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2004-09-26 03:51:01
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What Can
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2003-11-14 [NitroFlory]: Who is editing my wiki?! GAH! Stop! I'm getting confused! *faints*

2003-11-17 [NitroFlory]: *drops a beat and raps* okay, so I'm not good at rapping :P But Austin Powers rox my sox! Especially Dr. Evil

2003-11-17 [echo d.]: so does fat bastard...i kno he'mon admit

2003-11-17 [NitroFlory]: got me, guilty pleasures...he's dead sexy...*sings* "sexy mon, sexy mon..."

2003-12-21 [-The Digital Stitches-]: ok

2003-12-29 [marcheur de nuit]: well then....

2004-01-16 [tehe!]: soo ermm yeah!

2004-01-27 [z0mg wow.]: -*Blink.*- Um..?

2004-01-28 [elvenmischief]: that is really so touching  *sniffle*

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