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For: Mike
Another day passes him by,
He sits in his room, ready to get high.
He packs a bowl with his shitty weec,
Thinking, "A couple hits is all I need."
He brings the bowl to his lips,
Covering the holes with his fingertips.
He breathes in and down it goes,
To his lungs thru all the holes.
He's high again and it's all okay,
He doesn't have to have to face his demons today.
But he's missing something he doesn't see,
It's getting harder for him to breathe.
His mom is gone, lost when he was three,
His dad is slipping, he's almost seven-teen.
He thinks about his life, feeling sad,
But all that changes and he gets real mad.
His step-moms a bitch, this he knows,
She's two-faced and it really shows.
He remembers the pain and he flips,
He lights a Newport and he slips.
He's right back into his shitty weed,
Not realizing his souls begun to bleed.
But he doesn't care 'cause he's high,
Sitting on the floor as his life passes him by

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