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Kitio the Loup-Garoux. <3

Created and roleplayed by [Vou].


Name: Kitio
Age: 25 (maybe?)
Gender: Male
Race: Loup-Garoux
Preference: Gay
Hair: Dark orange, variously cut. Usually stays from mid-back to neckline.
Eyes: Mismatched {R = Orange; L = Orange/Red}
Height: Five-ten
Weight: One o' five pounds
Birthdate: March 20
Bloodtype: O+
Birthplace: North forests of Japan
Birthmark: Light blue patch over R eye.
Weapons: Claws, teeth, taijutsu, scimitars.
Piercing(s): Right ear twice
Style: He normally wears a long-sleeved shirt that is either green, black, or white. He has a blue kimono that was given to him by his mother. He only wears that on special occasions. He doesn't like wearing shoes, but does wear cloth pants that are always black or dark brown.
Likes: To hunt late at night, the rain
Dislikes: Most women, human flesh, baths, water
Personality: Stubborn, prideful, protective, idiotic, short-tempered, submitful, has a tendency to keep his emotions bottled up.
Mother: Aga
Father: Tala
Siblings: Alapa, Ai, Kodiak (Mika)
Nieces/nephews: Ria and Ryu
Children: Nashoba (Chao), Yuki, Quin, Zaru
Mate(s): Hohoamu (RIP), Zerif, Haku
Roleplays used in: Blood-drenched Roses

History: Kitio was born on March 20, in the forests of Northern Japan. His parents, Aga and Tala, were leaders of the wolf tribe. Growing up, Dash, his older brother, and Kitio were always competing for attention. Ai and Alapa had their favorite little brother. Ai favored Dash and Alapa favored Kitio and vice versa. Dash was their father’s favorite son and his father equally loved his daughters. Tala, Kitio’s father, was always hard on the youngest because he thought Kitio to be weak as he was small at birth.
    At birth, Kitio weighed a minimum of 2 pounds and was very weak. Aga, his mother, adored her youngest son and oldest daughter, but mostly Kitio. Kitio had been rejected almost completely by Tala, so she loved him more. She saw it only fair. Ai and Dash preferred their father to their mother.
    When they all were around the age of ten, Dash, Alapa, Kitio, and Ai had met other wolves named Mika and Rory. Twins. All of the children were out playing in the woods. Immediately, Mika and Dash formed a bond, but Kitio didn’t like Mika all that much. Alapa and Ai quickly became friends with the twins. Rory was okay with his twin being with Dash. After being together for a few years, Dash and Mika were in love. They became mates and a few months later, Mika had her own twins, Ria and Ryu.
    While Kitio’s brother’s happiness was flaring, Kitio had become attached to someone. A woman who lived in the nearby human village. He had met her while hunting a rabbit, which she had wanted as well. The two met and found themselves meeting in that very place every afternoon.
    Meanwhile, Aga and Tala were begining to drift apart, and their daughters were trying to help them stay together. No one had any idea where Kitio was going as he began to ignore his brother whenever he wanted to compete or fight. The position of Alpha was open for Tala and Aga were too old to lead their clan. Kitio had always wanted the rank, but ever since the woman, Hohoamu, came into his life, he was happier than he‘d ever been in his entire life. The 16-year-old had fallen in love.
   He finally confessed his love for Hohoamu after four months of spending time together. She loved him as much. Kitio had thought Hohoamu to be a full-blooded wolf-demon like himself, but was surprised to hear that she had dragon-demon flowing in her veins. He didn’t care at all. All that mattered to him was their love. The young couple went to Aga, so that Kitio could introduce his future mate. His mother was thrilled along with Alapa. Tala hated his son’s choice for a mate and ended up insulting her badly. This unsettled the wolf, but he let it go… for now.
   Kitio and Hohoamu became mates and Kitio could now focus on the fight to be leader. Dash was ready and they ended up fighting at last. Dash’s eagerness caused him to lose, and make very naïve moves. The younger brother was victor, but he barely won. Dash became beta with Mika being beta, and Hohoamu earned rank of Alpha. The new leaders were expecting their first child.
   Ria and Ryu were troublemakers and Kitio couldn’t stand ‘em. He was always complaining to his brother that his pups needed to be controlled better, and Dash ignored the request each and every time. This arguing turned violent, as Dash and Kitio would always fight and somehow, someone left wounded. Their mates were getting sick of the brothers fighting. Alapa and Ai would try to stop them and sometimes it would work, but not always. This continued on until one day the violence had become worse and they absolutely refused to listen. IT was time to settle it now or never. Tala had stepped in and was injured by Kitio when Hohoamu slipped and bumped into her mate. Kitio's attack had been aimed for Dash, but it got Tala instead. Ai, Dash, and Mika did not see this and assumed Kitio hit him on purpose so they scolded him.
   Tala was upset, as he saw what happened and snatched Hohoamu up by the throat. He was trying to kill her and would've been successful if Kitio hadn't tackled his father to the ground. Pinning him, he bit Tonraq on the injured shoulder and tore through the jugular. It was a small puncture, but he died when Kitio snapped his neck. The entire clan turned on Kitio and attacked him, banishing him from the tribe. Kitio didn't care, he was glad to be going.
   He did not get the chance to say farewell to his mother and just took Hohoamu to the human village where she confessed to him that she didn't love him, but wanted to use him to get pregnant. It worked. Heartbroken Kitio, now 17, cursed her and ran off. He hated his life and found that he had run for three days and eventually found himself a long ways from home.
Instead of in the old forests of Japan, he saw nothing but a destroyed land that was desert. The climate made him hard to breathe and he ended up collapsing beside a tree. Sighing, he glanced up and saw a Crow-demon. A few little words had been exchanged, and finally, dared to shut up the older male, Kitio leapt up and kissed Zerif full-force on the lips. He then ran off at once, but couldn't stop thinking about that kiss and Zerif. He went to live with Zerif and life as he knew it had changed.
    Even to this day, he lives with his two lovers: yes two. He fell in love again, and this time it was the dragoon Haku. He's happy with his mates and children.

