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ATTENTION ALL FORMER AKALLABETH RPers: due to the move i have deleted all inactive characters, if you still wish to join the rp then by all means please submit the character again, or if it is one that was previously accepted then just place it back up here on this page

Arda is a land where Elves, Dwarves, and Humans roame. Within any race there are factions. Within the Elves are the Wood Elves, the Dark Elves, and the High Elves. Within the Dwarves are the miners, the craftsmen, and the weaponsmiths. Amoung the Humans are the City dwellers, the mountain men, and the plainsmen.


Character name:
Siding: Alliance or Dark Army
Rank/Occupation: You can sent us requests, but ultimately this is determined by the moderators
Age: Please be responsible, and no unknowns, with maybe the possible exception of high elves and dark elves
Abilities: (if any) Decide the ability(s) of your character however how skilled your character is, will be up to the moderators (again, you may send requests). Please include favored weapons if applicable.
Weapons: (if any)
Appearance: Please include clothing, hair, etc., as much as possible
Personality: Please include as much as possible, this as well as any previous RP experience will be used to factor in your characters ability to advance in their abilities
History: Please include as much as possible

Not: If your character is a warden, then please include rank, and history of order. There can only be one captain per order, so if there are more than one person in each order than work out the rank or either [Yume Youki] or myself can assign ranks.


The Alliance

Lomien Turumbar
[Talos Cyrion]
Race: High elf
Rank/Occupation: Leader of the alliance
Age: 9,600

Abilities: Advanced in fire, water and spirit, also he is a well-honed hunter, swordsman, and marksman. Lomien has also through time prefected the art of evasion, meaning he has a habit of slipping in and out of places un-seen and often un-detected. Being advanced in water Lomien is also a skilled healer. This is the chief reason he has chosen to master water arts, and it has made him more deadly as he can recover far faster than most for it alows him to heal his body of even the most lethal wounds so long as he is coherant. Lomien also is a skilled Warlock, this is a result of his past dealings with the dark elves

Appearance: 6’8, blue eyed and broad. Dark blackish hair that flows down to his elbows, and he has one particularly brutal sword wound covering most of the right side of his face. Usually he is wearing all black attire, including armor, but has been known to favor red, blue and even white robes in place of the black on occasion. This is however rare, as black is his battle dress and he is often contesting ground with the dark army. When his shirt is off, his has a tattoo in the form of a black set of wings attached to a blood red sword. This is the symbol of the Night shroud.

Weapons: a long curved battle sword at his right side, Lomien also caries with him at least a dozen throwing knives and stars tucked away in his robes, as well as (on occasion) his spear, and when desired, a long bow.

Personality Dark, and brooding, will seldom talk unless spoken to. Lomien is even tempered despite his abilities, and does not appear to care for much of anything. Lomien prefers to avoid crowds and will fight for what he holds dear. Lomien's voice is unusual, in that it is both enchanting, melodic, deep, and gutteral when speaking. He is slow to trust, and even slower to accept, Lomien tends to err on the judgemental side at times, though this comes from being able to read peoples minds because of his ablilities.

History: Lomien bore two things out of the fiery ruins of his ancient home, one Gurthang, a sword that can rob it's victims of their souls trapping it within it's blade and harnessing their power to the weilders will. The secound, his wife, Ninquelote, for whom he obtained the brutal slash across his right eye, though from what and by whom none know. Lomien has fought the dark army longer than any, for he fought it in secret and openly on his home island afore it's destruction.

User name: [Talos Cyrion]
Name: Ketsuri

Age: 5,645

Rank: Captain Shadow warden

Order: Sons of Arda

Race: Elf

Siding: Neautral/Alliance

Appearance: Roughly 6’2, lithe and muscular. White skin, white hair and silver eyes. He rarely wears his armor or any indication of his assosciation with his order. His attire is semi typical of the upper class, black kimmono style robes with a red tie around his waist which is the only thing that would set him apart.

Abilities: Water, and fire. He is well progressed in both.

Weapon: 2 white bladed katanas that he can channel his ability through.

