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"My missing piece"

The sun slowly rising, that is my heart burning.
The clear running water, that is my unsefishness.
The pure air, that is my need to live.

Like music you charm the sun to turn night into day.
With love you fill me with desire to endless give.
And your soul, is the missing piece that makes me whole.

You my love, are my sun.
You my love, are the clear water running through my veins to purify my soul.
You, are the air I breath to stand strong.

By looking into your eyes, you wash away my pain.
Your voice makes me calm.
And when you take me into your arms, safety fills my soul.

Surroundings disappear as you fill me with your love.
Loneliness is no more.
So to you my angel I give; my heart, my mind and my soul.

"All the reasons why I love you"

You wipe away my tears when I cry
Kisses my wounds when I'm hurt
The least of frustration you notice
Telling me to relax since you know that that's what's best for me
You are the only one who can make me calm and harmonic
When I'm cold and freezing, you're warming me
You do sacrifices for me
You're anxious for me to get enough sleep
You're never angry with me, says you can't be
You're so natural, both to language and behavior
Just to be near me, holding me, means so much to you
You love my voice, I make you smile
When I'm close to lose hope, you tell me that I am strong
Although you're thousands of miles away, you sence me;
my insecurity, my pain, my sadness but also my love
I can talk to you about anything, makes you my best friend
I love it when you are stroking my hair
Love you for being so romantic
I love the way you're making me feel safe
Love your eyes, they take me closer to you, capture me and make me relax
Love you for sharing my interests, dreams and choices in life
I love you so much,
for choosing me to be The One


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