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2009-10-29 03:15:16
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This is the official news site for the Ketsuri rp. Here i [Zarahaiel (Shadow lord)] will be posting event updates and suggestions for the rp as a whole. Feel free to post your own suggestions for updates here as well. I would advise you whach this page as again, this is where i will be placing event notifacations and suggestions up

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2009-10-29 [Yume Youki]: lol, I fixed the description for this - it still said akallabeth. XD

2009-10-29 [Talos Cyrion]: oh o.o thank you

2009-10-29 [Yume Youki]: And you spelled your username wrong. XD

Don't worry, it happens to me all the time (That's why I usually re-read through what I wrote to make sure there aren't any errors, or at least no important ones ) ;)

2009-10-29 [Talos Cyrion]: oi go figure...its kinda hard to spell...specially when you are really tired

2009-10-29 [Yume Youki]: Ditto - my name for some reason, when I'm tired is just impossible to spell right...

Don't really know why, either...

2009-11-10 [Aquariuscelesti a]: haha....dont feel too username is my actual middle name.....and i have a hard time typing it when im tired, lol

2009-11-11 [Yume Youki]: Yes, well, not only do I have that problem with my username, but I have that problem with my real name as well...

And for some reason, Zaharaiel, you keep putting my username up as [SilverRaven].

It's actually [Yume Youki] - that other one is already taken by someone else. XD

No hard feelings though, I think I cleared them all up. X)

2009-11-11 [Talos Cyrion]: lol i just now realised that when i clicked the link last night

2009-11-15 [Yume Youki]: lol XD

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