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2011-07-25 06:12:19
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King of Tokyo review


King of Tokyo is a quick board game for 2-6 players. Each player controls a monster (from more traditional Godzilla-esque monsters to giant robots controlled by evil bunnies) and the aim of the game is to either accrue 20 victory points, or, as is more likely, be the last player standing. Players take it in turns to enter Tokyo. Whilst in Tokyo, you attack all monsters outside of Tokyo and all monsters outside of Tokyo aim their attacks at the monster currently occupying Tokyo. The game is played with six dice, which show numbers 1-3; for earning victory points, a lightning bolt; for earning currency, a claw; for attacking, and a heart; for healing, of course. Currency can be used to buy cards with either boost your abilities or provide more victory points (though usually in exchange for health). Victory points are gained by rolling sets of three or more of any number.

This is a really simple, silly and fun game. It can be picked up very easily, and requires very little explaining. It's a quick play and is the kind of game that even people casual board gamers (the type that usually only play Monopoly and Scrabble) will enjoy. It's a good ice-breaker for the start of a gaming session, or a quick final game for those who haven't quite had their fill of board-gaming goodness that evening.

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