And to point out he has a roleplay-ish Introduction all his Own.

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2008-03-12 [Vou]: Yes... this needs to be redone. =D It's about 2 years over due... or however long I've been on here...

2008-03-12 [The Vampire Armand]: -laughs-

2008-03-12 [Vou]: There we go. <3

2009-08-24 [moira hawthorne]: Kitio is sexy too... I can easily guess his inspiration...
he needs more images .. lots more art to show off his sexyness

2009-08-24 [Vou]: Wolf's Rain inspired his creation, and he's been through alot of changes in the past 7 years. I created him at age 12. I'm 19 now. He's my first yaoi boy and my favorite. I plan on making him into a Ball-Joint Doll once I get the money. <3 And yes, I'm working on more art for him. xD

2009-08-24 [moira hawthorne]: Id LOVE a BJD of Aodh! cant afford one tho... is sad

2009-08-24 [Vou]: x] My ex-girlfriend has 2 of them and she loves them. I'm always telling her 'if you EVER need a sitter, lemme know. :D'. Lol. Aodh as a BJD would be epic. x3 God, I just thought of Kitio's personality with Aodh... omfg. xD Kitio is easily embarrassed and I think Aodh would have fun messing with him like that. XDD

2009-08-24 [moira hawthorne]: lol... yes indeed!

2009-08-24 [moira hawthorne]: need to find a BJD with long ears!

2009-08-24 [Vou]: I could get a site for you where they do customs. ;o Lynn would know. <3 Lynn be my ex. xD

2009-08-24 [moira hawthorne]: yah that would be great... I love to see/find a body & head to suit Aodh... just incase i ever do have a $1000 sitting around that doesnt have to go to rent or bills

2009-08-24 [Vou]: Yeah, not having money sucks. :C

2009-08-24 [moira hawthorne]: trying to keep a growing boy feed... in clothes... shoes... school supplies... saving for college... want to buy a house...

2009-08-24 [Vou]: I just want a job. ;^; I'm working on saving for college so I can go in the spring and hoping to get a place of my own, to leave my parents' house. I'm getting sick of them. . . -sigh-

2009-08-25 [moira hawthorne]: you are suffering from the 'raccoon effect'

2009-08-25 [Vou]: raccoon... effect? o_o'

2009-08-25 [moira hawthorne]: when a teen drives their parents crazy and the parents drive the teen crazy to the point the teen wants to leave 'the nest' and get out... and the parent is relieved to see them go... its a natural stage of growth... children who stay at home till they are 40 are abnormal

2009-08-27 [Vou]: XDDD I see. mmm, that reminds me, I have yet to see the 40-year-old virgin. :O

2009-08-27 [moira hawthorne]: I know a guy like that... mario... he is a squid!

2009-08-29 [Vou]: o: damn.

2010-05-12 [Erubeus]: You wanna know what I would be interested in seeing?
Zerif's profile.
Too bad Lynn never put one up. d:
I would just like to see his History. Such an interesting one it would be.

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