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A Race of Dragon Kith

  Linnorms, or Lyndwyrms, are thought to be offshoots of dragons, and are as ancient as they are mysterious. The youngest are ancient or older, and the oldest are practically primeval in comparison. No young members have been sighted in many centuries, and it is possible that these creatures are dying out.
  Distinguishing characteristics of the linnorm is its single pair of legs and lack of wings. It moves by using its legs and by snake-like slithering, and can fly by a manner of levitation.
  Linnorms are neither good nor lawful, and are often as cruel, spiteful and hateful as is possible to be. None of the three races are known to keep their word, or their end of any bargain, if one can even be managed before feing consumed or destroyed in its breath weapon.

  Linnorms are excellent tacticians and strategists, strong, able to fly, swim, and even burrow, in the case of the Corpse Tearer. They use brute force, spells and their breath weapon to do away with the most powerful or dangerous foes first, and keep themselves safe until conditions are to their advantage, eliminating them one by one.
  They often fly and crush opponents after devastating enemies in their breath weapon, sweeping smaller creatures (four or more SIZE categories) for added damage. They have the ability to Blind-sense objects and creatures within 120 feet without having an issue with hearing or spotting anyone within that range, because of nonvisual senses (hearing, scent, vibration and other environmental clues). They have low-light vision four times as far as humans, and Darkvision up to 120 feet as well, and are immune to sleep and paralysis effects.

D&D 3.5's rendition of three Linnorms.
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From Left to Right: Gray Linnorm - smallest, Chaotic Evil, Acid Breath; Dread Linnorm - largest, 2-headed, Chaotic Evil, Cold and/or fire breath (line/cone); Corpse Tearer - most ancient bloodline, often necromancers, makes their lairs beneath undead lairs and crypts, control undead hordes. Their breath is either paralyzing or a cloud of plaguing disease known as linnorm fever, and their claw attacks drain energy.

Linnorms are fierce opponents of the elven-allied, Felldrakes and will battle them at all possible costs.

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