Personality: Quiet and reserved. Ketsuri is loyal and caring when he wants to, but also fierce and relentless. He is a true assassin, performing his duties to the letter. This is what his teacher Turan has taught him, and he remembers this much well. He can be caring, giving many the benifit of the doubt until they are foolish to prove him wrong. This has rarely ever extended beyond his not killing them, for he is afraid to let anyone get close.

History: Ketsuri’ name means tears of blood, and he has over time lived up to this title. Ketsuri was raised by Turan, having been taught by the older elf everything he knows now. This, Turan has come to bitterly regret, though has hid it well, as has been his wont. Ketsuri is ruthless.

History of Order: Ketsuri joined the order shortly after that fall of Arda. Rising quickly through the ranks, he quickly became captain of the order. Renaming it to its’ current name. He has led the Sons in their quest for redemption, though this has come at a steep price. He has lost countless friends to the secret wars of the order.

Serephim Darkheart/Prince Balakor
[Talos Cyrion]
Race: High Elf
Age: 7,000
Rank/Occupation: Cheif advisor

Abilities: Advanced in spirit, a deadly assasin, and skilled combatant.

Appearance: Tall (roughly 6'7), with pale white skin, Black eyes and black hair. Seriph, wears all black, and seldom ever speaks unless spoken to. His weapons are almost always black as well, with noted exceptions. Seriph is seldom seen in anything other than black.

Weapons: A broad, black, curved single edged sword with blood red runes inscribed along the blade, and a golden dragons head pomel. Seriph also wears a close fitting, yet very flexable and intracate set of black armour plates, whoe's protective qualities are unrivaled. This in turn fits over a black mail shirt. Seriph's right hand guard, conttains a set of four blood red long blades, making him a deadly oponent.

Personality: Seriph, because of the nature of his ability is very solemn and at times morose, he seldom if ever laughs. As far as Lomien and Ninquelote are concerned, he is very loyal, though even amougnst his closest of friends tends to become an outcast as his moods are often misread by all but the most observant. Seriph is however very caring, doing most every thing without being asked, and is like his friend Lomien very willing to fight for what he has left. Seriph thanks to Balakor is exceptionally strong, and agile capable of feets normally impossible to all but the most skilled warriors.

History: Seriph, a long time friend of Lomien though born into a higher class, enjoyed learning from the older elf, and after the early loss of his parents saw him as a father figure of sorts. At the outbreak of the War, Seriph was torn from the one he loved, and possesed by a demon prince, courtesy of Ullari's experimenting in the dark arts. Having harnessed the Demon, weilding its power as his own Seriph is unequaled in his ability. Seriph unlike Ullari did not let his rage consume him, but rather has bid his time, continueing to search for his lost love, while seeking to destroy the ones who took her. Though he rarely comes to Eldamar, Seriph leads the alliance from the woods of Telpurion, fighting in the forests and amidst the ruins of the once beautiful ancient cities. Seriph was one of the first to join Lomien, and to the Dark Army he is known as the legion butcher, as it is said he slaughtered an entire legion in his escape from his imprisonment. Seriph ows this to the immensly powerful Demon that he has harnessed. This power at times has nearly destroyed Seriph, and he is hesitant to use his ablility as each time the Demon is released it grows in power, and Seriph appalled at what dwells within him knowing the carnage wrought uses his powers with extreme discretion.

Celeste Eldalain
[Aquariuscelesti a]
Race: Elf
Age: 2,300
Siding: Alliance
Rank/Occupation: Assasin/Hunter

Ablilities: Intermediate in fire and water, with a preferance for both. Celeste is also a skilled huntress.

Appearance: Average height for an elf (6'0), blond hair and eyes that often change color according to her mood, usually a dark forest green or a vibrant blue, and pale bronzed skin. Celeste often wears red, as it is her favorite color, though tends to have a taste for brighter colors such as aqua blue, pink, and yellow. Celeste is lithe, and is far stronger than what one would ever guess. She doesn't look like much, but she could take down an army...

Weapons: A curved silver, single edged long sword, and a recurve long bow that is nearly as tall as herself.

