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2007-07-04 11:31:20
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The Knighting Ceremonies

The room that opens before you takes your breath away.

It is impossible to describe.

That's right. To join The Typo Brigade, all you have to do is write a brief description of your knighthood ceremony. You must include your username (duh) and the one who knights you is the Immortal Lady Syntaxia. Obviously. Remember to write in the third person and in a story style. Here is the format:

Your username: []
Ceremony desrciption: (it must not take up more than twenty lines, and have speech marks around it: "")
Then add a page break below:
< hr > (don't put in the spaces, mind you. This marks the end of your entry)

Here is an example:

Name:[Random Dude]
"[Random Dude] approaches the Immortal Lady Syntaxia swelling with pride. His heart is thudding nervously. He kneels before her, trembling, while she says in her authoritive voice, 'I knight thee, O Brigadier, as Sir [Random Dude]!' [Random Dude] felt the edge of the sword lightly tapping his shoulder, and he could barely believe it.
And there came the overwhelming sound of applause, and Sir [Random Dude] took his place as a Brigadier of The Typo Brigade."

Remember to put your entry AFTER the previous person's entry, and of course at the bottom of the page, after the green bar thingy. Which means don't put it randomly in the middle of this stuff. Also remember to add yourself to the We Are The Brigadiers! page after you've been knighted. Enjoy yourself!

Back to The Typo Brigade


Name: [Adela Leafshanks]
"[Adela Leafshanks] strided up to the front of the hall, with a confident look upon her face, paired with a triumphant smirk. 'Knight me, woman!' she barks to the bemused Immortal Lady Syntaxia, giving a forceful salute.
'Oh...alright then...' Relunctantly, the Immortal Lady Syntaxia drew her Sabre of Syntax, with the shrill hiss of metal against metal whispering into [Adela Leafshanks]'s ears.
After sighing, she boomed, 'I knight thee, O Brigadier, as Sir [Adela Leafshanks], leader of this almighty Typo Brigade!'
And there as the silence. For there were no other members to cheer the new leader on.
But...there was yet to be more knights...already Adela could hear the voices of the Brigadiers who were to be...
And so she smiled."


Now Add yourself: We Are The Brigadiers!

Back to: The Typo Brigade

Username (or number or email):


2009-10-24 [another brick in the wall]: is this open for everyone? cause I just stumpled across it at random and wasn't sure if I was ok to jump in and add myself.

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