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Character Name:

Kim Lundin

User: [Kim_Lundin]
Race: Human
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Rank/Class/Title: Adventurer/Owner of the Adventurer's Tavern
Appearance: Kim is 192 centimetres tall (about 6'4'') has whide shoulders and is quite muscular. He has dark brown hair and a short beard in the same colour. His hair is usually kept short, but if it is grown long he usually tie it in the back with a leather string or something similar. His eyes are brown, a bit lighter than his hair, and it's easy to read his emotions in his eyes, he tend to smile more often with his eyes than with his mouth. His skin is rugged and tanned from years spent in harsh weathers and difficult conditions and he has a lot of scars covering his body, coming from everything ranging from swords to axes, from beast claws to porcupine spines. Here and there his skin also has some dark-colored bruises from old crush wounds ranging from fallen stones to pummeling by ogres' clubs.
Usually he wears quite nondescript clothes, often in brown or tan colorations and almost always made of thick cloth or leather. More often than not his clothing has seen heavy wear and has been repaired more than once. He strongly dislike heavy armor of metal, if he wears any armor at all it's made of boiled leather. Jewelry and such fineries are rarely worn, if ever, but if he would wear something like it, it would be something simple and probably made of copper, bronze or maybe silver. By his side he is almost always seen carrying a plain wooden staff, bound with leather to offer a better grip.
Skills: Years of adventuring, constant danger and exposion to the elements, countless battles and wicked monsters slain, all of this has given Kim Lundin a wide variety of skills. He is in no way a mage, he know what magic is and he also know quite a few mages, but he can't cast any spells, and he isn't all that interested in learning how to either. Neither is he a rogue, he can be quiet in his steps, and he knows how to hide himself, if he gets some time, but he can't pick locks or disarm traps, and the thought of stealing makes him feel uncomfortable. But he isn't your conventional fighter either, he is skilled in battle, and is quite strong, but he isn't so keen with heavy armors and swords and axes, he just keeps to his staff and hopes his skill can keep him from bad things, like dying.
He can keep moving for long times, he can climb mountains and find his way through caves and dungeons. His knowledge about monsters and beasts rivals the collected lore in the greatest of libraries, and he uses that knowledge to its fullest. He has keen eyes and hearing, not comparable to that of an elf, but as good as the sences of a human can get without involving magic. His main skill, however, lies in the quarterstaff he carries, his weapon of choice. He chose the weapon because of four reasons: it's simple; it can be used to knock people unconscious, not causing unnecessary bloodshed; it's surprizinglly efficient, and then there's the fact that no-one expects a man armed with a wooden stick to be a threat, enabling him to be armed even in places where weapon restrictions forces people who carries swords and axes to leave their weapons to the guards.
Travelling the wilds for years have given Kim a sufficient knowledge in basic herbal medicine, he know some good healing herbs, making him a wandering apothecary, but he also knows some recipies for vile and deadly poisons, for example the Red Dragon's Bane, a mixture of Flame Berries and Drakeblossom which is highly efficient against all kinds of monsters, from goblins to ogres in size.
During a period when he snuck around hiding from Drow, he learnt the skill of breathing without making any sound, really, it's all but impossible to hear. He spent so long time doing this, that now he often breathes like this without even thinking about it.
Personality: The shortest way to describe Kim's personality is with the phrase "Veteran adventurer with humor". His numerous adventures, and misadventures, has taught him a lot of things, he knows that help can come from the most unexpected places, and people should never be judged by outer appearance, but he has also learnt, the hard way, that those who seem friendly can be the worst enemies.
He is not easily angered by words, he often answers insults with a smile and a counter-insult, unless he's in a bad mood and decides to answer it with a glare saying "I'm letting you off for now, but try that again and I'll relocate some of your teeth". However, he does not take easy on betrayal or harmful actions towards him, his friends, or innocent people, and such actions are quickly dealt with - with the end of his quarterstaff, or fist, should the former by some reason be out of his grasp.
He has a deep respect for druids, people in his home-town, Monick, worship different gods and entities of nature, and many of the holy men and women were thus druids. He also respects nature in general, not seeking to take more than he needs. His respect for nature is both because of his childhood, and because it has saved his butt more than once.
