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A Continent of the Lands of JASHNIA

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Maps of the great Nations of Qor

Cities and Areas of Interest

The Geography and Land Use of Qor


[Lexicon] founded the LANDS OF QOR.
Helping him are his cronies:
[black lotus]

We all wanted Lex back, and he has come back to tell us that we are all crazy, which is true. *bows to he-who-does-return and his buddy [VentruePrince] for pushing the big get-Lex-back button*  (SHA...?)


Open Roleplay Areas:

<img20*0:>Niervo Township A small town run a by a small council. Located near the center of the Qor continent. Here you can find refuge a stiff drink and perhaps a nightly companion. Open RP area

<img20*0:>The Shallow Forest in Dae'Vyhir A large wooded land filled with mystery. Ruins of ancient villiages and creeds can be found. Gnolls, orcs, and other vile creatures have made their home within. Still if you are lucky you may even gain the sighting of an unicorn. Open RP area


The Nations of Qor

And Roleplay Areas

<img20*0:>Vraisynn Nation, Capitol: Kingdom of Vraisynn
    (Vraisynn Palace, Great Temple, Coronation Ceremony Grounds, The Village of Royaan, The Marketplace, Dancing Doe Tavern and Inn, Bogg's Boar Head Inn, Fort Thunder, Port City of Bralda)
    (Vraisynn Ranks, Dark Elite, Phalk and Vraisynn Royalty, Caylandra and Brother Deren)

A once-majestic land where many races have gathered to live under the empirical rule of the great Royal House of Vraisynn. After the fall of the great Empress Liv of the third empire, and the assassination of her justly ruling priestess, the Madame Queen Naole, and the fall of the Palace and its newly-ascended King Phalkarious, the demon prince and only son of Empress Liv's royal bloodline, the valley of the empires has fallen into quiet.
Humans seem are the largest of the population of Vraisynn's commoners, but other races have found homes within its once peaceful lands.
The kingdom still waits while its royal house finds its feet after much chaos and devastation to its infrastructure and leadership.

<img20*0:>Quentarae, and the Palace of Quentarae
    (Kintenfall, Faylene Post > Gidia's Hut and Towering Legion)

The Majestic elven kingdom, ruled by the elven king Dalsonis.

<img20*0:>Kingdom of Dae'Vyhir
    (Map of Dae'Vyhir, Castle Dae'Vyhiris, Town of Thanne, Tabletta, City of Crystals, Shallow Forest)

A kingdom that proves the sky is the only limit. Protected high the the grand trees holding strong the branches of the Ashgah (tree type). The King and Queen rule peacefully with thier six children at their sides.

<img20*0:>Eskarda, with an entry page for the palace, Palace dis.
    (History of Eskarda, Night Movers, and former roleplays)

Known to many human lands as Eskandor, the kindgdom of Moon Elves where the Majestic Queen Sairle rules under peace and justice, it is the second oldest of all elvin kingdoms to exist in the lands of Qor.

<img20*0:>The Kingdom of Hyherta
    (Lilly's Strife)

Here the night elves are secluded in the dark woods of the southern part of Qor. Nestled at the base of the Corrigan Mountains, here the royal lineage is in turmoil as the prince has just become king and all seems in disarray.

<img20*0:>Niervo Township is an Open Role-play area, and rests in the protected mountains of the Neutral territorial lands of central Qor. It is a community of commoners, and fully open to new quests and storylines.

<img20*0:>Ishtarania'ishen is the northern isle of minotaurs, the Ishtaranians, who descend their lineage to the Minoans of Zendelon. A very faithful people, they are ruled by their clerics and mages, who work in unison to keep law and order a priority in one of the most recently stabilized nations of Qor.

<img20*0:>Urrggosh is a nation of dwarven heroes and a strong underground community, including a large union of miners, who supply much of the ores and minerals to Qor and the rest of the surrounding lands of Jashnia.

