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Herin lies the Details for the creatures of Telpurion and Arda. While many remain on the island, some have either migrated to Arda, or been enslaved by Ullari. At any rate, a beast is ultimately neautral till subjugated by someone. Most of these creatures can be found on the dark end of the forest, with very few choosing freely to venture into the city

Note (1): This is NOT a Role playing page. This page is contains informtation on the races and creatures of Ketsuri and is not in any way to be used as an RP page. If you have any suggestions for more critters that either yourself or that you think somone else might be interested in, then by all means shoot me or [Yume Youki] a message

Note (2): You may choose to be any critter from this list, should you choose to be a demon then not only must you get my Zaharaiel(shadowlord) express permission for (i say this because i want to make sure it's not somthing outrageous), but you are expected to rp within the description of said critter. Crosses of any two critters are allowed within reason.

Shadow warden: Similar to an order of knights, save that these are an elite cadre of warriors far darker, for theirs is the realm of battling the deamonic and the occult. There was once a single order, but during the great Ullari schism the proud order, numbering tens of thousands strong split. The destruction that followed went unoticed. Now those there are roughly sixty orders. Each of whom though number between fifty and two hundred members, a pale shadow of their former glory. Many of the surviving orders are loyal to the Alliance in thought, though they will not openly sanction any action against the dark army. Others are sinister and deadly, embracing the foulest of the darkest dark powers. Their appearance is uniform, and is believed to be in connection with the initiation and ritual process that an initiate undergoes to join an order. Their skin is light in color, and their hair is white. Their armor varies in color from black to silver along with assorted badges of rank and order.

Demon Prince: Demon princes where first seen in the later stages of the Telmar seige, towering monstrosities possesing a strengh and knowledge the surpasses all except the most ancient of elves. Demon princes are humanoid in form, standing between seven to ten feet tall, and weilding some sort of brutal battle ax or sword. Demons princes are highly advanced in whatever one element that they come from (fire, air..ect)However prolonged usage of their abilities saps the Demons power and will ultimately kill it if it does not stop for a signifficant amount of time, thus it is rare to see a demon prince outside of a major piched battle. Demon princes are very vulnerable to weapons and powers that affect spirits.

Demon Warrior: Foot soldiers of hell, and signifficantly weaker than Demon princes, warriors debeuted en mass during the seiges of the Telpurion cities, and the war that errupted there. Demon Warriors are strong, agile, quick, and hard to kill. Possesing a single weapon, their skills are limited, and they do not posses any sort of control over the elements. Demon warriors are like a plague, unleashed by the hundred they do not vanquish themselves like the Demon princes eventualy do, as the only way to get rid of them is to kill them...a very costly and brutal afair.

Please note that if you wish to have a character that is possesed, that character must act accordingly depending on level of possesion and control influence

Elf: Tall, and often proud, elves are imortal in that they do not die naturaly. Elves are prone to pride, however they place a greater emphises on wisdom then strengh, and have a fine taste in craftsmanship.

Dark elf:Depraved, sadistic, outcasts of society. Dark elves dwell in Covens or Cabals, most of whom are in the Darkened woods of Telpurion. Their deeds and likes, make Ullari's act seem like child's play in comparison. Their skin is ebony white, their hair is long and often black the same color as their eyes. Dark elves are lithe, agile an master's of deception and assasination. They strike without warning, carnage and bodies are their calling card. Somtimes they will use werewolves as shock cavalry to brutalise the defenders before the infantry sweep in. It is better to die or to not have been born, than to be carried off captive to a Dark elf Coven.

Human: varrying in size, often broad, men are mortal and corruptable when placed alongside their elven counterparts. Men have neither the time nor the patience to match the elves in craftsman ship, they are however often strong, but are ever the play things of darklords such as Ullari for they crave power above nere all else.

Dwarf: Short, stocky, and very strong mentaly and physically, however dwarves are also mortal, though they are not at all known to sit around idle for long. Dwarves are skilled craftsmen in stone and metal, many of whom more so than the elves, and thus are often enlisted by them to create their cities.