Personality: Because of her abilities Celeste is unpredictable, often spastic when not given an outlet for her energies. Celeste is young for an elf, and as such is not as heavily burdened, or otherwise choses differently to deal with it. She is genarally hyper, and full of energy, and has yet to fully comprehend the vastness of her powers. Celeste, all in all, is very accepting, and for an Elf not at all judgemental. Celest does have her dislikes, and there isn't much that she hates. Though Celeste is a true daughter of night and prefers night over day, she is an adventurer and makes friends easily...unless shes in a bad mood, it's hard not to smile around her.

History: Celeste grew up in Telmar. When the city was ransacked she was sent away into the woods and was forced to sit by and whatch as all that she knew was destroyed. To Celeste, this was all she had, not much as she never really knew her parents, but nonetheless, a loss. Torn by the two factions, for the city and her friends she'd know were destroyed by Ullari, and the Allaince was unable to free the doomed city, Celeste harbours a little resentment towards the Alliance for this, but the Dark Army is perhaps at the top of what little she hates. Whenever this past is brought up, one sees, perhaps for the first time, her truely dark side...

[Talos Cyrion]
Race: High Elf/Sentinel
Siding: Alliance
Rank/Occupation: Wandering storyteller
Age: Unknown

Abilities: He has the ability to transport himself anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes, and can communicate with Pert wherever she is. Abarhi, like Pert can create weapons out of any matter around. Infusing it with his own power and wielding it to deadly effect. Abarhi is also master of three elements: Fire, spirit, and water. This has taken a life time to accomplish, and he only masters them as they help serve his purposes.

Weapons: A huge, black, double edged and two handed sword strapped across his back. This weapon few have seen him draw and live.

Appearance: Abarhi is rather imposing, standing at 6’8”, with a dark look about him. He has the same blond hair and blue eyes as his sister. While Elves never age, Abarhi does have an air of experience about him, something about him shows that he is far more ancient than one has ever met before. His armour is a deep red (appears black) with bluish hues.

Personality: Abarhi is dark and brooding, he is very aloof, but his passion is history, he masquerades as a traveling storyteller, so that he can tell of the events and people he has lived to see, without letting his true identity be known. He is friendly when he wants to be, and tends to be a vigilante.

History: Nobody knows that Abarhi is one of the two most ancient beings left in the world. Wherever history has been made for thousands of centuries, he ands his twin sister Pert have been there, whacing and twisting the strands of fate as they write their story. Lomien and Ullari are making history, but Pert and Abarhi will write it. As Lomien and Ullari are both Sentinels they know of Abarhi but little else, Ninquelote is perhaps most familiar with him as she is one of the few to have access into his life besides Pert. He grew up in an age of strife now long forgotten, and he longs for a peace in the world where not only Pert can live happily, but he can also finally settle down. He is a wanderer, and has written the histories of the world in his vast ancient library that has long been hidden away and guarded by fel creatures. Despite all this Abarhi wishes for a permanent residence, and to settle down and enjoy his immortality where he can write to his hearts content yet finally have a family again.

Amarlin Sveltus
Race: Book Fae (aka Library Fairy)
Siding: Alliance
Rank/Occupation: Book Keeper/Librarian
Age: 25

Abilities: Amarlin is master of both Rune Magic and Paper Magic, and among Book Fae that is nearly unheard of. Paper magic is the ability to manipulate paper into different shapes. Sometimes it can be a lethal weapon or a sheild, or a useful object like a ladder. She can shape paper according to her will. Rune Magic is the ability to cast spells by writing words in a long forgotten magical language that only the Book Fae know. Although only half of even the rare Book Fae can cast spells with the runes. She also knows most human languages, included those that haven't been used anywhere for hundreds of years, and she can read and translate anything written down. She spends almost all of her free time reading, and occasionally writing.

Weapons: Her fae magic

Appearance: In her natural Faerie form Amarlin is about 5 inches tall. She's slender and delicately built. She has golden brown eyes and very long red-brown hair striped with black(like the Wooly Bear caterpillar). She wears her long hair in a horse tail, and wears copper colored spectacles. Her wings are butterfly shaped but are multicolored and resemble the see through, patterned look of a stained glass window. She also has a pair of antennai that hangs down around her face and the bulb shapes on the end glow in the dark to help her see or read. As for clothes she wears wide, loose legged pants that appear like a skirt most of the time. A pale gray blouse, and a long knee length vest. You never see her without a bag full of books as well. In her human form, though she doesn't often use it, she appears to be 15 years old. She has waist length red brown hair, but the same colored eyes and the same outfit. The only way to tell she's a faerie is that her eyes glow when she's angry and a colorful tattoo looking birthmark of a rune on the side of her neck.

