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2012-07-10 13:07:44
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Although I did not succeed in reaching my goal last year, I have decided to keep it at the same count. Let's hope I'll do better this time around.

Comics, graphic novels, manga and plays are not counted towards the number. Poetry collections of less than 50 poems will also be omitted.

Books read: 9/30

Runar Schildt: Noitametsä
Mike Ashley (ed.): The Mammoth Book of Fantasy
Virginia Woolf: Orlando - Orlando by Virginia Woolf review
Annika Luther: Kadotettu metsä (orig. Skogen som Gud glömde)
Mary Lawson: Crow Lake - Crow Lake by Mary Lawson review
Jean Rhys: Wide Sargasso Sea
Albert Camus: Sivullinen (orig. L'Étranger)
James Joyce: Dubliners
George R. R. Martin & Gardner Dozois (eds.): Songs of Love & Death

Currently reading
Chinua Achebe: Things Fall Apart
Mark Gatiss: The Vesuvius Club

Queue (random order)
Jad Adams: Gandhi - Naked Ambition
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Nuoren Wertherin kärsimykset (orig. Die Leiden des jungen Werther)

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2012-01-02 [Synirria]: Look your picture, how did you do that?

2012-01-02 [Linderel]: Just grab a book that'll stay open, go near the centre, and fold the pages inwards. The tricky part is getting them to stay there long enough to get a decent picture. :P

2012-01-02 [Synirria]: I wonder if I can upload a picture from my phone.... Hmmmm

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