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Created for the character Raven (tavern keeper - raven), which was made for the rp Tyradias However, due to lack of the Rper the tavern owner has been delete so when rping avoid inn keeper.

Name of Tavern: Keeper's Tavern

Description of Tavern It is large, with a sign hanging above the door, with a picture of a key, and the name of the place on it. Inside, it large, and always has several people in it. There is a staircase towards the back, behind the bar counter, that leads up to the lodging rooms. The tavern is located in a small, almost unnoticable allyway off of a main street. Despite it's somewhat hidden entrance, everybody knew where it was - some people travel to that city just so they can have a drink there. It beer is famous, and it's known for it's large food menu.

RP Below

Gurthar sighed "You're welcome Nadya"

Nadya headed into a room, closing the door behind her. She knelt on the floor, crawled under the bed, wrapping the heavy cloak around her.

Roan sighed, "Why would you have told Malik?" She was perplexed. "If he was the only one who cared, why would you have betrayed him like that. If you hadn;t you would have been alive."

"Because Malik wanted Turan off his ancient family home, i told Malik i'd reveal to him where they where if i could keep Turan. It was an accident actually that i died, and i've never known love. At any rate i doubt Turan would have even put up with me in real life"

Turan sighed "You where less than half my age, so yes there was the moral delema, besides you where entrenched in whatever you where into"

Roan glared at Turan. "I'm way younger than she is so I really don't think age matters here." She rubbed her temples as she started to think. "I don;t like the idea of forcing you out of his head like he is, but neither do I think it's healthy for either of you if you stay." She was seriously trying to find a solution went an idea hit her. "How about if you stay with me?"

She laughed "Haven't you been paying attention to anything? I'm in his head because he inadvertently bound me to this world when he was talking to me. I couldn't leave his head without leaving this world all together not to mention your mind is far to convoluted. Despite what you might think his isn't to bad...when i'm not playing with it"

"I know that, and i'm trying to figure a way out of this" he muttered "And i'm about ready to boot the lot of you out" he turned to the woman "So what's wrong with that? Don't you want peace? What else do you want from me, i buried your body in the manner you asked me to, i set your house in order before i burned it...again as you asked me to so what is keeping you from leaving?"

She smiled "I told you i wouldn't leave until you left with me, i said that right before my soul left my body an became trapped here. Yes i will be weakened for another several generations but perhaps i will drive you to it by the next blue moon"

"Actually," Roan started to say bashfully, "I just might be able to keep you around if you wish. We'd have to all come to an agreement that we all agree with, but it'd give you the chance to at least bug him a bit longer." She looked at the sky. "I believe that you have the right to stay in this world a bit longer."

"right because seven centuries well beyond her normal life span isn't enough" Turan said to himself "Well let's here it then"

The woman looked genuinely interested, though which part she found more interesting was hard to tell "Yes, yes do lets here it"

"A certain siren may have taught me a few things here and there." Roan said."I can't bind a person with out killing them, but your allready dead. Since you are, i can apply you essence to an object, a talisman of sorts. The only thing is, is that the person who wears the object will be the one who will be aloud to hear you, unless they give you permission to show yourself. And by showing yourself I mean that I can tweak the spell to allow you to form a body out of energy, it just wont be solid." 

Turan looked like he had swallowed something nasty but decided against saying anything.

She cocked her head to one side "Why not kill him? then you'd be rid of me and have him at your beck and call. I think i like the idea though"

Roan shook her head. "I don't like the idea of controlling the people i love." She sighed, "Not to mentioned he'd complain every step of the way." A slight smile formed on her face. "Now there are some conditions we need to discuss first if you truly want to do this."

"Well out with it" She took a seat on a rapidly decaying stump "And Turan, settle your mind, this place looks appaulling when your minds all restless"

Turan sighed "That is probably because oh, maybe i might want to sleep in peace but i don't know why the hell i ever fancied that"

"If you behave I promise to make you a homemade almond cake." Roan said, kissing his cheek. "Now, to start off with we need to decide who will ware talisman and what you would like it to be. After all it'll be something that'll become your home till it's time for you to move on. Just so you know once we do this you can't go back to his head."

"Well what are the terms?" she fell into a heap "Now that wasn't nice" she eyed Turan

"Well forgive me if i want to think about more than one thing as i rest" he gave an exasperated yet sheepish look

"Turan." Roan said firmly. "You thousands of years old, stop acting like a child." She turned back to the woman. "the terms are that: one, you have to tell me your name. Two, you have to behave yourself with whoever we decide to leave the talisman with. And Three, you have to at least try to enjoy yourself with out focusing all your time on Turan and what he did to you."

