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2006-06-19 17:23:12
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This is a page where you can try to learn swedish, but I´m not sure I´m such a good teacher.
Oh right, and Svenska med borgmästaren is bigger.

This is a <img:> to know more, visit safe zone

Hej! I´m going to send you some verbs.
I am    Jag är
you are   Du är
he is     Han är
she is    Hon är
it is      den/det är
we are    vi är
you are   ni är
they are   dom är
(if you going to write total properly it´s not "dom" but "dem" or "de", the problem is to know when you should use wich word. "dom" could be used anytime and many do that, and it are used when we talk)

We can use the word eat here...
To eat = att äta, I´m eating = jag äter, I have ate = jag har ätit, I ate = jag åt, I will eat = jag ska äta.
I´m not sure of the english grammer, but the swedish ´s alright :) The problem might be in "jag åt", normally it´s just to remove the last vocal from the present word.(you´ll have to remove the last vokal in the word before use the ending):eat=äta, eating=(ät)er, ate=(ät)it, (åt was the problem) will eat =the same as the first:äta. Hope you understands what I mean...sounds a bit dizzy.

This is really hard, it´s not like we have the same way to use all verbs, and there are rules how to do but I don´t know them, I just know how to use our language...And many things there are no rules at all, we just have to learn them all. I´ve often heard that swedish is one of the hardest language to learn but it´s not until now I can understand why: I can´t even explain things I´ve known since I was four years old!
If you still want me to teach you, I´ll try. If you send me wich words or verbs you´ll like to learn I send you them in swedish...? "See" you later after my vacation!

Here are something for you to do: translate this poem into english. You do not have to use the exakt words.
Try to make it rime. You have the wordlist under the poem. Anything you wonder, just ask!

* = The best translation I could find for the word or frase.

Visste du vad som skulle hända
När du skadade mig?
Att allt skulle välta över ända
När jag äntligen såg dig,
Som den du var.

Jag vet inte varför du gör så
Eller om det går att hjälpa dig.
Jag visste åtminstone inte då,
Men nu har det gått upp för mig.
Att du är som du är.

Visste (veta)     Knew (know)
Du            You
Vad           What
Som           as (not used very often in eng.
Skulle (ska)      should(shall, will)
Hända         happend
När           when
Skadade (skada)  hurt
Mig            me
Att            that, to
Allt            everything
Välta över ända   *turn apart
Jag            I
Äntligen         finally
Såg (se)        saw (see)
Dig            you
Den            it
Var (är)         was (are)
Vet (veta)       know (know)
Inte           not
Varför          why
Gör (göra)       do (do)
Så             *like that
Eller            or
Om            if
Det            it
Går             * is possible
Hjälpa           help
Åtminstone       at least
Då             then
Men            but
Nu             now
Har             has
Gått upp för/insett  realized
Är           is

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2004-10-31 [Zab]: HI Aim! This is for you!

2005-01-20 [aimfire]: thank ya!

2005-01-20 [Zab]: No need. Love to do it.

2005-01-21 [aimfire]: *hugs*

2005-01-21 [Zab]: Tried to translate it yet? Would like to see it in english...

2005-01-31 [aimfire]: What happens when I hurt you Zabina? (a question to your question)

2005-02-01 [Zab]: It´s not about you, but my mother. The way she hurts me are changing, but the result are that I just seem not to care about things anymore. I´m glad to see you started! ^^

2005-04-06 [Alexi Ice]: alright, i am here...trying to learn sweedish, anyone wanna help me understand?

2005-04-07 [Zab]: sure...what do you want to understand? have you read the stuff above?

2006-06-14 [Hedda]: Svenska med borgmästaren is bigger.

2006-06-16 [Zab]: Oh.. gotta check that..:P I only made this for one person..hmm.. but I'm not good enough to teach swedish to others..x)

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