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You have entered into the kingdom of The Warlock. Please take a load off and make your self at home. All are welcome except for those trying to start trouble our kingdom is emincely big and we have many allies so please be peaceful. 


Just imagine milleniums..multiplied by eons..compounded by time without end.. My kingdom has been around that long..but it is only recently that we have settled on earth. This empires goal is to maintain the balance of good and evil to keep equal power in the universe. So we of the Kingdom of Eminence are tied by the qualitys of honor and integrity in our quest to protect. So with our allies and help from our fairy, demon ,dragon,and undead friends we keep peace and order no matter what. So just relax for awhile till the need arises that we have to go into battle.
!! *NEWS* !!

Anyone interested in this wiki please let me know


         pics of kingdom members
          Map of the Kingdom         
         The Weapons Training Room
          Castle Member Rooms
          The Kingdom Art Hall

      Banners for the Kingdom of Eminence

      Kingdom of Eminence's Dungeon


  ALL positions that dont have a name beside them are open for who ever wants them, but there are some that have a name already but the position is for more the one person so If you want one of these positions or a position not listed message me and I will give it to you


       King-[The Warlock]
     Prince- [dj-sean]
     Princess- [Ace118]
  General of War- [Keyurg Kirosake]  
 General of Peace- [Ace118]
      4-[Nuit Darksin
     Fire Demon- [Celtore]
      Ice Demon- [Duhe Rahn]
Dark Dragon Summoner-[Keyurg Kirosake]
Good Dragon Summoner-[Shadowsoul]    
     Fairy Queen- [Illona]
   Head Dark Witch-
  Head White Witch-[Angelic nightmares
   Great Wizardes-[alexi] [Skw3rlch4n]
   Great Wizard- [Danboo]
      Sargents-[Nuit Darksin]
    Skilled archer-[Sir Riddle]
    Dungeon Ruler-        
    Phantom Knight-[Chen stormstout]
    Captain 1-[Chen stormstout]

 We Defend Our allies To The Utmost We Are Allies With   
       The Kingdom In The Dark / Skylira
   Sister's of Creedon! / senthra meiloh
    Kingdom Dracul The Neverending Abess of Darkness  
The Kingdom of Drinn / Jezzrail's Fort / Castle in the Clouds  / Lanthara Advent /
Beazul's Hell Synitra / Kingdom of Liesbeth / D'Larame



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2009-01-02 [Ace118]: *gests up and vanishishes in that direction* Warlock?

2009-01-12 [The Warlock]: *looks around "that was quick" he says to himself he then rushes down to the stables to meet up with jen figuring thats were she went*

2009-01-13 [Ace118]: *looking in aw* "wow"

2009-01-13 [The Warlock]: "Yes i know there quite marvous aren't they? I have at last count a few more then 20 there are some over this way that don't belong to anyone you can chose one for yourself out of them mi'lady."

2009-01-14 [Ace118]: "theses are not being used get some one to put them in a feild" *follows you*

2009-01-21 [The Warlock]: "ok mi'lady" *wistles to a near by stable boy and tells him to take the two hores out that we would meet him there shortly then turns to jen and says "well you know that particlur one doesnt have a name either what would you like to call it?"*

2009-01-21 [Ace118]: Not sure I need a rough description to name a horse. *smiles*

2009-01-23 [The Warlock]: "Oh well the horse you picked is white with a light brown main and tail with smoky eyes and the only mark on her is a black mark near the tail that looks like a star"

2009-01-24 [Ace118]: Star

2009-01-26 [The Warlock]: "That is very fitting mi'lady i'll have that placed upon her stall door"

2009-01-27 [Ace118]: *strokes her* *looks out the the horizon and hears a strange thundering sound them a falling sound and some one shouting*.

2009-02-03 [The Warlock]: *looks the same way then towards the princecess and says "Maybe we should go see what that was mi'lady."*

2009-02-04 [Ace118]: "I have an incleing what it is do you want to use Gizmo, I have a felling dragons wont be welcome"

*talks to gwain* "You can come but keep your distance if we need you youll know" *he nods*

2009-02-06 [The Warlock]: "Sounds good mi'lady climbs on we don't want to make it worse by riding in on one if there not welcome"

2009-02-07 [Ace118]: "guzmo is a unicorn there fore you'll ride bare back I will as well I sence we may be helpin centaurs".

2009-02-10 [The Warlock]: "Thats fine mi'lady lead the way" *grabs the mane of the unicorn as we take off riding fast towards the commotion in which seems to be related to centaurs*

2009-02-10 [Ace118]: *listens* " not that far away in the forrest"

2009-02-28 [The Warlock]: ATTENTION-i will be on very little anymore anyone who is interested in taking over this wiki let me know either here or sending me a message i'm sorry to everyone in this wiki and the one's i'm currently rp'ing with

2009-02-28 [Ace118]: Aw I was enjoying this is every thing ok

2009-03-10 [The Warlock]: I'm sorry just some things happened not bad things just things that require more of my time and i'm not gonna be on as much as b4 and i feel that to keep this place going giving it up is best but i do appriciate you asking

2010-03-20 [Ace118]: I know things happen I have been seriously ill for a long time now

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