"Go easy on him, he's been awake for two weeks" she smiled "Alright, i'll play along. My name is Ivinka Romanov"

Turan looked around, he had ideas of his own about the talisman. He'd heard of such things.

Roan brighten majorly. "Well that's a great start!" She smile like a million light bulbs. "you have a very pretty name. Okay, now we need to decide what you'd like to call your home for the days to come. Any suggestions?"

Ivinka nodded "Well, not that we'll have much time...pretty soon the pain will start to wrack his body" she looked thoughtful "A tear drop black crystal is always nice, Turan has a couple buried in that underground library of his"

Turan shook his head "I took something before i fell asleep, besides what i felt here i won't awake with any sort of pain" she looked miffed "Cheater" she said childishly

"What'd you take." Roan asked as she walked over to him. "I want to see. You always have the pretties things." She wasn't embarrassed to admit she had a thing for things that sparkled.

"I forget what it's called, and well the black Crystal i think you're talking about are the black Crystal statues in the crypt?" a knowing look dawned on him "And i think i know just where you want to get it from"

She smiled "Yes, her necklace has a blood diamond with a black crystal tear drop at the center"

Roan looked back and forth between the two. "What are you talking about?" She rested a hand on Turna's chest so he would look down to her. "It's not an evil thing is it? If it is I wont agree to it."

"Evil?" they both chorused "No, not evil, just beautiful" Turan glared at her "That took me five years to make, and that's just the scuplting of the piece not to mention how long it took to find the diamond. Why the hell would i ruin that for you? That was her's"

Invinka smiled, obviously enjoying whatching "She is dead" she said flatly "And yes she was your rose queen, but the blood rose necklace has no meaning to it now, or it shouldn't unless you're into necromancy"

Turan boiled under the words but composed himself "Beware, Crystal shatters easily" he smiled as she cringed "You wouldn't, as you said she meant to much to you"

Turan shrugged "The key tense being that it's past tense, and as you said she is dead"

Roan was starting to get a little bit peaved at the reference to 'Her'. They were acting like she wasn't even there. "Why don't you tell me about this her, since the final decision is mine." She glared at Turan.

"My dead wife" he said simply "You can have the black fact i always keep it on me" the image formed in his hand. A perfectly cut blood red diamond, with a spherical tear drop shaped, black crystal at it's center on a gold chain "Etain always thought it was to much. She never let it out of her sight though. As to the crystal hall ways well those are partially blocked by the sea"

"That solves one problem then. I actually it'll be good for you to let Invinka use that." Roan could all ready feel left over reminisce of Turan's wife on the diamond, but she was going to keep that quiet. "Now as to decide who should wear it." Roan quickly hid a yawn. "I was thinking that the two of you could use a bit of time apart, but not for a permanent amount of time."

Turan plucked the tear drop crystal from it's golden fastenings an held it up, stringing the gold clasp in the chain through it "It works just as well by itself" the red diamond shattered into dust as if it had its' heart torn out almost "It won't do that in real life. Even without the Crystal it is still a fabulous piece. Have Abarhi wear it, those two would have no end to the games they would play"

Ivinka smirked "Yea but he's no fun. He sees right through any guise and cuts to the point to quickly"

"Abarhi.....Well he might not be up to the task right now." Roan's emotion connection with him kept telling her that he'd be a bit to preoccupied for to long. "I'd actually say we should let Gurther do it for a month, then switch of to Nadya for another month then me and then end to you."

Turan smiled at the mention of Gurthar "The Crusnik? Oh i think he'd do quite well, and longer for a month might i add"

Roan rolled her eyes. "The it's settled. WE;ll have to wait for a few days for me to rest up, but then I we need to head to Crystal Academy because i have to do the spell in the summoning chamber majig." Roan yawned and snuglled into Turan's side. "Ivinka may we get some sleep now please. You'll need to be strong as well if this is to work."

Invinka was beginning to fade "Yes, till we meet again" she tried walking towards Turan who simply smiled as her hand turned to ash "You forget that your power is waning, morning is near" he felt the sun begin to rise, the welcomed warmth crept through his mind.

Roan waved bye, then closed her eye, causing her ti disappear. In reality she was snuggling closer to Turan. She wasn't quite ready to get out of bed yet.

