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Lagoon Castle

Welcome to Lagoon Castle. A place to get away and relax, or to do some roleplaying.
The castle is alive an creates most of what is inside of it.

Lagoon Castle-Rec Room 1st Floor This is a place for anyone to enjoy some time away from home. Please no fighting in here.

Lagoon Castle-Bar 2nd Floor A place to have drinks or something to eat.

Lagoon Castle-Armory 3rd Floor A place to get weapons, armor, and the such.

Lagoon Castle-Library 4th Floor Books, scrolls, and parchments with all kinds of knowledge.

Lagoon Castle-Battle Room 5th Floor This is a room dedicated to fighting. Just remember this room is protected and no damage can be done to it.

Lagoon Castle- Blue Heaven 6th Floor A resuraunt within the Castle. No reservation and casual attire permited.

Lagoon Castle- Chamber 10th Floor This is the place to go if you want your pc to rest or to get away from it all.

Lagoon Castle- Teleporter 11th Floor The only way to leave the castle without going into space.

LG Planet Terra A planet that Lagoon Castle circles.

LG PC List These are people from WRF who come here. Also in here are lists of NPC's

Lagoon Castle Rules Some basic rules to make things easier.

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