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Le Marché

Heading outside the café, you spot a market place some ninety yards away. Curious, you stroll over to see what they have to offer.
Many of the stalls sell the usual French produce - live animals, fish, meats, desserts, pastries, fruit, clothes and other delights. However... crammed into the farthest corners of the busy square are two black, dusty stands: these hold very strange objects indeed... but somehow, you recognize them from somewhere...
This is the market: a place to buy produce, presents and other odities.


Other information you need –
Le Café du Lion D’or – Main page

Le Café Characters - Where the set and personal characters will be placed

In the café -
La Barre - The Bar

Le Lieu de Réunion - The Meeting Rooms

Les Chambres - The Bedrooms

Outside the café -
Le Terrasse - The Terrace, part of the café

La Place du Tertre - Hillock Place, the square around the café

Le Sacré Coeur - The Sacred Heart (Catholic Cathedral)

The rest of Paris -
Le Moulin Rouge - The Red Windmill (stripper/ dance theatre)

La Tour D'Eiffel - The Eiffel Tower

Cimetière De Montmartre - Montmartre Cemetery

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