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Portfolio Contest
Photo Portfolio

Week One: Wild

He is Wild!

Week Two: Dark Faerytales

Peg Powler....
"Mother, may I go out to swim?"
"Yes, my darling daughter.
Hang your clothes on an alder limb
And don't go near the water."

Week Three: Paradise


Week Four: Flower Vase

Week Five: Natural


Week Six: Gaelic Mythology

Week Seven: Masks


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2008-10-19 [*micky*]: I adore the reflection in the water and the idea^^

2008-10-27 [Kuruni]: Thanks!! oh i did not know there was anyone watching this :D hehe

2008-10-27 [Jitter]: 8 watchers actually! Oops I made my stalkage known

2008-10-27 [Linderel]: Also, everyone can always trust I'm watching their page. :P

2008-10-28 [nehirwen]: I just tend to stalk. x)

2008-11-05 [Kuruni]: hahaha i´m having troubles kipping up with this contest, i hope i can have everything ready in time!

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