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Kirse har Tura

A character of the Online Wraeththu RPG

Player/User:  meridian / Kris

   Age when incepted:  19

Appearance:  Tall and slim; has black hair and hazel eyes, with pale skin. His features are truly androgynous, too narrow to be completely feminine, but too soft to be masculine.

Personality:  Kirse is a born artisan—there isn’t a tool he can’t learn how to use. A hedonist, Kirse thoroughly enjoys the new sensations of his body—particularly the sexual ones—and isn’t averse to playing as hard as he works. He pushes himself, bedazzled by the potential of harish magic and eager to prove he can do something great with it. Although he puts up a cynical front, he is more often optimistic about what the future holds; the cynicism is merely his disappointment getting the better of him. He is playful, mischievous, a kind but clear-eyed friend, and a cold, efficient enemy.

Special Abilities/Mutations:  Kirse has the basic Tura ability to heal, and is a crack shot; one of his favorite activities before the bomb was dropped was to go out to a gun range and practice with small-caliber guns.

Backstory:  A pre-med student, Kirse was out with friends when the bomb struck; although he and his friends sought shelter, they all came down with radiation sickness. They were brought to a nearby hospital and abandoned there; Kirse was healed, but as his father had abandoned his mother years ago, and his mother had died of radiation poisoning, he was on his own. He stayed after he recovered and volunteered to help in return for a place to stay. One of the hara at the hospital took him aside and explained to him about the Wraeththu; after considering his options, Kirse went back and asked the har if he could become Wraeththu as well. He was incepted, and has stayed at the hospital.

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