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2008-06-03 12:20:10
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Lemire Arena Council

Since [Duredhel] is busy, the following people will decide about things:
[Blood Raven] (although on a fairly smaller scale than Veltz)

These people will manage single Realms of Lemire Arena pages:

[Blood Raven] volunteering for:
Ravillan Arena
Skarradian Arena
–– Temple catacombs lv1
–– Temple catacombs lv2

Caerhamian Arena
Arena Stables
Tyla Desert, which includes:
--> Epellon Way
--> Caerhamian Outskirts
-----> Caerhamian Brothel
-----> Caerhamian Black Market
-----> Filthy Lizard Tavern
--> Khmia Route
--> Barren Hills
-----> Mysterious Crypt

Rysallean Woods, which includes
--> Enchanted Spring
--> Decayed Forest
--> The Waterfall
-----> Waterfall Caves
--> Rysallean Garden

Mage tower
Koe Islands, which includes:
--> Koe Village
----> Koe Shops
----> Koe Temple
----> Koe's Main Street
--> Pearl Beaches
----> The Crystal Reef
Arena Mess Hall
- Pawn Shop
Training Areas
–– Training Area 1
–– Training Area 2
–– Training Area 3
––– Zurad'one's Lab - Level 1
––– Zurad'one's Lab - Level 2
–– Training Area 4


Now what did we forget?

Admin things ([Veltzeh])
– New character applications
– Character leveling
– Pay day
Lemirian Colosseum
–– RoL Arena Bulletin Board
–– Bookies
–– Warrior's Quarters
–– The Colosseum Grounds
Asfeltas Caves
–– Asfeltas Mountain
––– Peak Monastery
–– Asfeltas Cave
––– Asfeltas Deeps
–– Steam Ponds
All pages that someone else isn't taking care of (i. e. the "still free" list until they're moved).

Username (or number or email):


2008-08-07 [Silverbullet]: June's payday is done, and I still need to do July's... just because I hadn't realized we were two months behind while I was doing paydays >_<

2008-08-08 [Veltzeh]: I'll just whistle over here... >_> ->

2008-08-08 [Silverbullet]: Well, as I said, July's payday still needs to be done, if you feel like whistling while doing something X)

2008-08-08 [Veltzeh]: Nah, but I can spew out a quick complaint about my life being busy as heck lately, if needed. :P

2008-08-08 [Silverbullet]: I think a few of us 'older' members are finding life to be busy!
I know my few last months have been a madhouse. And since I'm moving out on the 16th of August to get my -almost- own place and follow refrigeration classes for the next 2 years, my dad and I have been rushing even more to finish the contracts we have started before he 'loses' me to classes :P

2008-09-28 [Sturmi]: Hi all,
a friend lend me his wacom tablet 'cause I'm considering finally buying one. I had never used a tablet for more than 2 minutes straight, lol, so while I had it at home I doodled this... (

considering the confusion about what is/isn't in Koe I thought I'd upload it, though is far from being a good map :P

2008-10-02 [Blood Raven]: I don't see Mika swimming around? :P
lol, just kidding. I like it, even though it's not really a map. It makes up for it with scenic-ness :P

2008-10-27 [Sturmi]: hey everyone,
I'm very sorry I've been away for forever, but I've been incredibly busy with real life. I'll try to be around more often now, but I don't know if I'll be reliable enough to update some wikis constantly - which can be very annoying to players, so please someone help me out with that if you can... thanks

2008-11-11 [Blood Raven]: I second the above statement

2008-11-11 [Silverbullet]: Thirded!

2008-11-11 [Veltzeh]: You know what? I'm gonna fourth that. XD

2008-11-12 [Sturmi]: lol we're screwed.

2008-11-12 [Lepellier]: Ditto here.

2008-11-15 [Blood Raven]: *cries*

2008-11-17 [Silverbullet]: Aye, we can cry for the golden days of RoL and RoLA..

But if we all are in the same situation as Sturmi here, we have 'little' but not 'no' time to give to RoLA... we could use that time to try and get it moving a bit again and teach some of our newbies so they can take on more important roles and eventually replace us!

2008-11-18 [Veltzeh]: Yeah. And I can keep my party running (if others post too), even if it is slow. X)

2008-11-19 [Sturmi]: well we failed at first to get some new players. We'd have to make a huge campaign and be really active for a while for that to work...

2008-11-20 [Blood Raven]: meh, as I see it, all RPing has died on ET. It's not just us. Everybody seems to have moved on. At least everyone I know.

2008-11-20 [Veltzeh]: I role-play more IRL nowadays. I'd rather have a balance, though. :o

2008-11-20 [Silverbullet]: So, do we give up?
Do we make a small party just for ourselves? (I think P6 was gearing up for that..)
Or do we train newbs?

2008-11-21 [Veltzeh]: Well, I'm not giving up yet! My party will try to live! X)

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