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1.[EATEN ALIVE] If you want to join message me.
2.[40oz. Casualtie]
3.[Diab Soule]
4.[AnArChY iN tHe Uk]
5.[lock step and gone]
6.[unseen class OI]
7.[not exactly normal]


The Brats at C.B.G.B's


Bones when he had a mohawk

mike Brat


L.C.B. History

The LOWER CLASS BRATS are four punks ripping up the airwaves with an original blend of charged rock-n-roll, Oi!, and street punk. Strong and snotty vocals top the foundation of chainsaw guitar, pounding bass, and gear-like drums with their infamous clockwork precision.
Unlike most band stories, the history of the LOWER CLASS BRATS did not start out “innocently” enough; it was more like a full-blown attack on their local music scene. The war started in January 1995 in Austin, Texas when the BRATS set out to destroy all of the emo, college, and garage bands that had somehow taken over their city.
Eight years, countless beers, and an undisclosed amount of various addictions later, the boys are still waging war. Not only has their hometown been ravaged, but with the help of fans world wide, they’ve set out to take over the planet. In the time that the LOWER CLASS BRATS have been pounding out their own brand of clockwork punk, they’ve released a fuck-load of recordings. Included in that barrage is 7 7”’s, 2 12”’s, and 2 full-length LP’s- the latest being a 13 song pogo-fest entitled “The Plot Sickens” and a 3 song smasher called “Deface The Music”,
both of which are on PunkCore records.
The BRATS have also worked with such labels as TKO, GMM, Helen of Oi!(England) and Combat Rock(France) and many others. In the year of our punk rock Lord 2001, the boys spent the summer touring the world, including five-weeks with Irish Oi!-boys, Skint, and a six-week U.S. tour with the Unseen from Boston. The tour through the States ended with an on-stage appearance at SF’s “Holidays In The Sun” festival with such greats as Slaughter and the Dogs and the Exploited. Years 2002 and 2003 see the LOWER CLASS BRATS in the studio perfecting their newest anthems for their third LP: “A Class Of Our Own”.
Expect to see it in shops this summer and witness the BRATS on tour kicking your ass!

If you havn't heard this Fucking AMAZING band Go to [] and listen to them!

all pic's, history, and dicography from

LCB shows
LCB Lyrics

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2005-03-30 [EATEN ALIVE]: HAHA first comment!


2005-03-31 [EATEN ALIVE]: that was one of the best show i've ever been to!!!FUCKING AMAZING!!!!

2005-04-04 [Dee Effin' Disaster]: how did I know that I was gonna find ya'll here? =)

2005-04-06 [40oz. Casualtie]: Because LCB kicks that much ass, haha, especially in austin at 1:30 in the morning, i think geoffrey would agree

2005-04-06 [EATEN ALIVE]: How could I not?!?! 

2005-04-18 [40oz. Casualtie]: CLIT 45 IS PLAYING THE SHOW IN AUSTIN WITH LCB, FUCK YES!!!!!!

2005-04-20 [EATEN ALIVE]: And we'll be there to see them

2005-04-23 [AnArChY iN tHe Uk]: hello ppl what is up again?

2005-04-30 [StumbleineFaith]: April and I are going to see them.

2005-05-13 [40oz. Casualtie]: what

2005-06-14 [EATEN ALIVE]: next show on the 25th

2005-06-14 [Dee Effin' Disaster]: Who's all playing?

2005-06-16 [EATEN ALIVE]: LCB Clit45 and some unimportant bands

2005-09-10 [AnArChY iN tHe Uk]: the unseena and a global threat are going to cali in september im going ohh yeah

2006-05-18 [EATEN ALIVE]: should be up again soon

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