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2005-02-20 21:27:37
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INTRO: Many Years ago a great god named Ashar was in command of 5 worlds , Earth , Netherrealm , Kunark , Chupas , And Hevan.

A Powerfull Sorcerer by the name of Starial Embarked on a quest to destroy Ashar.... his quest...Was indeed succesfull , Starial overlooked one Iportant fact... Ashar had a son , his name is Ashariati.

Ashariati Fought Starial for many ages , he finally destroyd Starial , but he was to late , his home world of Hevan was condemnd , turnd to ruins over the years of Starials command , Ashariati made an atempt to fix the land , but he could not to this on his own , he was givin one choice to save his home and all of the other worlds by a unknown Sorcerer. The choice was to sacrifice his wings and his future as a god , he would be shipped to the netherrealm.

Ashariati accepted , but he too embarked on a quest , to escape his own damnation , recover his wings , and regain his place as a god , Aware this too was impossable on his own he decided to call upon warriors , sorcerers and whomever else would help him on his quest....
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2005-04-17 [a little piece of sunshine]: whats u=wrong phil everyone knows that this....... means they r lying with pants on fire

2005-04-17 [Phil Crooked]: huh

2005-04-17 [a little piece of sunshine]: nmv

2005-04-17 [a little piece of sunshine]: nvm*

2005-04-18 [Insaniac Yoshie]: well you seen depressed for some reason...

2005-04-18 [a little piece of sunshine]: who mean or writen in blood?

2005-04-20 [Insaniac Yoshie]: phil

2005-04-20 [a little piece of sunshine]: yea maybe it is phase or something or maybe something is buggin him

2005-04-21 [Take Away This Travesty]: ; )

2005-04-21 [Phil Crooked]: eh yeah not alot of good stuff is going on in this time of my life , as of right now im not depressed jut.idk insitefull maybee idk who cares anyways

2005-04-23 [a little piece of sunshine]: *raises hand* i care

2005-04-30 [Phil Crooked]: guess what aly i got arrested with 4 charges and now half of the high school and all of the elementry schools knows and then i realized , wow alot of people know me

2005-04-30 [a little piece of sunshine]: well *hits u across the head

2005-04-30 [a little piece of sunshine]: * what the heck did u do?

2005-05-05 [a little piece of sunshine]: so how is everyone?

2005-05-06 [Phil Crooked]: i miss you guys

2005-05-06 [a little piece of sunshine]: how could u miss us ? why were gone so long anyways?

2005-05-06 [Phil Crooked]: how cant i miss you guys , my cp is fried man it sucks

2005-05-10 [a little piece of sunshine]: ohh yea i forgot about that i thought u were just not getting on ne more

2005-05-13 [Insaniac Yoshie]: im still here... just havent had a chance to get on in a while... *wishes she could do something to help*

2005-05-15 [a little piece of sunshine]: sok

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