If you should chose to be any of the critters below, you are expected to act accordingly to the description, for example: No twilight esque attraction or romance between different species

Crusnisk: Similar to a Vampire, in that it feeds off of blood, however this is where the similarity ends for Crusnisk does not feed off of humans rather other Vampires. Crusnisk are rare, they are human in every aspect save they are immortal and their being unique for hunting vampires.
Crusnisk tend to keep to themselves, and are often only seen when hunting a Vampire. What sets a crusnisk apart from any other being most though, is their eyes, which are always bright red around the iris. All crusnisk are skilled in the art of water, many in spirit arts, with the oldest of these being skilled in more than one element. Crusnisk are very fast and skilled at combat, and are usually stronger than most vampires.

Mutant: There are many forms of mutant, most of whom are the result of magicks gone horribly wrong. Mutants vary, and are often a morbid cross of some animal and human or elf. Most of the mutant however are Ullari's creation...or at least he was the one desprate enough to create an army of them. Mutants are by and large despised, and their only real ability is there toughness and hardness to kill. Many mutants have also honed their natural abilities and are thus often very lethal as soldiers....a fact the likes of Ullari are ever wont to take advantage of.

Griffon: A winged creature, with the body of a Leopard, and the chest and head of a Falcon, with Dark brown or black feathers adorning it's wings as well as the Falcon part of its' body. Griffons are generally friendly creatures, though tempermental, and are often used as scouts for the Alliance, as well as air calvary for the remnent High elves living in the woods of Telpurion.

Phoenix: A bird large enough for one to ride upon, with ornate gold and bright red plumage, usual found in the habbitable part of the forest, or in ELdamar in Arda.

Dragon: Dragon's are rare, as most have grown weary of the din of war and flown beyound the mountains behind Eldamar. Dragons are huge fire-breathing creatures, who are even tempered and for the most part avoid people, making their abodes high up in the mountain peaks. A dragons scales vary in color, and can be any one color, from black to white.

Centuar: War like,and noble. The Centuars keep to themselves for the most part, and those in Arda face extinction, having suffered most under Ullari's assault, as their home was one of the hardest hit. Those of Telpurion wage war with the Minotuars, aiding the elves in their fight against the dark army. A Centuar is Half human, half horse. The Centuars of Telpurion are ever at war with the Minotuars, and other creatures of the dark wood.

Minotuar: A Creature often found in the Elite ranks of Ullari's dark army. The Minotuar has the head of a bull and the body of a man. Minotuars are nitoriously bad tempered, and equally are they brutally strong.

Ghoul: A foul creature, that feeds off the living and the dead. Ghouls are demons, their only fear is fire, for they can only be killed by being burnt to ashes. A ghoul can take the form of a Hyena or a man.

Werewolf: A Man, who by day is human, but by night arises to feed off of other people. They are exceptionaly strong, and very hard to kill. Unlike Vampire they are not limited to when they can walk around, and are thus spred throughout all of Arda and Telpurion, wreaking havoc in some places, others do not feed off of humans abhorent of what they become they starve. Werewolves often group together in large packs, the largest of these packs numbers close to three hundred and is a menace to both the Alliance and the Dark Army.

Vampire: Appearing Human at a glance. Vampires are far from it, they are vulnerable to sunlight and if exposed will sun burn, eventualy there skin will look like it caght fire, but it will not kill them. Vampires rely on human blood as the main dietary item, however they may eat regualar food as well. Human blood is required for regeneration however. A vampire can heal wounds no matter how severe after drinking human blood, unless the wound was inflicted by somthing silver. Vampires with a few exceptions are solitary creatures, who hunt by night and hide by day.

Bookworm exist wherever books gather in large quantities. It's rare but sometimes the books when gathered together can gain a sort of awareness of things and the power to affect their surroundings. When this happens, one bookworm in the area goes into a cocoon like a butterfly and emerges as a Book Fae. Book Fae are very rare little creatures that keep control of the awareness of gathered knowledge in libraries and such, to keep it from harming itself or others. The Book Fae are sometimes thought to be related to brownies because they take care of the libraries they live in, though no one really notices the work they do. They also tend to pick up a certain kind of magic related to the written word called Rune Magic or Paper Magic which is even more rare.

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