Kim likes jokes, both to tell them and to hear them. His jokes are often based on his experiences, and often involves himself in some way. He is also fond of stories, and has quite a few in stock should he have the opportunity to tell them. How many of the stories that are actually true remains for the listener to decide, but neither of them are entirely implausible.
In a group he feels most comfortable in being somewhere in the middle of the command-chain. He dislikes having the role of leader, but still want to be able to have his say when he feel the moment is right. After a battle he is often the first to make sure everyone is all right, tending to wounds if necessary.
Kim often feels an urge to travel, it's like a gnawing sensation in his neck that tells him to be on the move. He belives that his years as an adventurer has made him addicted to new horizons and challenges. 
History: Kim Lundin was born in the small, northern village of Monick in Stilya. His father is captain of the guard in the small town, and his moter is a cleric at a small temple dedicated to Ehlonna, goddess of the woodlands. Kim's childhood years were quite calm, the only disturbances were random attacks by wandering monsters, mostly goblin-kind, but it was not much the guards couldn't stop by the gates.
A turning point came when a small group of adventurers came to the town, two human warriors and a dwarven wizard, when Kim was nineteen years old. The adventurers, especially the wizard, brought a lot of stories and tales, and happily told them to whoever had the time to listen to them. One of the more interested listeners was Kim, who could sit for hours and listen to the dwarf. When the adventurers left the town, they left behind a whole bunch of young people who had suddenly gotten the dream to leave the calm life in the town behind to go out for adventures of their own. In Kim, the tales had triggered an intense wanderlust and a wish to see more of the world so, after some talk with his mother and his father, he left the village four months later.
After that, his life was the one of a wanderer, he travelled to a town, stopped there for some days, sometimes weeks, to learn about the place and to earn money to continue, often by working as a watchman, continued his travel to the next town, and so forth. Soon he reached the threshold when he knew he would have to spend a long time in wilderness, so he had to get his hands on some kind of weapon to protect himself with. The problem was, he didn't have the money to buy a sword, and stealing an axe was an impossible thought for him, so he had to settle with the most humble of weapons, not counting throwing pebbles on monsters, the quarterstaff. Figuring he could as well reduce the costs by making the staff himself, he began scouting the area for some good wood, and was lucky enough to find a large tree of ironwood. The staff took a really long time to make, the hardness of ironwood makes it difficult to work with, and he couldn't settle with anything less than the best when making a weapon that would be his only defence. Finally, after almost a week of hard work, he had found the perfect branch to make the staff of, sawed it off, shaped it, polished it and wired leather around it. So his journey could at last continue.
His journey through the wilderness was filled with problems that he had to learn how to solve, the two most frequently encountered was finding food and the odd meeting with various beasts that couldn't say no to a nice piece of human flesh. He also found quite an amount of caves that he just HAD to investigate, most of them filled with goblins, kobolds or other relativelly weak monsters, though he also ran into some rogue drow and actually spent some time as a prisoner. He managed to escape though, with the help of a quick tongue and some unexpected help from one of the guards.
After leaving the wilderness behind, some of his wanderlust had vanished for a moment, almost being sent into the Underdark to become a slave can do tah to you, and he decided to settle down a while in Irrundanil, where he bought the Adventurer's Tavern with some of the treasure he had found lying around in caves. But being the adventurous soul he is, he can now be seen adventuring both close and far away from Irrundanil. And who knows what disasterous events can be triggered by jumping into randomly appearing portals?...
Other: Kim is currently suffering from SSD (Soul Splitting Disorder) caused by thoughtless jumping into portals appearing in different places. The only known connection between the places is that both had a big supply of alcohol. SSD causes his being to exist in multiple places at the same time, completelly unaware of each other. What would happen if all versions of him got to the same place at the same time is currently unknown to all but perhaps the Master of Souls, a.k.a. [xido].

