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Created for the character Raven (tavern keeper - raven), which was made for the rp Tyradias However, due to lack of the Rper the tavern owner has been taken over by [Eyden13]

Name of Tavern: Keeper's Tavern

Description of Tavern It is large, with a sign hanging above the door, with a picture of a key, and the name of the place on it. Inside, it large, and always has several people in it. There is a staircase towards the back, behind the bar counter, that leads up to the lodging rooms. The tavern is located in a small, almost unnoticable allyway off of a main street. Despite it's somewhat hidden entrance, everybody knew where it was - some people travel to that city just so they can have a drink there. It beer is famous, and it's known for it's large food menu.

RP Below

Archive 1- KT

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Kingdom of the Roc
Tyradias RP

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2009-11-02 [Yume Youki]: Hey, thanks - this helps a lot for me and everyone else :)

2010-07-08 [Lirerial]: Can I post here?

2010-07-08 [Eyden13]: yay!

2010-09-12 [Lirerial]: where does the council meet?

2010-12-04 [Talos Cyrion]: waiting for you Eyden

2010-12-05 [Gypsy Mystik]: yep yep

2010-12-13 [Eyden13]: night guys. I'll be back tomorrow.

2010-12-16 [Talos Cyrion]: should we move to the next morning Eyden an Gypsy?

2010-12-16 [Eyden13]: it's up to you. I was ready to invade what ever dream you were about to have, but if gypsy wants to move on i', cool with that ^-^

2010-12-16 [Talos Cyrion]: ooh that sounds fun actually while we are waiting for Gypsy

2010-12-16 [Eyden13]: coolio

2010-12-16 [Talos Cyrion]: ok well i should be done computer hopping lol

2010-12-16 [Talos Cyrion]: i'm liking this dream thing

2010-12-17 [Eyden13]: lol, coolio!

2010-12-17 [Eyden13]: i'll come back in the morning

2010-12-17 [Talos Cyrion]: aww ok

2010-12-17 [Gypsy Mystik]: I'm cool with it....

2010-12-17 [Talos Cyrion]: i posted btw Gypsy

2010-12-17 [Gypsy Mystik]: I saw...and posted... sorry I haven't been on as often as I had been.... three jobs keep me

2010-12-17 [Talos Cyrion]: Hey no worries its all good. 3 jobs? Damn can i have one? lol

2010-12-17 [Gypsy Mystik]: lol... come to Indiana and we'll see... lol ^_~

2010-12-17 [Talos Cyrion]: haha if i could i would. California is begining to irritate me

2010-12-17 [Gypsy Mystik]: oh yeah

2011-01-06 [Gypsy Mystik]: Mew! ^_^

2011-01-07 [Eyden13]: how've you been Gypsy?

2011-01-07 [Gypsy Mystik]: I've been good... been busy with my jobs... but I still get on.... and Nadya is still sleeping lol which is fine until a new day comes for everyone at the Tavern..... ^_^

2011-01-07 [Gypsy Mystik]: How have you been?

2011-01-07 [Talos Cyrion]: long time no see. Hey so sorry i've been awhol the whole past two days. Going through job training so i'll only be on in the evenings but hey it's good stuff

2011-01-07 [Gypsy Mystik]: I start manager training on Saturday so it's cool ^_^

2011-01-07 [Talos Cyrion]: congrats!

2011-01-07 [Gypsy Mystik]: yep... and that's at still one of my two jobs... lol ^_^

2011-01-07 [Eyden13]: I'll tell you a secret, I wasn;t on for two days either.

And I'm good. Just waiting for college to start back up next week. I actually got an orientation leader position so I'll be living in the dorms in the summer!

2011-01-07 [Gypsy Mystik]: That's cool Eyden ^_^

2011-01-08 [Eyden13]: Thanks, And I'll update tomorrow, My head hurts.

2011-01-17 [Talos Cyrion]: Uh hey, we gonna post on this thing?

2011-01-17 [Gypsy Mystik]: I hope so.... I'll check back tonight... got to head to work...

2011-01-17 [Talos Cyrion]: okie day

2011-01-17 [Eyden13]: don;t forget about the divinty forest with Maddy and Corus.

2011-01-19 [Talos Cyrion]: posted

2011-04-04 [Eyden13]: okay I'm back and starting tomorrow or wensday we shall continue if guys are still willing.

2011-04-04 [Talos Cyrion]: ready when you are

2011-04-04 [Eyden13]: coolio!

2011-04-06 [Gypsy Mystik]: Yay!

2011-04-19 [Talos Cyrion]: uh Eyden...the paige is empty lol

2011-04-20 [Eyden13]: oops, missed speled. go to Crystal Academy

2011-04-25 [Gypsy Mystik]: Ready when you are

2011-04-27 [Eyden13]: you gys can pic the room ^-^

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