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Kaytee Gourmet Recipe Rabbit Food 5 LB Bag review

Lately I have been searching for a good, high-quality rabbit food for my bunny, Daisy. So far in having Daisy as a part of our family, my husband and I have done our best to be certain that Daisy eats right. Obesity in rabbits is very dangerous, and neither of us wants our pets to be at unhealthy weights. Therefore, we are very careful in what we feed to our pets, and to Daisy especially. 

Every day, Daisy gets handfuls of dandelion plants and flowers, fresh hay, cool, plenty of clean water, fresh sticks from out in the yard for her to chew on, bits of fresh fruits like apples, and more. Since we got Daisy, my husband and I have gone through a few different kinds of pellet foods. Since these foods should be the majority of rabbits’ diets, we want to be certain that the pellet food that we choose for her is the right one. The first bag that we purchased for her was a pretty good mixture of pellet food and “treat” bits, the second was a basic pellet diet with nothing else in it, and another was far too heavy in all of the “treat” bits that were in it for us to consider at all a healthy rabbit diet. The latest that we’ve bought her is Kaytee’s Gourmet Recipe Rabbit Food.

The other day I noticed that Daisy’s last bag of mediocre rabbit food was running low, with only another day or two worth of food in it for her. We went out to find more, and ended up choosing Kaytee’s Gourmet Recipe Rabbit Food, one of the more moderately-priced bags of rabbit food that was available at the shop that we were at. The five-pound bag was a fair price for the weight and the contents, I think that we only paid about eight dollars and some change for it. 

I feed Daisy a full bowl of food each night before bed. Every night when I do this, I find Daisy knocking her nearly empty dish around her cage, and so I enter the room and sing out “dinner time for Daisy bunny!” This excites her, and she stands on her hind legs with her nose up in the air, twitching about as she tries to smell whatever goodies that I’m about to place in her dish. I mixed the last few dishes full of her old food in with the five-pound bag of Kaytee’s Gourmet Recipe Rabbit Food, shook up the resealable bag, then poured Daisy’s dish full of the mostly Kaytee mixture. 

Usually once her bowl has been filled, Daisy goes right for it, munching down about a quarter of the dish in about ten minutes’ time. This time though, she had no such reaction. Daisy sniffed the food, dug through it, found the bits from her last food, ate those up, and then knocked her dish around the cage, spilling the new contents. This confused me for a few reasons, one of them was that Daisy has so far enjoyed all Kaytee brand products, the other being that the new Kaytee blend that I had given her had plenty of “goodies” in it as well, just not the same ones as the last bag of food had had. 

I decided to leave the dish with the new food in the cage and hoped that Rowe would eventually go for it. I didn’t feel bad about not giving her another sort of food, especially as her hay rack was full and she still had a treat stick and two slices of apples in her cage for her to munch on. Our rabbit never goes hungry. By the next morning, I discovered that more than half of the Kaytee food was gone from her dish, so she must have decided that it wasn’t too bad after all.

Kaytee Gourmet Recipe Rabbit Food is a nutritionally fortified premium blend of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains. Ingredients for the product include sun-cured Timothy Grass Hay, Sun-cured Alfalfa Meal, Oats, Dehulled Soybean Meal, Oat Hulls, Ground Oats, Ground Wheat, Ground Corn, Sunflower, Wheat, Barley, Oat Groats, Shelled Peanuts, Safflower, Ground Flax Seed, Dehydrated Carrots, Dried Papaya, Raisins, Dried Bananas, Pumpkin Seed, Dehydrated Sweet Potatoes, Dehydrated Apples, Dried Cane Molasses, Soy Oil, Salt, plenty of vitamin supplements, and more. 

Kaytee Gourmet Recipe Rabbit food contains a minimum of 15% Crude Protein, a minimum of 5% Crude Fat, a minimum of 11% Crude Fiber, a maximum of 16% Crude Fiber, a maximum of 12% Moisture, a minimum of 0.6% Calcium, a maximum of 1.1% Calcium, a minimum of 0.4% Phosphorus, a minimum of 0.25% Salt, a maximum of 0.75% Salt, and a minimum of 2500 IU/LB of Vitamin A.

Small Breed rabbits ought to be fed a quarter to a half a cup of this food each day.

Large Breed rabbits ought to be fed a half a cup to a full cup of this food each day. 

Generally, Daisy tolerates this food. It has not been her favorite, but as her favorite is so bad for her, she won’t be allowed that again. I will probably end up cutting this food with another type when I find another type that she and I can both agree on. All in all, this was not a bad food, and I do recommend it for rabbits. The ingredients are healthy, or at least mostly so, and the “treat” bits are generally good things like nuts and oats. Since eating this food, Daisy has not had any trouble with her skin, fur, or with digesting things. I do recommend this food for rabbits.

/ [Nioniel]

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2011-06-26 [Thrice]:

This brand is always being bought by my customers. I don't personally have a rabbit, but they say that it works for them.

Another one you could try would be the All Living Things Daily Rabbit Diet.

All Living Things is a sturdy brand with all of their toys and such, and I've heard good things about this food as well. :)

2011-06-26 [Nioniel]: Thanks! :)

2011-06-26 [Thrice]: Yep! The upsides to working at Petsmart. xD

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