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2004-05-14 05:40:13
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"A dream"

Sitting on my bed, looking out the window
Clear sky, endless sea
Sun slowly setting, darkness falls
Dreaming you were here with me

We walk down the beach, two together in love
Standing on the water line
I hold you close, together watching the sun
I am yours, you are mine

Two people, bound by fate, smiling softly
Distance is no more for us two
Together we enjoy the setting of sun in the sea
I lift your head a bit, looking at you

No time for words, face telling it all
Just standing on the beach
Darkness of the night, covering us together
Our love keeping us warm, each

I slowly wake up, alone on my bed staring again
You not here, a burden to bear
But I look again to the beach and smile
Cause someday we'll stand there.


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