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<img://>1. I have been a member of Elftown since October of 2004 and an avid one at that, Elftown is my home from home. I enjoy the atmosphere of Elftown and the customisation you have over everything around you, whether it be your Elftown house or wiki-page. Due to my long time present on this website I can handle most parts of it. I know most too all codes off by heart, for instance how to bold things or italic things to more complex things such as IMG codes and layout codes. I have made hundreds of wiki pages and know how the modify them and design them. I know the rules of Elftown like the back of my hand since I am a firm believer that they should be upheld, I think they are very fair and in my spare time I take pleasure in check over people’s houses for rule violations.


<img://>2. I was born and breed in England so of course am fluent in English. I also enjoy learning new words and have a penchant to read thesaurus and learn different words for the same meaning. I like long over the top words and tend to use them a lot. They tend to match my ostentatious personality perfectly! >8D


<img://>3.My goals for Elftown! It would be to make more contests, something I already do. I enjoy making and helping people host contests, advertise them and also make sure they are eye-catching and attractive. I do enjoy taking part in contests myself so by becoming a member of the crew I would enjoy being on the other side of the equation and helping moderate and even judge them. Another goal of mine is to become more involved in EVERYTHING. I like Elftown inside out and would enjoy helping keep it up to date and on track, I am not put off by tasks other people may consider mundane and would take on everything put to me.


<img://>4. I feel that I have proven myself to Elftown. I have entered many contests; a few of my favourites are the yearly Valentines Day poetry and Christmas photography contest. I also contribute to the Daily Poem since I enjoy poetry a fair bit; I try to take part in every poetry contest Elftown has to offer. A rather proud achievement of mine is winning the ECM Werewolf Poetry contest of 2009. I have also made many and help moderate wiki-pages spanning from contests such as Preaching Poetry, to RPG’s such as Hyde’s Illusion, and Golgotha. I have also been named a Stars of Elftown by [Lothuriel], a label I wear with honour. I am also a new apprentice of the Town Herald.


<img://>5. I feel I have already answered this question somewhat with my response to question 3, however I shall go on into further detail to make sure my intentions and goals are clear. A main objective of mine is to keep Elftown on track, I know it must be hard to keep track of all the official contests and make sure they close on time and are judged not only fairly but punctually. Another aim of mine would be to help with the badge system; I know how nice it is to get badges so I would get a great sense of happiness from giving people badges for entering contests. Last but not least I believe I have shown through my time on Elftown that I am here for good, sorry Elftown but you’re stuck with me for the long run ;D. If appointed a member of the Crew I would no doubt stay a member so long as I am a member of Elftown. Other than that I would do anything asked of my by the Crew, I am not scared by new tasks and am full of energy!


<img://>6. I find it much easier to interact with people via computer that actually face to face. I have little to no temper so me losing my cool or patience is not really an issue, I am naturally a very rational being and believe most problems can be talked through and dealt with reasonably. Whether it is a problem between people or even a problem with a wiki-page, I can deal with most things thrown at me. Obviously I do not intend to be a one man army, I work well with other people and am good at supporting and aiding when needed.


<img://>7. Everything about Elftown is fun. The contests, the codes, the art pages, the ability to show off your work, Elftown is by far the best artistic site I have ever come across. Thus it would be an honour to be a member of the Crew that keep it so.


<img://>8. I think for an 8th question I should tell you a little bit about why I want to be a crew member so much. Well first of all I’m power mad, joke. Elftown is the website I spend most time on, if I were to give reasonable estimate I would say I am on Elftown for a good five hours a day. During that time I will be taking part in RPG’s, keeping wiki-pages up to date and or uploading art. I also enjoy helping people; I get many questions asking how I made the layout of my page and even some artistic inquiries. Sometimes I’ll even get compliments about my work, something I spend a lot of time saying to others. Elftown is just wonderful website, a website I would like to have more input with.


<img://>9. Supporters:


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2008-12-21 [Rice]: Ah very sorry. ><
I shall change it all now, thankyou ~<3

2008-12-21 [SilverFire]: Sorry, I deleted my comment before I noticed your reply (else I would've left it ._.;;), because I noticed something more important: You already have a crew app, why have you made another?

2008-12-21 [Rice]: Yes..this is my re-do of it since my last application was only of Medium quality. I have thus atempted to make it better.

2008-12-21 [SilverFire]: Well you could've just edited your old one, and made a note that it was re-done, and we'd have looked at it again. :) But since you changed your username since then, I can understand why you wanted to make a new page, but it would have been good if you'd dropped a comment letting us know, so we can remove your old attempt.

