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Into Insanity

Like babes in wolves' mouths
carried screaming into
dreams die.
My mind; a young village mother,
too shocked at the loss,
teeters on the edge of insanity.
The night returns me,
dog-eared and overdue,
from fanciful imaginings.
Lustful images of perky breasts
which pierce my flesh and
leave me weeping.
Tears of future generations
ooze down my thighs,
while laughter mocks me
tenderly into the waiting
arms of slumber...
where dreams die;
carried off like babes in
the mouths of wolves,
screaming into darkness;
my mind leading the pack...
into insanity.

by: R. Scott Terry

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2008-02-26 [Aura Darklight]: pretty good valeshadow well done

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