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To join copy paste this below and fill it in. You start with 100 gp (no stealing from other members and only the reward you get from a job, we don't want multibillionaires here) and with a dagger, sword, axe, mace, or a spear. You can buy stuff at the Black market to update your inventory and what's in your inventory you may use in your jobs. Skills can be learned too at some costs (it's not all free you know, some guards must be bribed to deny our existence) you may start with one skill that can be chosen at the library and training

Username: [IcyFollower]
Name: Dark Link
Race: Dark Elf
Money: 1,000 gp
Inventory: big elf blade,sheild, elf amour.
Skills: sowrdsman,sprint,lockpick.
Description: i'm an elf that was casted away.
Jobs done:ran past a guard and found a little safe that needed a key so i lockpicked it and got 600 coins.

Username: [mutateddeath2]
Name: wookies
Race: orc
Money: 30 gp
Inventory: knife, blowpipe, piano wire!
Skills: stalker, alchemist, knife fighter
Description:just wandered in :P
Jobs done: your list of jobs or hits.

Username: [SnowWolf16]
Name: RainShadow
Race: elf
Money: 100 gp
Inventory: elf blade
Skills: knife fighter
Description: A wanderer, came aceoss Elftown and never left
Jobs done: your list of jobs or hits.

Username: [Waywatcher]
Name: TheGreenPlague
Race: Wild elf
Money: 9 gp
Inventory: Elf blades, Cursed Tanto, Short, bow, throwing knives, M-82A1 .50 Barett Sniper rifle 14×Scope(ej what's this doing here), Elf cloak, light armour, Poison, traps, rope, lock pick,
Skills: Expert knife fighter, traps, lock pick, infiltrate,
Description: A loner, travelled to elftown now trapped in this place. It's not how I got in here how do I get out. I'm wanted by almost all hitman in the country (I did some jobs in the past.... I don't want to talk about it).
Jobs done: I don't tell you about my past currently I'm robbing an treasure transport (help me I'm outnumbered 50 to 1) and I'm chased by 6 assassins.

Username: [Damned One]
Name: Shadow Stalker
Race: Highlander
Money: 120 gp
Inventory: Dagger, Piano wire, blowpipe, potion, fighting claws, whip
30 fighting claws
rope and hook
Skills: Choose one
Description: I came from the Highlands to do a job for my king. I travel alone and do not like to be disturbed. If you want to live my rules are don't annoy me, pay me well, and don't touch me.
Jobs done: I've had many jobs. I will not name them as the walls have ears and I'm a wanted woman.

Username:[Nienna's Sorrow]
Name: Lady Sorrow
Race: Elvish
Inventory: Sword
Skills:All SeeingEYE
Description: Forsaken by The Tribe of Ingata for "heresy"(she told prophcey & they didnt like what they heard). Her body is covered in tribal tatoos bearing spells of protection. One tatoo that follow the outline of her eye is a ancient spelling of prophet, this is her birth mark.
other jobs: Plundered many cargo vessels as a pirate & looted a king's palace as a troubadour.

Username: [Tekkon KinKreet]
Name: Chance Kel 'Thalos
Race: Elven
Money: 0 gp
Inventory: 3 Throwing Knives, leather armour, 1 dagger
Skills: Knivefighter
Description: Elven prince turned assassin when his kingdom was destroyed and he was the only survivor
Jobs done: your list of jobs or hits.

Username: [Gespenst]
Name: Eriadni
Race: Werecat
Money: 50 gp
Inventory: dagger, rope & hook, lockpick, cloak & mask
Skills: Infiltrate
Description: How did I end up here? That's a question I ask myself everyday.
Jobs done: Hit the hitters

Username: [deadlynight shade]
Name: Blood Raven
Race: Turan
Money: 30 gp
Inventory: claymore,4 sleeping gloves,eleven armor.
Skills: swordsman, Alchemist
Description: A battel worn turan with a blood disposition.
Jobs done: treasure transport knock the knockers.

Username: [andromada]
Name: shadow
Race: invisable stalker
Money: 100 gp
Inventory: dagger
Skills: stalker
Description: just found it
Jobs done: none

Username: [Wolvenblue]
Name: Silver
Race: Wolf halfling
Money: 100 gp
Inventory: dagger
Skills: Animal speaker
Description: A wolfling princess sold into slavery. Escaped master and this was the only job I could find and a place that accepted my talents
Jobs done: shady path, no need for details

Username: [Angel of Light16]
Name: Mina
Race: human
Money: 150 gp
Inventory: bow and arrow
Skills: archer
Description: a princess who never fit in untill now realy doesnt alk much but is very reliable
Jobs done: your list of jobs or hits.

Username: [Shadow Rakasi]
Name: Rakasi
Race: Dark elf
Money: 26
Inventory: two magical daggers,lockpick,rations,water.
Skills: Traps master, lockpick, knifves fighter, acrobate,sprint
Description: very open, overly excited, not dark or evil looking on the outside.
Jobs done: steal sword back from tower.

Race:half Dark Elf,half wood
Money: 20 gp
Inventory: scimitar,lockpick,dagger
Skills: lockpick
Description: i was was sent away from my home town due to my half blood of a dark elf then the underrealm of the darks elfs did not want me for my wood blood,i then came across elftown and stayed because there were many diffrent people of many races maybe i could find some one who accepted me here .

Jobs done:a bar maiden for a local tavern but it ended when i was caught stealing food and beer i also worked as a pickpocket in a market in my mother's hometown .

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