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2008-02-06 22:43:47
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Hello! :)

I do have tons of school work and old notebooks, but because they truly come in tons, I was too lazy to go fetch any, sorry. But the oldest notebook of mine has people that look like flying sausages (I'm not kidding here.) so you can guess the rest. ;)
Have fun!

Added a few more years. If it's unclear to you, the first drawings are flowers and self-portraits. xD
I did some notes, too.
+ Strenghts, learned lessons, such.
- Weaknesses, lessons, such.



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2007-04-13 [Zardra]: this is so awesome! :-O there is a huge progress in 2005-2006-2007. Wow! Thank you for doing this ^__^

2007-04-13 [Levoton]: Woot! Thanks for looking. ^_^ I really like to watch others' improvement too, I'm happy I found the wiki!

2007-08-23 [Iske]: wow very good

2007-08-23 [Levoton]: Thanks. :)

2007-09-25 [Jitter]: That's a great big leap :D Great progress <3 I believe your style is easily recognisable since 2003. I adore the one you have named 'Ashes' (yes I'm stalking on dA ^^;) Great job ^__^

2007-09-25 [Levoton]: Wheee, thanks! ^_^ Heehe, I'm quite proud of Ashes, too. It has something I can't consciously manage. x) *huggles*

2007-09-25 [Jitter]: It gives away the despair of the song. <3 I know you didn't base it on the song at first but it surely gave it much power ^^ *huggles back*

2007-09-25 [Levoton]: Well, I didn't base it on the songs but I was inspired... ;)

2007-09-25 [Jitter]: I know what you mean :) Most of the images I tried to base on songs turn more inspired than a song illustration ^^;

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