Old Kim CHAR

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2004-02-03 [Kim_Lundin]: Ehum... xido... what should we do with that Monick place? It seems a bit empty right now, don't you think? And Roz might need a fill up to... You have any ideas?

2004-02-11 [xido]: questioned me about this at such a bad time...... Roz is a city in Stilya, which is no longer mine to control. Perhaps Monick can be used elsewhere, in some new wikis I'm making to get out of the current Eastonia. If you'd like to help out on the ROZ wiki, msg [Phyn] with ideas.  That's his gig. Monick is still unclaimed, though. Maybe that can be yours, if you'd like.

2004-02-14 [Kim_Lundin]: Hmm... I think I have SOME ideas what to do with Monick... I just need some time and I might even make it worth trying... Some background info of the countrysite should be good to have, it would be a LITTLE strange with a desert city in the middle of a glacier or something like that ^_^

2004-02-24 [xido]: msg [Phyn] about it for sure. I think it would be cool to have you do some wikis there.

2005-12-27 [Kim_Lundin]: Hmm... sure was a long time ago I did this one... darn, it doesn't even have the "Skills" part ^^ Perhaps I should add some stuff to it... reread and check so everything is still right.

2005-12-27 [Kim_Lundin]: Actually, I like this idea better, rewriting the entire character using the "new" form.

2005-12-28 [Kim_Lundin]: There, everything but the History part done, will work on that tomorrow. Xido, if you happen to come looking by, please tell me what you think of it so far.

2005-12-28 [Kim_Lundin]: And... it's finished!

2006-01-03 [xido]: LOL, the master of souls, even? Well, I would have to be honoured by that one for sure, I would think.... ;P Well, I hate to be 'that guy', but guess what? I gave you faulty information back in the day when I first commented on here... Monick was not yet an idea of mine when you asked me, but Roz is actually a city in Kiee (Map/Eastonia) on its southeastern peninsula... Stilya can in fact be the location of Monick (it fits better with your story), and it can be a city in the southwestern region, nearest to the Estaya Peninsula, where the elves who escaped the first inquisitions hid and congregated in secrecy until recently, when the Stilyan Senate ordered elven safeties.

2006-01-03 [xido]: Just north of the southern line of mountains, Monick can be a small city in a valley or ridge... Sorry to change my words, but you can see Roz wirtten on the northern orientation map... Other than that (I could fix some grammar for you if you want), I love it. I think you should just do away with the old version altogether, too.

2006-01-03 [Kim_Lundin]: Hmm... just to change Stilya to Kiee then? Go ahead and correct the grammar if you want, it's probably something really obvious so that I'll be all "How the hell could I make a mistake like THAT!?"... I'll just move the old character to a new wiki, if it's all right with you, so that I can go back and look at it later and get all nostalgic... it WAS my first character after all...

2006-03-11 [xido]: There, it's fine how it is now.... I might come back and do a quick revision on grammar... but sometime later.... hit me back with it when it gets on your nerves that I haven't gotten it done yet... :P I changed ownership of the page to you... and if you'd like to keep a version of the old char on a page, that's fine... ;)

2006-03-12 [Kim_Lundin]: Yeah, I'll keep it on OLD Kim CHAR, I like to see if I make any progress with my character designs.

2007-02-02 [Kim_Lundin]: Just gave it a read-through and fixed some spelling errors and such.

2007-02-02 [Kim_Lundin]: And I'll probably never learn this, but is it "easily" or "easilly"? The first one looks right to me, but I'm not sure.

2007-02-02 [Kim_Lundin]: And I just realised just the history part of this one is longer than the entire old character description taken together.

2008-03-19 [xido]: Sorry man. 'Easily' is correct.

That's good. ;) Now, the question is: what is he going to be like as an ascending immortal in down in the sewers, and how is he going to resolve re-integrating or destroying his other "parts" of himself?

Any further ideas or questions about Inath details?

2008-03-19 [xido]: Appearance, first line ::: 'whide' = wide? shoulders...

Hehe, you called me 'Master of Souls'. That's awesome. ;D

2008-04-05 [Kim_Lundin]: Heh, one day I will write a character profile without errors in spelling or grammar... one day.
As for how he'll deal with the ascension, I'm not certain, yet. Right now he's not exactly in his right mind XD
Well, I thought the title was fitting XD

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