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2014-09-07 15:00:01
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I am [Lakayana], a writer, poet, analyst and an ardent fan of written work.
 I joined elftown in 2003 & since then I've partaken in almost all the written official contest and won the Vampire Poetry- 2007.
 When criticising or judging I'm straight forward and unbias and give credit to he/she who deserves it.
 I spend most of my quite time in Elftown visiting other people's houses, going through wiki's and partaking in any aspect I deem necessary.
 Finally, Since I joined elftown I've been looking for an opportunity to serve in the Council & I think this opportunity is the best for me.

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2014-09-08 [Stephen]: I'd like to make note that this position does not grant an instant Council position, in case you had thought it did.

However! Working on Elftown in any official way always helps greatly with Council applications and we look very fondly on things like that. :)

2014-09-15 [Lakayana]: Yeah [Stephen] I never said this position grants you an instant council membership.
All I'm trying to say is though I long to be a council member, I'm not really keen on the membership but would love to have any opportunity to serve Elftown in any capacity especially in written work where my heart lieth

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