<img20*0:>NeRenuos is the sibling culture of New Nematon in Tearra Réhm, and is descended from the same culture as the sister nation's people, the sunken nations of TearRem. They are somewhat warring, and territorial to the extreme. Many times they have been at odds with the centaur tribes of Aulbrahn, to their southern border.

<img20*0:>Aulbrahn is a nation of centaur herds, assembled as the Tribes of the Nation. Aulbrahn is home to many fae and sylvan folk, who often flee from tense NeRenuosian borders, despite their love of the land of the human peoples of those cities.

<img20*0:>United Isles of Kiorgoy is an island archipeligo, a bonded nations of a few isles, known as Garbo, Bishop, Boldam and Isa. Many races occupy these island provinces, and the senate of the provinces meets in Bishop monthly.

<img20*0:>The Hollow Isles is one of the most mysterious and least travelled of the nations. It has often been accused of being a nation of thieves, though how such accusations could be true, despite their almost xenophobic and isolated existence, is beyond most scholars. Not much is known about the people, but it is believed that they are nomadic among the lands and hills of the highly difficult-to-access island chain nation.

<img20*0:>Tribal and Neutral Lands of Qor is the largest unclaimed or war-torn territory of Qor, and also most of the rest of the world. Ruled only by orc camps, nomads, and catfolk, there is no concrete settlements or nations except Dimsho, a well-protected fortress that conceals an unknown object or entity with great wealth, resources, and the ability to keep their lands free of issues that could arise from nomadic encroachment. Dimsho lies on the northern coast of the Loch DiPontu, the largest inland freshwater lake on the continent.


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2004-11-04 [Raerlas]: any kingdom really. i personally work with Dae'Vyhiris, so if you want to look at things there go ahead. in one place there are places open to who ever. hmm. i'll get back to you on that.

2004-11-06 [xido]: You would be best finding an employer that could use your talents...and who has money to spend on others' deaths. Either that or find another way of staying within the legal guidelines of the place you plan on assassinating in........  x.o

2004-11-06 [Death Dealers]: I will. I plan on working for the King himself If I can.

2004-11-06 [Death Dealers]: OF corse, I am not only an assasin, But when not hidding in the shadows. I brew and tend beer and other fine alcohols.

2004-11-06 [xido]: Which King? Certainly not King Phalkarious of Vraisynn, I would hope. I regret to inform you that the great King has passed on into the otherworld.

2004-11-06 [Death Dealers]: I was thinking about the King of Dae'Vyhir.

2004-11-06 [Raerlas]: ......yes...since he has no special liking for Leahnorra....

2004-11-07 [Death Dealers]: :~Grins~: I do jump at an oppertunity..

2004-11-07 [Raerlas]: ....true enough.

2004-11-08 [Death Dealers]: I dont think he is liking my being three however....

2004-11-08 [Raerlas]: who??? three things in one... if you have ever looked at my chars...or followed them..they are complicated.

2004-11-14 [Death Dealers]: ^.^ I like complicated. I like being shuned a bit, makes the feeling of outlaw and shadowy all the better.

2004-11-18 [xido]: so are you RPing in Daevyhir, then, DD?

2004-11-19 [Death Dealers]: Yes I am. Want to come and play?

2004-11-19 [xido]: I already do. We are on Flight to Tabletta

2004-11-19 [Death Dealers]: I see, I am currently at the INN of the Raven. Looking for room and board till I can set up a bit of a place for me self.

2005-01-12 [xido]: do you have a character page? who is your char?

2005-01-18 [Raerlas]: eeek back finally and looking at the twenty or thirty pages i am looking through.....

2005-01-26 [xido]: new map, but no cities or geography features yet.... another map coming, with those features.... ALL GMS OF QOR NATIONS MESSAGE ME FOR DETAILS THAT ARE NOT POSTED ON YOUR WIKI PAGES.... I will add them to the map. I will be looking over the lands and trying to find out what goes where.... Coming soon.

2005-01-26 [Raerlas]: hmm will have to look at that and let you know.

2005-02-05 [Lexicon]: sweeeeet make up of the map :)

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