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2007-10-10 07:52:52
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Koala Photo Reference


Sorry there were not any better ones of the mum and baby koala :(

These are free to use as reference for drawing and clipart, for photomanipulations: please credit [pixish] ^_^

<img250*0:stuff/Pixie_Koala1.jpg> <img250*0:stuff/Pixie_Koala2.jpg> <img250*0:stuff/Pixie_Koala3.jpg>

<img250*0:stuff/Pixie_Koala4.jpg> <img250*0:stuff/Pixie_Koala5.jpg> <img250*0:stuff/Pixie_Koala6.jpg>

<img250*0:stuff/Pixie_Koala7.jpg> <img250*0:stuff/Pixie_Koala8.jpg> <img250*0:>

-Reference Pictures

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2007-09-26 [Jitter]: <3

2007-09-26 [pixish]: ^_^ I hope they're of some use :) I thought I had more of the mum and baby but you can hardly see the baby on the others I have

2007-09-26 [Jitter]: I'll probably use this: or the first one I saw :D

We could organise the reference gallery you mentioned, here on ET :)

Much easier to upload and use :3

2007-09-26 [pixish]: yay :) I'm watching your house and your gallery so more than likely I will see when it's done :p

Well, [Sunrose] gave me a link to a photo reference page, I could ask if I can link this from there as well.
The only thing is that it's more geared to reference images for drawing & painting :p Not so much photo manipulation. I've left a message in their comments though, asking if they're available for manipulation. If it's all good, we could start uploading stuff there? :p

2007-09-26 [Jitter]: Or start a wiki for photomanipulation stock if that's only for reference..? :D

This would count as collaborations on contests though..?

2007-09-27 [pixish]: reference pictures
Well, I asked here and [Hedda] said that some are available for any use, but it looks like there might not be too many typical stock art references :p Like the poses and stuff :) So a wiki might be a good idea :)

And ummm, I don't know :o I guess it does! :D

2007-09-27 [Jitter]: We should make a suggestion for a photomanipulation stock wiki and ask there whether people could use that for contests etc. It would be a pity if they weren't allowed in contests :(

Yeah that wiki is strictly for reference I guess ^^;

2007-09-28 [pixish]: *hugs* :) Awesome post :)

2007-09-28 [Jitter]: Thanks :D I'm making a wiki example with my stock now (which I took off dA by the way) I hope they'll like it ^^Will let you know when it is done!

2007-09-28 [Jitter]: I added this:
"It could work like, Elftown Graphics. A team approving images and if people offer more than 10 images/resources they could get their own stock section etc."

2007-09-29 [pixish]: woowoo! That sounds good :) It will be a bit more in depth than EG though

2007-09-29 [Jitter]: Yeah for example a grainy picture or a small one won't be allowed in :)

2007-10-01 [pixish]: Yes, that's a good idea, though some people can still use the grainy ones I suppose

2007-10-01 [Jitter]: yeah for reference or so :3

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