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2007-12-22 15:48:06
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Korean Classrooom

Welcome to 한국어!!!

Teacher: [iAmDaB]

색싱님: 김락찬님. 안녕! 나는 락찬이다.



[Ninja Squirrel]



Lesson 1 KC Korean writing
Lesson 2 KC (not up yet) verbs


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2004-09-19 [iAmDaB]: My bad guys...i didn't get on the internet for about 6 months

2006-01-07 [searching for the light]: Ahn young hasayo! I'd love to be an assistant teacher!!! ^_^ I'm still learning a bit or Hangul myself, but I'd love to help you out, [iAmDaB]. :D

2007-12-23 [Lite]: If anyone is still active in this class, I can speak/write near-perfect Korean.

2007-12-23 [Imperator]: If you would like to teach this classroom and expand it, please do submit your request on Academy Applications. :-)

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