Personality: Amarlin Sveltus is a very curious person, without much sense of the real world or danger. She has lots of literary knowledge, but doesn't know much about how things really are. She doesn't really know how to act around people, because the only other intelligent person she's ever been able to talk to has been her brother. She only knows books and scrolls and other things found commonly in libraries. She acts very stiff, formal, and polite normally, but she's a caring sort of girl and hesitates to hurt others. She doesn't have much of a temper, but when she loses it she's deadly dangerous.

History: Amarlin was born unusually in a rather small library. Most libraries gather enormous amounts of books before the books actually begin to be aware. This particular library however had an unusual collection of books. Mostly "Fairy Tales" and magic. It was owned by an inept wizard who was unable to use magic of his own, but was very good at finding authentic magical items. It seemed the magic brought the awareness of the books out early. Amarlin had a younger brother who was still in his worm stage, named Booker, but he too was particularly talented from living in the magic library.


Alexus Rose
[Yume Youki]
Race: Dark Elf/Drow
Siding: Alliance
Rank/Occupation: Is a spy for the Alliance, and sends back information on the Dark Army by way of bird.
Age: 2500

Abilities: Is fast and agile, and quick with a knife. Prefers to outsmart her opponents, rather than overpower them.

Weapons: Two double-bladed knives, and a katana

Appearance: Has the usual appearance of a Dark Elf, with black hair, black eyes, and ivory skin. Wears black leggings, skirts, boots, and loose, long-sleeved shirt at all times.
Personality: Is ruthless in killing, as with most Dark Elves, and is sarcastic, tempermental and usually very pessimistic, though she prefers to think of it as "realistic". She is different from other Dark Elves in that she is actually one of the good guys. She has a good nature, and is very reliable. She's always got your back.

History: Grew up as most Dark Elves do, but one day, while raiding a village not far from her home, she found a baby lying on the street, abandoned and crying. Taking pity on the poor creature, and while no-one was watching, she snuck out of the town with it, and ran for her life, for she knew that what she had done would get her killed by the other Dark Elves in her Coven. She ran all the way to the forests of Eldamar, and while passing through it, she came upon a phoenix, who could sense the good heart she had, and decided to join her in her quest, allowing Alexus to become it's master in the process. She eventually wound up at the city, exhausted and near death, and collapsed on the doorstep of a stranger's house, and was taken in by the woman there, who nursed her back to health. Eternally grateful to the old lady, she promised to help her in any way she could. The woman suggested that she join the Alliance, and without hesitation, she did so, leaving the babe in the care of the woman until Alexus could return to fetch it. The Alliance was wary of her at first, but she eventually proved her worth to them time and time again, and eventually they came to trust her to such an extent, that they allowed her to become a spy for them.

[Yume Youki]
Race: Phoenix
Siding: Neutral/Alliance - whatever side her mistress, Alexus Rose chooses to be with, she will be with also.
Rank/Occupation: Serves as Alexus Rose's messanger bird
Age: 123

Abilities: Can turn into a bird of flame, and attack her opponents with deadly accuracy. Not even her mistress, Alexus Rose, would dare cross her. Can also change her size, depending upon the need. Also can read and speak into her mistress's mind, as well as others people/beings.

Weapons: It's beak and talons, as well as flame attacks
Appearance: Looks like any other phoenix, with red and gold plummage, however, Phoenixia usually takes on a much smaller size than that of other phoenixes. She's usually about the size of a dove, and always wears a blue collar with a small silver plate that has her name on it around her neck. Also oftens has a scroll tied to her leg with black ribbon, as she carries messages for her mistress.

Personality: Is calm, cool, and calculating, which makes her a deadly enemy. She's an extremely intelligent creature, and knows many human languages, as well as the other, secret languages of certain species/races. She is eternally loyal to her mistress.

