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Dear [Duke Devlin],

I didn't know what kind of writing you might enjoy, so I let my inspiration take me away to concoct this little piece of writing for you.

I hope you will like it, and I wish you a very happy X-mas ^^

Love, your Secret Santa :D

Lady Moon stared out into the endless nightscape far below her feet, a glass of star wine in her fidgeting hand. She leaned absent-mindedly upon the white marble railing bordering the ivory balcony, imagining what it must be like to live as the little folk do, scurrying to and fro from light to light, seeking the forbidden pleasures of their kind behind tightly shut doors. She sipped her wine and wondered, whether any of them even knew how futile their lives really were…
"Truly, my sweetest, you must not submit yourself to such depressing notions. Their lives have far more worth than their lifespans might suggest."
Lady Moon smiled at her husband's pleasantry. "I suppose so," she chuckled, sprinkling a few drops of wine into the nightsky, where they turned into glittering stars, "but I still fail to understand the meaning of their existence. You who watch over them while I slumber and observe the burden of their lives, even you cannot find reasons with which to convince me."
She turned a bittersweet gaze towards the sparkling lights far, so far below the confines of her black heavens. A gentle wind caressed her long hair and lifted it in a flurry of silver filaments. Lady Moon shed pearly tears yet did not comprehend why.
"My love, there are no absolutes," Lord Sun whispered in her ear, his strong arms wrapping around her frailty, "Even we are but fleeting entities which one day will be extinguished by Time's erosion. Do you believe our own existence to be futile and meaningless ?"
"…I suppose not, darling," she sighed, leaning into the warmth of his light. She lifted her gaze to meet his own, dark silver into blazing gold, and caressed his cheek. "I merely wish I may understand your fondness for the little folk. You hear not Sister Earth's sorrow through the silence, my love. It is… unsettling."
"So it must be, my sweetest Moon," Lord Sun sighed, holding her just a little tighter, "Yet you do not hear the little folk's sorrow when your Sister's wrath befalls them. I pray they may one day comprehend one another and learn to coexist in harmony, but alas…"
"Alas, indeed," Lady Moon stroked her husband's cheek and left upon it the glittering imprint of her lips, "You, my love, show far too great a compassion for the little folk. It is quite admirable… yet also quite foolish. One day—"
"—all will be eradicated and Life shall commence anew," Lord Sun concluded with her in unison, "Yes, my sweetest Moon, well aware am I of this inevitable truth. Yet is this knowledge worth condemning all that dwell upon your Sister's crust ?"
Lady Moon gazed out into the darkness, seeing with her divine sight what not even the little folk may see from up close. Lady Earth's raucous breathing, her oxygen polluted by thick smoke, her waters slimy and uninviting. She refused to acknowledge any kindness she may see towards her Sister and the creatures she protects with what little power she has left. Lord Sun's chin nestled upon Lady Moon's shoulder.
"Without their presence," Lord Sun whispered into Lady Moon's ear, who shivered in his embrace, "Lady Earth might feel quite mournful and alone. See not the harm, rather than the cure."
The Sovereigns of the Heavens held each other tightly as they surveyed the unfathomable darkness draping the Earth in silent peace, their thoughts but a drop of light in the immensity of Universe's ocean. Another night of contemplation and solitude, wishing they might enjoy but for even a day the company of little folk.

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2009-12-26 [Duke Devlin]: Oh My God. That is amazing! :) <3 It's so beautifully written! ^____^ Thank you, so much! :D <3

2009-12-26 [Nocturnaliss]: I am so glad to know you like it <3 I didn't really know what to write you, so... I went with what came XD

2009-12-27 [Duke Devlin]: That's always the best thing to do, I think. :)
It is hard to tell sometimes the kind of thing a person would like. :P Though, if it ever comes up again - I dunno, another Secret Santa - my writing is the kind I tend to like. :P Haha... I need to find more of yours! :D

2009-12-27 [Nocturnaliss]: Hahaha well, it's a good thing to like your own writing! That means it's good :3

Oi, more of mine ? All I have is what's at TAoS, which is my huge ongoing novel-project that's... well, gonna take time to complete XD

2010-01-03 [Duke Devlin]: XD Haha well, it just means that I like my genres. XD
:D I'll take a look. :D I have NONE of my novel on here. XD It's barely any done. :P

2010-01-07 [Nocturnaliss]: Well, it's not the novel itself I've uploaded, but stories relating to the characters that will be in it... events of the past that have relevance in some way, or written just to learn more about the characters... and/or things I think are good. XD

2010-01-20 [Duke Devlin]: Taht's the best way to showcase, I think. :) I'd never dare put up my work I want published. D: Internet thieves. :(

2010-01-21 [Nocturnaliss]: Yeah, my thought exactly! Even though I don't think writing-thieves are as common as art-thieves, I still prefer to be careful. Plus, I heard several times that you've got less chance of publishing something you've put up on the interwebs before. So... I prefer to play it safe XD

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