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Created for the character Raven (tavern keeper - raven), which was made for the rp Tyradias However, due to lack of the Rper the tavern owner has been taken over by [Eyden13]

Name of Tavern: Keeper's Tavern

Description of Tavern It is large, with a sign hanging above the door, with a picture of a key, and the name of the place on it. Inside, it large, and always has several people in it. There is a staircase towards the back, behind the bar counter, that leads up to the lodging rooms. The tavern is located in a small, almost unnoticable allyway off of a main street. Despite it's somewhat hidden entrance, everybody knew where it was - some people travel to that city just so they can have a drink there. It beer is famous, and it's known for it's large food menu.

RP Below

Archive 1- KT

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Kingdom of the Roc
Tyradias RP

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2009-11-02 [Yume Youki]: Hey, thanks - this helps a lot for me and everyone else :)

2010-07-08 [Lirerial]: Can I post here?

2010-07-08 [Eyden13]: yay!

2010-09-12 [Lirerial]: where does the council meet?

2010-12-04 [Talos Cyrion]: waiting for you Eyden

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