History: She met Alexus in the forests outside of Eldamar, and found that she had a good heart. Liking the female elf, Phoenixia decided to become the elf's familiar, and is now eternally boded with her - if either one of them dies, the other will die also. However, if one of them is hurt, the other will merely feel the pain for a moment, and then it will disappear. It is how they manage to know whether something is wrong or not with the other. Those in the dark army have yet to suspect that Phoenixia is a threat, for Alexus uses her for messages to those in the dark army as well.


Kaiden matsu-mitaetsu ex-prince of ancient Ansielem~Ra
Race: Dragonian (dragonic humanoid)
Siding: Neutral (doesn't side officially with either
Rank/Occupation: N/A
Age: apperance that of a 21 year old (age is 2,100)

Abilities: Immune to a majority of all magic types, is a natural dragonian trait. Transforming into a dragon form
in a large scale of size. Prefers close quarters combat, such as; martial art skills, swords, and close range ki energy attacks.
Can manipulate fire in any way he desires. Ice is a slight threat though to him, but can be thwarted with yet again, another dragonian
trait called Core Raising. An ability to raise his internal body heat to ecsrusiating temperatures, melting even the most durable of metals.
Can summon a phoenix spirit known as Phell-xion from a pendant he bares, which was given to him from his mother. A protecting spirit which he can also
combine with weapons and attacks. His skin is extremely tough, and hard to pierce with any weapon since its as hard as dragon scale
hence his species. Can fly aswell when he extrudes his demi wings.

Weapons: A Sword Lance (single or two handed)
Setsu-bodan, a long blade, very broad but extremely light to the weilder of descendance.
It later transforms into Ryu-setsu-bodan when combining with Ryu-spirit
/ Ryu-tri-setsu-bodan / final form of Ryu-bodan blitz mode. Pendant with Phell-xion, phoenix spirit.

Appearance: Stands 6'9'' rather tall compared to most beings. Built like a body builder, but tastefully proportioned.
Piercing bright blue eye (right) and a half reddend left eye, with faint flecks of blue. Facial scars, mostly directed around his left eye, and partially visible tattoo beneath. When he smiles, his fangs stand out the most in his toothy grin. A set of eight big canine fore teeth.
His hair is silvery-gray, medium length (just above his shoulders) and semi wavey. His skin is quite rough, but a nice semi bronze.
Kaiden wears traditional dragonian wear. partial plate armour, mixed with tough hides, and leathers of other creatures. Colours of choice tend to be golds, blues, crimson reds, blacks, and silvers. Grieves and gaunlets are part of the armour ensemble.

Character Picture(s):

Personality: Kaiden is kind of self obsorbed, and can be quite arrogant, but thats due to his dragonic nature. Also he can be quite hot headed due to this. Easy to get along with some of the time, he can be a bit of an ass. prefers to work alone. Bold, brash and extremely stubborn in times of need and when under pressure. He seems to react alot faster then any person when it comes to wit. Kaiden can be caring, but
mostly rather fend for himself and others he finds worthy of his time and effort. He only seems to care for one thing more then himself, and that would be his idle pet Talinra. Hes very exuberant and high energied which also seems to boast his arrogance. Careful for his mood swings though, or he'll snap if provoked.

History: Originally born the prince of Ansielem~ra, Kaiden was very young when the kingdom fell to a dark demon, known as
Acrumanthos De-ous. Aka Deameanor. His family slain by the tyrant of a deamon, the kingdom layed to waste, Kaiden was orphaned, but to
be saved by one of the remaining dragonian priests. Greggor. 23 years had passed since the fall of the kingdom, ruines still standing
as a reminder to the ancient beautiful city which once stood proudly. The remaining priests, Greggor, Silvan, and Almas, stood together
and used every ounce of what magical power they had to seal the ancient beast. the demon of destrutction. The only way the could
hold him, was to have a being as the sealed host..Thus...Kaiden was the selected. Sealed into his left eye, forever changing the pigment,
and tattooed markings of the seal remain...until a fateful day...1800 years later. Kaiden never knowing his parents or really what
even happened at that time for when ansielem~ra once stood. Kaiden became bitter as time went on, learning the arts of fighting, spirit summoning,
and transformation. Developing a hunger for killing demons, and bestowing his brute force into the minds of those who feared him, created a name for himself
to be a demon slayer. Taking odd jobs, since Greggor was long killed during the times or raising kaiden. The fateful day that happened was when the seal was broken,
The seal in which deameanor was put away for 1800 years, long destroyed by a dark stalker...a follower and disciple of deameanor, released him from the seal destroying kaidens
left it was thought. which only unleashed kaidens true dragonian abilities. Facing off one on one with the deamon. Kaiden put up a pretty good fight, in the end
loosing round one...but also mortally wounding the demon. More will be unvailed as time passes.