2008-12-21 [Rice]: Awfully sorry, I've only just got the page up and I was still editing so I hadn't got around to leaving a comment yet.
But you crew members are as quick as ever and got there before me..thankyou kindly.

2008-12-21 [SilverFire]: XP Arrite then. Must have just been (un)lucky timing - I'd only just got back to ET. :P

2008-12-21 [Rice]: Not unlucky..lucky for me because now I've had a chance to change a few bits your pointed out. 8)
I hope this time around my application it better.

2008-12-21 [Chimes]: You might want to link to active wikis... it would be of more credit to you than inactive ones.

2008-12-22 [Rook.]: Add me, Mobster fish :D

2008-12-22 [Rice]: Thanks Lou!

2008-12-22 [Rook.]: no problem Keys!! ^^

2008-12-23 [Rice]: [Chimes] I have two examples of wiki's and three active wikis up.

2008-12-24 [Chimes]: I noticed, they appeared after I commented :P Remember, if you make any big changes to make a comment about it on apply to the crew, just in case we don't check here.

2008-12-24 [Rice]: Oh ok.
Well I will leave it now.

2008-12-29 [Rook.]: I hopwe you make it, Keys...

2008-12-29 [Rice]: Thanks Lou~

2008-12-29 [Rook.]: no problem. how was your christmas?

2009-02-12 [Alexi Ice]: Mitsuki's critisisum - Heya! Just read through your appliciation and it is very well written has a few awakward sentances that have 'snares' which are just things you look at and go...well...that should probably be worded differntly to make sense.

Also it is all kind of vauge and quick, you never really explain HOW you intend to help elftown, and on the 'apply to crew page' I belive you missed a few of those questions. You have a few spelling and grammar mistakes in here as well that I have noticed. Adding links to things like the daily poem and other stuff you have badges for is important as well and finally;

Get out there and get involved!!!! 

You would do well to create contest wikis, offer your services to the crew, participate in official and un-official contests and things, which I already notice you doing a bit but...make yourself known ^^

Also, your art and photos are lovely but...I don't belive they should be featured on your application. I don't know why but your art skills while they do help some of the council members, it is not really going to help you be a good council member in regards to the community.

Well those are my critisisums!

2009-02-12 [Chimes]: A small pointer: Two of your supporters haven't been seen around here for near on or over 100 days... so aren't an active part of elftown so their support doesn't really help you very much especially as you put this up after they disappeared. Active supporters are the way to go.

2009-02-13 [Rice]: Thank you both.

2009-02-13 [Alexi Ice]: Not a problem at all, like I said, good luck! ^^

2009-02-13 [Duke Devlin]: Just a note to Mitsuki: It's lovely that you are offering criticism, but the fact that you mentioned spelling and grammatical errors is somewhat hypocritical. :P You have a fair few in your critique. XD

2009-02-13 [Rice]: LMAO..XD..Duke...

2009-02-13 [Duke Devlin]: Apologies, I felt it prudent to make the point. ;)

2009-02-13 [Alexi Ice]: Oh yeah I know that. LOL! But you know, this isn't really about me...I'm not being a hypocrite, just telling what Keyser needs in the application. Don't worry.

2009-02-13 [SilverFire]: It's ironic, not sure it's hypocritical. *wanders off thinking*

2009-02-13 [Alexi Ice]: Yeah belive me...I never accused myself of being a good speller....You know that, don't cha Silvie ^^ LOL.

2009-02-13 [Rice]: *waves fan*

2009-02-13 [Chimes]: Question: How did I miss the 'under construction' sign? I think I glazed over every time I have clicked the comment's link... I seriously did not know that was there. o.o;

2009-02-14 [Rice]: ....its because its the best damn sign EVER

2009-02-14 [Rice]: Finally done.
Thanks Mitsuki, I took into account everything you said ^^

2009-02-16 [Alexi Ice]: ! IT looks much better!! Very nice, quick, go tell the gaurds to come make it. I am sure you will do perfectly this time.

2009-02-16 [Rice]: Thankyou for your help ^^

2009-02-16 [Alexi Ice]: Sure sure! Anytime.

2009-03-02 [Akayume]: Cool!

2009-03-02 [Rice]: Thanks for the support my little frenchie.

2009-03-22 [Chimes]: Is your banner supposed to be upside down?

2009-03-22 [Alexi Ice]: I think it's cool.

2009-04-09 [¡Soy Bekah!]: Very Nice.

2009-04-09 [Rice]: Thanks.

2009-05-26 [Skydancer]: Its a lovely app, I hope you make it. Very best to you!

2009-05-26 [Rice]: Thanks a lot 8D

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