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Le Lieu de Réunion

You step though a door from the bar into the main meeting chamber. The atmosphere is smokey and dull from the few gas lamps that are lighting the area. The chamber itself is large, but still small enough to feel cosy. Green leather chairs encompass the walls, inviting you to sit down on their plush, shiny surfaces; three small tables frame the centre of the room, on which are several ashtrays.
As you look through the smog you can see many other doors leading off from this room into smaller ones. These are the meeting rooms: places to sit and discuss hearty and heavy matters.


Other information you need –
Le Café du Lion D’or – Main page

Le Café Characters - Where the set and personal characters will be placed

In the café -
La Barre - The Bar

Les Chambres - The Bedrooms

Outside the café -
Le Terrasse - The Terrace, part of the café

Le Marché - The Market

La Place du Tertre - Hillock Place, the square around the café

Le Sacré Coeur - The Sacred Heart (Catholic Cathedral)

The rest of Paris -
Le Moulin Rouge - The Red Windmill (stripper/ dance theatre)

La Tour D'Eiffel - The Eiffel Tower

Cimetière De Montmartre - Montmartre Cemetery

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