Name: Aiden
Race: Crusnisk
Siding: Neutral
Age: 2,700
Abilities: Advance water

Weapons:Two sias, each a single silver blade, with a black hilt that has a blue drop, like a raindrop, carved into it.

Appereance:Bright blue eyes, with a deep red around her irises, her hair is a fair blonde with almost unnoticeable blue highlight tints, a manifest of her water abilities. She is short, 5’4’, and usually wears black glasses. She wears a black dress that goes right above her knees and flows down her arms, but leaves her shoulder bare; however, has straps to keep it from falling, with black slipper like shoes. She is very feminine, but is not to be underestimated by her innocent features. She always wears a necklace around her neck, with a round pendent with the words To Thine Own Self Be True inscribed own it.

Personality: She is mostly even tempered, but when she feels threatened or caged her temper flares. She is compassionate, and loyalty to those closes to her are her best characteristic. She has a way of seeing two sides of a situation, and understand both Ullari and Lomien plight, but has no urge to put herself in the middle of a war. She has friends on both sides. She tends to stay away from fighting, and uses it as a last resort, but she is a formidable opponent. However, when in the midst of feeding off of a vampire and when she is truly angry her eyes turn blood red. She doesn’t know much of her kinds history, do to her isolation from them, and never knowing her parents. As a result one of her goals is to find someone who can tell her more about not only herself, but of her heritage. This also reflcts her innocence and nativity.

History:She is a Crusnisk, one of the very few, who has chosen to live in a human village. She has lived on her own since she was a small child, never knowing who her parents are. She learned how to hunt from a dragon, Nor, who lived in the mountains around her village, which raised her, not fearing her powers. Now she keeps the village secure, and travels around when no danger is present. She tends to do missions for neutral areas. She tries her best to stay out of the war, something that the dragon Nor told her to avoid before his death. He passed his wisdom on to her.

The Dark Army

Ullari Uldor
[Talos Cyrion]
Race: Dark elves
Age: 4,000
Rank/Occupation: Leader of the dark Army

Abilities Advanced in Spirit, also advanced in fire and intermediate in water. He can heal to some extent though this is an ability that he does not practice regularly.

Appearance: 6’5, lithe but muscular, pale white skin, black shoulder legh hair and dark blue eyes. Ullari is often armed and armored to the teeth, in black armor, with black long shirt and robes. Ullari, when he does go to battle will wear a armored gauntlet black adorned with gold trim, with four long black blades. Ullari has a tattoo consisting of two black wings and a blue sword on his back, this is the symbol given to those who have been gifted the power of a Night shroud.

Weapons: Two short curved swords, the talon gauntlet that he wears on his left hand. Also numerous throwing stars.

Personality: Torn, confused, and consumed by hatred. Ullari uses his abilities most often only when it will further his own means. Ullari, cares for little if anything, though at his core he is tortured, torn between all that he has done, and bitter over the betrayal and loss that came about with his rebellion against the high elves. Ullari, like most elves however is very loyal and protective of what he holds dear to him. He is eqaully torn as he is determined and stubborn, calm and calculating as he is cool.

