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Krampus by Brom review

The story opens in modern day, following a man who's life has been in a steady downward slide for a while now, and a strange series of events that plunge him into a centuries old conflict between two Old Gods. Unwillingly pulled into service by one Krampus, Yule lord, he must fulfill his duties to the ancient deity to bring back the Yuletide celebration, while trying to find a way to keep his wife and child safe from harm.

The book is a delightfully dark tale about the conflict between the Yule Lord of old and the modern day Santa Claus who has "stolen" the holiday away. Many of the events and story/character elements will be familiar to someone who read The Child Theif. The story is written by the well known artist and rising author, Brom, who illustrated the it himself. The characters are well written, each with their own personalities and feelings towards the situation forced on them. The portrayal of Krampus will make you rally behind him and really hope for his success against the sinister Santa Claus and his minions. Overall, a great book, and a great story for anyone who likes dark, mythologically focused stories that don't shy away from blood and gratuitous violence, or the description of such things in detail.
/ [Lord Josmar]

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