of the Realms - Yet another, huge source of inspiration for characters.
Races of Lemire- Teh main races of Lemire!
Lemirian Bestiary - The races you kill for money and levels :D! They're not evil though, they just want to be loved...except Hellspawned... and undead.
Classes in Lemire -The different jobs and professions characters can have.
Lemirian Magic - The great compendium of all the spells under the Lemirian Sky!
Lemirian Skills - The different skills a Lemirian character can use.


Many of you probably ask, "Why should I join these dumb contests?". As GM, and if you're one of my players, the answer is "Cuz you exist to amuse me puny mortal! MWAHAHAhahahah!!". And if you're NOT one of my players, cuz I'll give you nifty stuff if you win :D!

1st Place!
Full body, color illustration of the character of your choice! and bust-shot of the character of your choice! (done by [Duredhel])
1st Place Badge! (custom made for that specific contest)
300 GP for the RoL character of your choice! or 2 Lvls for the RoLA character of your choice. If you have RoL or RoLA characters, that is.(Bwahahaah! got your attention now didn't I?!)

2nd Place!
Color Bust-shot of the character of your choice! (done by [Duredhel])
2nd Place Badge! (custom made for that specific contest)
200 GP for the RoL character of your choice! or 1 Lvl for the RoLA character of your choice. If you have RoL or RoLA characters, that is.

3rd Place!
B/w pencil drawing of your choice! (Done by [Duredhel])
3rd Place Badge! (custom made for that specific contest)
100 GP for the RoL character of your choice! If you have RoL characters, that is.

Entry form!

Entry Nº
Artist -
Title -
Work - <img:>
Description - At least a sentence.

For previous month's contest entries, check out the Lemirian Art Contest Gallery!

And now, for this month's contest!....

Gods of Lemire!

Deadline, October 15th. After October 15th, the Deadline is set at 5 entries ^^

That's right, any rendition of a particular Lemirian God or Deity from Lemirian Religion!!

Entry Nº

Entries :

Entry Nº1
Artist - [Silverbullet]
Title - Mount Seannesha
Work - <img200*0:stuff/SilverLAC2ndEntry.jpg>
Description - An old rendition of what some percieved Sheannesha as. An Ageless tortoise whose shell is a fuming mountain and whose legs are never-ending waterfalls. Others thought this was Seannesha's first experiment with all five elements..

...Alright, so I may have gone overboard with my whole "Don't make Seannesha humanoid" goal.. But hey, we're all artists here. That's what we do!

Entry Nº2
Artist - [Magus Ferox]
Title - Nim'ael, the Spire King
Work - <img200*0:stuff/C%3ADocuments%20and%20SettingsJenniferDesktopNIMMY.jpg>
Description - Um um um... I'm not sure if the Spire King counts as a god of Lemire or not. >.> I'm not even sure what the Spire King even LOOKS LIKE, I couldn't find a description of him anywhere... But this is what I've always imagined him to look like! @_@

Entry Nº3
Artist - [Veltzeh]
Title - Eola, Terra, Seannesha, Hydra, Igna
Work - <img200*0:stuff/2006092101_ROL_gods.gif>
Description - Well, there's obviously some creating going on in there... I colored and shaded it, but it ended up sucking compared to this original, so yeah.

Entry Nº4
Artist - [Sturmi]
Title - Nesha
Work - <img200*0:stuff/sturmientry.jpg>
Description - I should have uploaded this a while ago... anyway, I tried to make her look sort of ravillan-like. Don't have much else to say...

Entry Nº5
Artist - [Lite]
Title Sei'Anna
Work - <img200*0:stuff/J%3AROL.jpg>
Description - Goddess Sei'Anna. In one hand, she holds a bird, representing life, and in the other, a spear, for death. The two aspects of nature, also symbolizing its uncontrolled wildness and unpredictability.

To Realms of Lemire
to Realms of Lemire Arena
to [Duredhel]'s house.

Username (or number or email):


2006-08-25 [Sturmi]: I'm thinking I won't be able to enter this contest U_U
I've way too much to do these weeks!

2006-08-25 [Veltzeh]: By the way, Scoop, you mean geezer and not geyser, right?

2006-08-25 [Silverbullet]: Ouh, wow Adaman *thumbs up*

2006-08-25 [Mr.Scoop]: Probably, eh Veltx...

2006-08-25 [Adaman]: No more of that, I thought someone else entered the contest. Btw, thanks Silverbullet. I hope Sturmi is able to pull something off by week's end, she only has 6 days until deadline.

2006-08-25 [Silverbullet]: Aren't you glad you put guidelines and rules for people to follow, eh Durh? X"D

2006-08-25 [Adaman]: Why is it that most catfolk characters are drawn like humans with kitty ears?

2006-08-25 [Silverbullet]: ..what i meant is that the last entry has nothing to do with lemirian magic....

2006-08-25 [Adaman]: I know, but I figure Dur will deal with that at the deadline. The entry still has a chance to describe what magic is performed (Since there are leaves blowing about, maybe something to do with wind?). I was merely saying that Dur only seems to draw catfolk that look like cats, whereas other lemirirans seem to draw catfolk as humans with kitty ears and tails. Just an observation really.

2006-08-25 [Veltzeh]: Well, lynxes I think are just like that... the others are more cat-like. I've drawn one lynx and one panther. because I just don't fancy human/animal crosses. XD

2006-08-25 [Adaman]: It's pretty much impossible to cross such species together genetically. Of course there is that old scientific bane, Magic. I think Alchemist classes can chimerize with others, so two characters could become one.

2006-08-25 [Little Insane Cat]: yeah lynx clan look the most human but i've added a thin layer of fur and some markings on her cheeks just for you guys -___-;

2006-08-25 [Veltzeh]: Does it represent magic, though?

2006-08-25 [Little Insane Cat]: no, it's just markings that i saw on a picture of a lynx o_O

2006-08-25 [Veltzeh]: You know that the theme is Lemirian magic... right? o.o

2006-08-25 [Little Insane Cat]: yeah yeah, it's not done yet (i just forgot) i'm adding *cough* the magic...ok all done

2006-08-25 [Little Insane Cat]: it's magic now isn't it?

2006-08-26 [Mr.Scoop]: You know Adaman, your version of entangle looks exactly like what I would've done if I could draw XD

2006-08-26 [dribilie]: this is getting to be a good contest...when does it end?

2006-08-26 [Adaman]: Quite a compliment, [Mr.Scoop]. The contest ends in 5 days I think, [dribilie].

2006-08-26 [Silverbullet]: yup yup.. meaning i've got 4 days to finish coloring my entry! *scrambles*

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