History: Ullari led a tortured existence, of mishaps and misunderstanding. This led to his creation of the dark brotherhood, who inturn became the dark elves. Ullari jealous of the High elf council, and coveting his brothers fiance, and Gurthang, a lengendary sword with the power to destroy and trap the very soul of its victim. With this, he led and all out assault from within the city. This surprise attack led to a three week massacre of the High elves and all that they had built. By the time Ullari had reached the palace, he found the council dead, and Ninquelote and Gurthang taken by Lomien. Enraged Ullari let loose his black army onto Arda to wreak his vengance. Ullari has as of late taken Rayne for his wife, forsaking any notion of Ninquelote chosing her instead, he has also given up the ritual that was one of the original causes for the war that he wanted to preform on Ninquelote.

Gurthar Lelaith
[Talos Cyrion]
Rank/Occupation: Ullari's highest captain and adviser. Assasin/Hunter

Ablilities:Advanced in water, also posses the ability to erase select portions of people's minds.

Weapons: A huge single double edged broad sword, with glowing blood red lettering spaning the lengh of its blade. Also multiple silver knives an stars tucked away in their appropriate compartments.

Appearance:6'0 thin, blood red eyes that when angry glow bright red, pale white skin, with long flowing black hair. Gurthar wears an asortment of deep blues, greys, or blacks depending on his preferance.

Personality:Ruthless and remorsless in his fight against the alliance and vampires, both of whom he blames for the destruction of his clan and family. Those who know him will describe him however as caring and devoted, of which nothing is closer to the truth, though his name means cruel laughter it is but one of many ills that has befallen him.

History:Gurthar, grew up in Arda amidst the largest clan of Crusnik to have ever existed. Initially Gurthar sided with Alliance, being at the high Elf council arguing against Ullari's assention. This however changed when Lomien refused Gurthang to Ullari, Gurthar could not see him giving up Ninquelote to Ullari, nor did he in any way expect him to. It was Gurthar who initially way laid Lomien in the hall, having been forced to retreat to the chamber, his personal guard, many of whom where his family where wiped out. Gurthar has not forgiven Lomien for this nor the war that brought low his clan, and nearly destroyed it. It is said Lomien owes his brutal scar to his encounter with Gurthar, likewise does Ninquelote owe her memory loss with his power.

[Talos Cyrion]
Race: High Elf
Siding: Dark Army
Rank/Occupation: Ullari’s housekeeper and personal servant, mage
Age: Unknown

Abilities: No one knows exactly what Pert is capable of, but it is common knowledge that she is a very capable healer. Also she can materialize weapons from nothing, and alter her appearance. Not even Ullari knows that she has the ability to transport herself anywhere in the world, and to communicate with her brother Abarhi, wherever he is.

Weapons: Pert can materialize any weapon she can conceive, from whatever matter is around her.

Appearance: In the current form that she has chosen for herself, Pert looks more like a thirteen year old human girl than an ancient Elf, though this is only because she does not show her true form. She stands about 5’3”, with blue eyes, brown hair and dark olive skin. In her true form Pert stands at 6’3, keeping the same hair, eye and skin color. She maintains her child like form as it reflects on her nature and demeanor.

Personality: Pert is very high-strung and witty, she does not like to stay in one place for long, and has no qualms with putting Ullari in his place, she is one of the extremely few to have done so and survived.

History: No one knows much about Pert. Who she is, where she came from, and how she became Ullari’s personal servant are mysteries to most. Not even Ullari knows that she is one of the two most ancient beings in the world, nor does anyone know that she has a twin brother, Abarhi. Wherever history has been made for thousands of centuries, Pert and Abarhi have been there, not influencing but watching. Lomien and Ullari are making history, but Pert and Abarhi will write it.

Zephyre (no last name)
[Yume Youki]
Race: Dark Elf
Siding: Dark Army
Rank/Occupation: Magician soldier
Age: 2800

Abilities: Fast and agile, he's an expert assasin, and has Air, Water, & Spirit powers.

Weapons: Prefers weapons over magic, as he believes them to be more reliable. He has several knives, a bow and arrow, a katana, and a knack for being able to outsmart his opponents.

Appearance: He is of normal height, with wiry muscle, with the normal black hair and red eyes of his race. His hair is often tousled, and is somewhat long, passing the tops of his ears, although it doesn't come anywhere near to his shoulders. Usually wears a black, tight-fitting, long-sleeved shirt, black pants, a belt which holds most of his weapons as well as some of his other things, and a simple, silver chain bracelet.

