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2005-10-09 03:14:18
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Here is the hall of fame where all of LPG's greatest appear. Browse the names and frases and stare in awe and reverence.

Game #1)

First Place Winner:[Janouk]--- Use Cold Chocolate To Become Loved

[cheesecake]'s choice:[Oh Wow.]---Under Carol's Cruelty, Thy Beauty Lies

Game #2)

First Place Winner:[ally]---People with feet need striped socks

[cheesecake]'s choice:[abandonedhouse7 7]---Pirates Wear Frocks Not Strappy Sandals

game #3)

First Place and [cheesecake]'s choice Winner:[Zem]--- b) 2)He Runs Carefully After Being Probed

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2005-05-27 [cheesecake]: Back to The License Plate Game

2005-05-28 [Janouk]: Hey, I won the poll? 0.o Weird!

2005-05-31 [cheesecake]: Yep! Congradulations!^_^

2005-07-14 [Janouk]: *bows for ally* ^___^

2005-07-15 [ally]: *bows for Janouk* ^___^

2005-07-15 [Janouk]: :o Copy cat :p

2005-07-15 [Janouk]: BTW, what do pirats with no feet need?

2005-07-15 [ally]: Hehe :p. Wooden sticks?

2005-07-15 [Janouk]: lol, beautiful ^__^ //Why are you still up?! :o

2005-07-16 [ally]: Hehe Err I can't sleep? :p

2005-07-16 [Janouk]: *knocks you down with a spoon* There, you'll sleep now :p

2005-07-17 [ally]: ouch! Spoons hurt

2005-10-10 [iippo]: Sporks do not and *haunts ally's sleep*

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