Turans' eyes opened. He wondered where he was briefly before smiling. He could feel the sun rise outside slowly and the heat an energy he could feel was almost to welcomed. He wrapped his arm gently around Roan. He tasted metal in his mouth. He placed his free hand up to his forehead an sighed as it came away red Well my hair will look pink rose till i wash it he rolled his eyes


Turan carefully retracted his arm from Roan, he could feel the sun rise even though it was still partially dark out. He made his way into the washroom to rid his hair of the reddish tint it is times like these when i hate having white hair he sighed as he patiently wrung his hair strand by strand.

Roan woke at the sound of running water, when she grew more aware of her surroundings she realized Turan wasn't next to her. She got up and followed him into the bathroom, saw that he was rinsing his hair out. It was very pretty, she could picture her self running her fingers through it. She walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist, leaning her head in his strong back. "I love your hair."

He smiled "I didn't mean to wake you" he said softly "Well once i get rid of this red stain in it it'll be back to normal" he relaxed slightly, he dipped his hands into the basin causing steam to rise from it "Pardon the slovenly appearance...the blue moon is always a bit of a traumatic experience. Quite an odd an intriguing one, but none the less taxing"

Roan shook her head no, her nose rubbing Turan's back. "I found it quiet intriguing actually." Roan closed her eyes. "I learned more about you than you would have ever really told me." When she reopened them a twinkle was sparkling, "Plus, you don't look to bad without a shirt." 

He reddened slightly "Well i would have told you....but well you got the version that didn't involve me stumbling over words" he felt her nose graze the two scars from when he was sparring with the elves. That brought a smile to his face. He turned to face her, leaning over an kissed her briefly.

A tint appeared on Roan's face this time. "Either way we should head down. I'm sure Nadya is in a fret by now."

He nodded "Gurthar had something to talk to me about. I think this was his first blue moon that he's had to sit through" he found a brush and began straightening his hair.

Roan yawned and stretched like a cat, as she ran her finger's through Turan;s hair as he brushed it. "I hope everything is all right. I'm a bit worries about him and Nadya though."

"The Fact he's a Crusnik and she's a Vampire? or that Abarhi would be pissed to hell and that would make her miserable? Nadya was abit frantic when i brought you here...she'll be glad to see you're alright" as am i he finished mentally.

Nadya woke with a strech. She pulled her heavey cloak around her more as she backed out from under the bed, away from the rays of light coming from the window. She then carefully moved into the shadows of the room. She didn't want to leave just yet, not knowing how much light would be in the hall.

Gurthar made his way down the hall. He saw Roans' door open an unoccupied. He filed that away for whenever he managed to get Turan alone an talk to him. The final night of the blue moon had been graciously peaceful for him.

Nadya slowly opened her door, her heavey cloak over her body from head to toe. She peered out looking for any shadows to step into.

"Is that you Nadya? The hall way is plenty dark enough, might become a problem once in the front room though"

Nadya pulled back the hood, and smiled at him. "Thanks for telling me...I don't know half the time...." she said softly. "So.... have you seen Turan or Roan yet?"

He shook his head "Her room is unused, it's still open" he looked down to Turnans' room "He probably ended up setting her down on the couch. He was nearly ready to collapse when he got here last night" not that what he said kept all manner of thoughts from racing through his head.

"I hope she is doing okay....." Nadya said softly looking towards Turan's door.

Sensing Nadya and Gurthar outside of the door Roan bit down her next reply, and gave Turan one last look. "Good morning." Roan said as she opened the door. I hope you guys slept well."

Nadya's eyes lit with her smile. "Roan... good morning, I slept fine, just remind me to have a bed roll with me... wood floors don't do anyone any good.... but I really hope you're doing fine, aren't you?"

Turan darted back into the washroom to finish brushing the last of the red tint.

"So your night wasn't peacful either?" Gurthar stood behind him.

Turan smiled "You are the only one who can sneek up on me like that, and while i wouldn't call it peaceful or chaotic...the night certainly was....different"

Gurthar cocked his head to one side "I'll take your word on it. How is she?"

Roan smiled back at Nadya. "I'm all right, the shock at finally warn off. I'm a bit still up set, but my energy has been renewed."

Turan sighed "Roan? She'll be fine and before you ask so will i. I heard this was your first blue moon. How was that?"

Gurthar held his hands up "I wasn't going to ask about you. You never where all to open from what Ketsuri told me" he paused "The blue moon is at once intrigueing and at the same time terrifying"

It's the first of what all is about to come"< Roan told the others. "We all should prepare, but first I have a favor to ask Gurthar"

The Crusnik turned hearing his name "Yes?" he called out

"Turan could you pleasse explain to him the thing about the necklace and Invinka. I feel a bit tired." She said feelin fatigued a bit.

