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Please read entirely before submiting a character.

  The dark army consists of primarily fire wielding dark elves, but this is only the majority.
  The alliance consists of all those who wish to oppose Ullari, dark elves, dwarves, men and high elves, however dark elves are ever in the minority.

Powers/abilities: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Spirit

These are aranged from least to most stable, with Spirit being the most unstable. This being said, somone who is advanced in Fire or spirit will be far more solemn off battle, and more tempermental in a fight then someone with water, earth or air

 (Basic) can here and see ghosts/spirits
 (Intermediate) Can communicate with the spirits. *level 4*
 (Advanced) can summon and control things from the spirit *level 5

 (Basic) manipulate what is already present (heat, or flame present)
 (Intermediate) can create fire from within, also can duel and draw heat out from other objects not human
 (Advanced) Can wield lighting in any shape or form, also can draw heat out from another sentient being 

 (Basic) can manipulate what is already around
 (Intermediate) creates own wind, can focus it in to a semi compressed blast
 (Advanced) Create cyclones, and draw air out of other living things

 (Basic) can only manipulate what is immediately around them (water/liquid only)
 (Intermediate) can draw water from anything not sentient
 (Advanced) can draw water out of sentient beings, and can create water out of thin air (can also freeze)

 (Basic) can manipulate anything earth (earthenware, bricks, tile, ect..)
 (Intermediate) can throw earth, or dual.
 (Advanced) Can manipulate anything drawn out of the earth

Understand that powers take up energy, both mental and physical. When they use their ablities they will tire, and in the case of a Demon prince draining their life energy. Also your character will have a certain level of respect for what they are capable of. Therefore if your character is very powerful in a given element his/her attitude and demeanor should reflect this

Deamonic possesion. Any character who either dables in magic or is a spirit mage will be in some way affected by the Deamonic realm. The following is what will happen depending on ablities and level of control over said ability

~Coming soon: Stages and how one is affected by the Deamonic
~When you post you need to bold the first mention of your character's post (if it's compleatly obvious which character is being posted for we'll make exceptions, this is just to make following along easyer).
~All posts must be sepparated with a line(<[hr]>).

~No God-moding.
~No complaining on the wikis (if you have an issue than talk to either moderator personally).
~Characters wishing to advance in their abilities are subject to a background check (meaning; please supply us with a list of any previous RP’s, if any, that you have been or are currently a part of).
~No obscene language, and no sexual content <<<<By this i mean i don't want to see a description of your characters orgasm or certain body parts...if they go all the way so be it...just be descreat and tasteful in how it is done
~You need to be able to post, if not then you must inform one of the moderators.
~Be responsible with your character.
~If your character fights another character that is superior, he or she may be injured, plan on that.
~all fights between characters, must be approved by at least one of the moderators, and the outcome must be agreed upon by both of the partisipants.
~You may not have more than three characters (some exceptions may be made).

1st offence; a warning
2nd offence; banned for a week
3rd offence; character deleted
(Note: ultimately this up to the moderators, and how severe the offence/blatant the violation)

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