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2004-05-14 05:37:08
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This is the first poem I ever wrote..not that good so bear with me please:
 Febuary 1st/2004

Whats wrong with everyone,
They turned there backs on me,
I can't trust noone,
only ones close to me

Sometimes they screw over,
and loose all there trust,
this has to be over,
I'm leaving, I must.

They say that there sorry,
I knows that there not,
they'll do it again,
and hurt me alot.

But If I'm gone,
they'll surely know,
what they have missed,
it comes to show what they said we'll never leave me alone.

I'm alone,
emotionally by myself,
so here it is for you to see,
but still dosn't satisfy me,
The never ending pain.

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