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2006-07-31 01:13:55
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This is My page where I have many of my uncolored
pictures that I wouldnt mind if other people gave a shot at coloring them, they can pic and choose what pictures they color ex.

Please, if I have asked you to, or if you have done by your own free will with my permission, make a wiki page of your own with the pictures you have colored and it will be posted on this wiki page ^_^

Unfortently I am convinsed I am horrible at coloring so this is the entire reason for doing this..I want some pictures I have to be colored pretty :D


If you color any pictures for me you get this super cool badge!


I have a colored version of this picture but I would like to see how others would color it.

I tryed coloring this one and it turned out totaly awful! If anone would like to color and dont know what one..color this one..i would love to see it colored nice ^_____^

This is another old one i never got around to coloring but i still like the look on the dragons face :D

never botherd to attempt a coloring job actualy...didnt seem all that important at the time @_@

I love this picture a whole lot and i cant color, though i kinnda like it black and white i would still really like to see it colored :P





Bleh, I totaltly hate how I darkened in her was a bad mistake i cant take back..stupid ink...I think it totaly runined it..


ok, this picture is truly a raw scetch,and I truly love it. I normaly ink them so they have a black workable outline..this one doesnt have that..but I love this picture so much and I dont dare color it in fear of killing it, so, if anyone is up to the will take a bit more cleaning I just love it so much! (its one of my favorits! :D)

Working on inking this and i dont plan on having that version colored so, here is the scetch if anyone wants to try

Someone please color this one!! O_____O

You know you want to color the mooses..:D


The Coloredness!

~Monday's_child Coloredness~

~Chel-chan's Coloredness~

~Janouk's Coloredness~

~Ocean Soul's Coloredness~

~Love Dosen't Hurt's Coloredness~

~Yncke's colouredness~

~Phoenix Tear's Coloredness~

~elvenstarr's colouredness~


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2005-10-07 [someelf]: o.o Yikes. o.o That's a loooong time. Well I tried to download it.. But my comp rejected it.. 'Cause it had a virus on it.. And I don't know where.. ;_; I can get it..

2005-10-07 [Ego Diligo Tu]: go to

2005-10-07 [Ego Diligo Tu]: the people in the boy and girl have beome stone..

2005-10-07 [Cloudwatcher]: what?

2005-10-07 [Ego Diligo Tu]: I was having a terrible time witht eh skin so i turned them into statues...

2005-10-08 [someelf]: Okej *Tries*

2005-10-08 [Ego Diligo Tu]: i have the obssesion of turnig the skin into statues but the eyes and mouths still realistic and the closthes to...

2005-10-08 [Cloudwatcher]: alright what ever works! right?

2005-10-08 [Ego Diligo Tu]: lol ya

2005-10-09 [Cloudwatcher]: :P when are you going to out it in your page so i can see? ^_^

2005-10-09 [Ego Diligo Tu]: when i touch it up a bit and mess with the background im doing a coloring with photoshop and gimp so..I'm thinking of giving them a cracked look...hmm..

2005-10-10 [Cloudwatcher]: umm what ever! lol :P

2005-11-05 [Cloudwatcher]: Wow, no one has done anything for a while..>_<

2005-11-22 [MidSuMMer.Nights]: wow, nice pics, i'll have a go! can i can i please? i'm limited to coloured pens, pencils and paint though so...

2005-11-23 [Cloudwatcher]: sure, go ahead, thats what the wiki is for ^_^

2005-11-24 [Future Dictator]: ooo pretty! i will colour to...or at least start....i never finish T_T

2005-11-24 [Cloudwatcher]: ^_^ if you dont finish just post what you do have ^_^

2005-12-23 [the Indigo]: Heeey, mind if I use one of the pictures I color for a tutorial...?

2005-12-23 [Cloudwatcher]: go for it :P, love the new one by the way!

2005-12-23 [the Indigo]: Yay! Thankee :D

2005-12-24 [Cloudwatcher]: ^_^

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