Personality: He is calm and cool-headed, and usually prefers not to speak, but when he does, most people listen. He is a soldier who works Lieutenant Alexus Rose's right hand man/elf. He has a serious crush on her, but tries his best not to show it, and is surprisingly successful. His is completely devoted to Alexus, and will follow her anywhere, and do anything she asks of him (so long as it makes sense, and doesn't endanger her).

History: He is one of the few Dark Elves who actually despises his work in the Dark Army. He only does it because he believes that the Dark Army will change the world, and save it - after all, that's what he was told his entire life. Everyone in the Dark Army agrees to that, if only because they wish to keep him in the dark, for their own purposes. The only one who always tells him the truth, even if it gets her into major trouble, is Alexus, who tries her best to help him out. It's one of the reasons he's so hooked on her.

Race: Dark Elf
Siding: Dark Army
Rank/Occupation: Captain
Age: 2,860

Abilities: Advanced in fire.

Weapons: Rayne fights solely with magic, and is very dexterous. Though she despizes weapons, she does keep several knives on her person, per Ullari's request. She keeps a small one hidden in her bodice, one bound to her leg, and sometimes others hidden in various places.

Appearance: Rayne is tall, standing at about 6’5”, and thin, she has very angular features, high prominent cheekbones, and a sharp chin. She has the extraordinarily pail skin and red eyes characteristic of her race. She has long black hair, which she keeps in a thick braid that reaches her waist. She wears black and red clothing, usually a long black dress with a red sash or corset. She is very beautiful, with a good figure, but no one has ever so much as touched her and lived, save for Ullari.

Personality: Rayne has a fiery temper and is very passionate. She will strike out at anything that she feels is a threat to herself, Ullari’s cause, or Ullari himself. Though Rayne has devoted her entire life to Ullari and is one of his highest officers, she is still very young by Elvish standards, and still tends to be rather childish at times. Ullari's treatment of her is almost akin to how one might treat an adored pet.

History: Rayne was the daughter of a widower, one of the Elvish High Counsel members. When her father discovered that she had joined Ullari’s Dark Brotherhood at 538 years old, he was livid. Her most painful memory is of her own father's denouncement of her before the High Council. But when Lomien slew the Counsel, and her father with them, she became all the more devoted to Ullari’s cause. She has been with him since the beginning and is passionate, almost to the point of obsession, in her abiding devotion to Ullari and his cause.

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2009-10-27 [Talos Cyrion]: woah i didn't realize you've been such a busy beaver! I'll go through and delete some of the characters though, as some of them aren't going to be used anymore

2009-10-29 [Yume Youki]: Aaah!! Nooo!!

You deleted Pheonixia!! My messenger bird is gone!!!

How am I supposed to contact the resistance now that I have no bird to deliver my messeges for me!!!

And the worst part is that I don't think that I have a copy of her profile anywhere...

I'll look, but I'm not too hopeful...

If worse comes to worst, I create her profile all over again, but I don't want to do that unless I absolutely have NO other choice whatsoever at all.

Hopefully I'll find it, though...

2009-10-29 [Talos Cyrion]: it shouldn't have deleted it!!!!!!!!!! gaahhh!!!!! firefox really is cursed!!!!!!!!!!!

wait...she's still on here, i put her under the alliance

oi i made a point not to delete pheonexia!

2009-10-29 [Yume Youki]: Under Alliance?

But she's mostly neutral....

Ah, well, it doesn't matter, because she is technically in the alliance, but that's only because Alexus is...

*wipes forehead in relief* Whew, I was worried there for a while...

But I just learned I don't have to be, because I have all of my characters saved on my computer.

I guess I'm smarter than I thought I was about this kind of stuff...


2009-10-29 [Yume Youki]: I just figured out why I didn't see it!!!

*dramatic silence*

It is because... *drum roll*

There's not enough room between Alexus's profile, and Pheonixia's profile - I thought that Pheonixia's was part of Alexus's.

I'll put some more space between the two, and bold pheonxia's name, that should clear it up...

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