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2010-02-24 14:13:49
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Klaus Theweleit; Object-Choice (All You Need is Love...)

Object-Choice is an analysis of the people we choose to "fall in love" with, or choose as partners, based on psycho-class (birth order), career, creativity, etc. and includes an analysis of the relationships of several famous couples: Alfred and Alma Hitchcock, Hannah Arendt and Heidegger, and Freud and Martha Bernays.

The blurb describes this book as "a collage book, mixing autobiography, theory and pop culture, and always haunted by history" and despite being a very interesting and informative book, stylistically, that's it's problem - it's a collage. It sometimes reads like a jumble of sentences not quite related stuck in random order on the page. The constant use of unexplained or barely explained quotes from modern songs annoyed me, and (perhaps because they're unexplained) I didn't really see their purpose - most didn't illuminate the text any further (the only exception being The Beatles quotes). It's a good read, but the style definitely takes some getting used to. It's more lucid in some places than in others - the introduction and conclusion in particular are jumpy and obscure, but the rest is mostly fine. And really, the style's not that bad, but it certainly distracted me from the content at times.
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