Turan nodded "Of course"

Gurthar looked between the two curiously.

Nadya looked at Turan. "Invinka?"

Turan looked at Roan to help explain "Hmmm, i suppose you could call her an uninvited house guest"

Roan snorted. "Maybe to you, if you were nice to her she might not be so butter. However, that isn't the point. We just need to know if you'd be willing to in a sense carry her around for a bit"

Gurthar smiled "I think you mean bitter, and what exactly am i getting myself into?"

Turan sighed she wouldn't even be a nuisance if she'd not have gotten involved where she wasn't wanted....Not getting into that he chided himself.

"Nothing much." Roan said, she went to hit Turan's arm for is attitude. "She;s a lonely woman whose spent most of her dead and living life haunting Turan. I think you'll make great friends. She just needs to see the world a bit. Please do this." Roan begged, her eyes watering.

"Playing host to a ghost? What's not to like?" Gurthar smiled "Sure why not"

Nadya looked at Roan and Turan. "May I help?"

"If Gurthar has no problem, neither do I." Roan said. "However, we'll need to go to the Crystal academy to bind her to the necklace. I'll also need Ketsuri's help, but I doubt that'll be a problem."

"Don't forget we first have to get the crystal" Turan's voice sounded heavy. He didn't like the fact he'd have to take it from something he'd labored so many years in creating.

"What crystal?" Nadya asked, sounding curious.

"Black obsidian crystal to be precise" Turan said, even managing a faint smile "Incredably hard to find and even harder to shape....our little guest wants to be interred in it"

"Black obsidian? Oh my..." said Nadya. "That is rare... and beautiful..."

"I have three Statues made entirely of it...including a necklace with a tear drop on a gold mounting" Turan sounded almost dreamy when he talked about it and yet in the end i will have to destroy that beautiful piece he thought to himself.

"Oh that necklace sounds so beautiful... like something my father would have had made for mother...." Nadya said.

Roan looked at Turan with curiosity. "You wont have to destroy it. When she's ready to move on I can extract her from the crystal." She was unaware of the fact she was tuned into his thoughts and feelings. "But the crystal does sound pretty."

He smiled at her, hiding well how surprised he was she could read his thoughts "It is hard to explain...i'm not saying i have let go but at the same time it is hard to surrender a work that took so long to someone it was not intended for" in a way, stealing he finished, careful to veil his thoughts

Roan smiled up at him and looked back to the other two. "So is it all okay and settled. We should head out soon if we are. We are on a time limit with the sixth months."

"If we are ready than yes lets get moving, the crystal can wait till the end of what we need to do unless our destination takes us back the island" Turan walked back into the room to finish setting everything in order.

Nadya hugged her cloak closer to her. "My sleep is so off these days..." she laughed softly to herself. She moved her hood farther over her face, though she was smiling a soft smile. Maybe...we'll find my brother as well....and... I will get stronger, and I will restore Rose Manor and my family to our honor.... she thought. "I'm ready to go..." she said.

"Actually," Roan started. "It might be best if you get it first. We need to go to crystal academy any way to look up information about ways to fix the pillar issue, and the academy is were I need to do the ritual. So why not fix two things with one stone."

Turan nodded "I'll have a message sent to Abarhi, all things permitting he should meet us at the same time we arrive at the Academy"

At the mention of Abarhi, Roan paled. She remembered that the last time she had seen him was when she left him in the island to fight Malki all on his own. If her died she wasn't sure is she or Turan would ever be able to forgive her. She wasn't so sure how Nadya would react considering that she had Gurthar now. "All right. I should try and let Ketsuri know that we are coming."

Inwardly Turan balked at the idea of letting his old rival in on anything "That may not be a good idea, if only because of the likely complications it could cause" that an i'm not ready for that particular headache so soon he finished to himself. Then he remembered Abarhi and Malik, his features becoming slightly more sombre at the thought.

Roan hid a smile. "Actually I can't do this with out him. Plus we've stuck up a bit of a truce. during my stay at cystal academy Porter stuck him with me as my guard and confidant."

Turan sighed "He's not hard to get in touch with, if anything we will probably run into him on our way"

"Well then lets get on our way." Roan said. "I'm excited to do this."

Turan nodded "Ready when you are" realizing still that a slight tinge of red still clung stubbornly to the roots of his hair, Abarhi though dominated his thoughts. Part of him kicked himself for forgetting about him.

Nodding Roan headed out to Crystal acedemy

Nadya looked at Gurthar, and then followed Roan, holding her heavy cloak over her tightly.

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