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Get your pure, undiluted sexiness here!

you know I'm good for you

Teh Rulesness:

1. Roleplay responsibly and treat others like you'd want to be treated. Don't be an ASS.
2. Smut allowed. Just don't think I'm guaranteed to play along. :P
3. As to stealing my characters: make yer own. :P These are pieces of me and unique to me, anyway, so if you play them it'll just be a cheap imitation and people will be like 'wow, you SUCK at playing that character' and much laughter and finger pointing will ensue.

More info at Kay Roleplays!

If you're bored, head over to Kay's Characters. They are ALL of my RPG characters EVAR on ET (maybe missing a few) and there are a few I didn't put here just because it might have been awkward or I couldn't think of any sort of scenario they might ever be placed in again. If you can, or a character there just screams to be played, go ahead and let me know. Chances are, I'd be willing to play them again. :3


Tom/Cerr - boy possessed w/demon
Nin-Nin - werecat with amnesia
Peejee - stripper vampire
Hoji Distin, Kay-chan - airhead bird creature
Dierde - crossdressing witch
Rynx - evil sexy femme fatale minion
Rutte - priest
Thanatos - punk-boy God of Death
Rita - scholar centaur
Sade - punk mermaid
Koa - angel

~* * *~


Tir - teenager w/green hair and piercings and he's adorable
Jayne Smythe - shapeshifting high schooler
Tom the patient - sound-altering shizophrenic
Tucker - biker gang member
Ken Laber - snarky FBI agent
Shane McIlroy - cute little actor boy w/'tude

~* * *~


Nik - ^ these two ^ are siblings, and aliens
Jules - cyberpunk adrenaline/drug junkie
2D aka Spencer - huge nerd with nanomachines in his brain and a propensity for messing with physics

~* * *~


Cha - genetic experiment
Taka - elf from Yuin (there are computers there, thus the mix)
Ake - God of Light from Yuin
Qwin - Goddess of Yuin
God of Death - from same RP as Qwin
Eve, Kay-chan - ghost
Reed the fire mage - fire mage with piercings
Tad - alien college student

My RP's...

These are not put here for you, but for me, so I can find them more easily.

ghost stalker
a chance encounter
blind love
cover of darkness

Yonder to LRPU!

Username (or number or email):


2007-01-19 [Slinky]: i'll play with you, schmexy. maybe we can get EVEN MORE of our characters to be romantically involved ^_^

2009-07-11 [NOOOPE]: Heeeeeeey. I've been trying to find a person who can rp with my char Naqada on Smexy Kitten, and I read your rp thinger and you said you do semes! Which is sweet, 'cause usually I feel guilty asking people to be semes. Hence why I rp Zist a lot (though there's nothing wrong with that harhar!).

You can skip his history, it's an orgy of plot twists and historical allusions. Basically, he's an extremely important religious/government figure. His setting is magicless olden times, so magic'll scare him shitless, which could possibly be fun.

Erhm... he's usually surrounded by guards and servants, so either he's being kidnapped for ransom/escaping from being kidnapped for ransom.

He's also not a little sissy uke baby-bitch, he's quite forceful and you don't even have to screw 'im since I really just wanna see how his new improved personality works.




Yes. I believe I am.

2009-07-12 [kay-chan]: Yay gay! I can do that and I'd love it.

I can make a... muscle guy who needs serious money for something. And who was briefly trained as a fighter before it became obvious that while he had the strength he did not have the gall to actually, seriously injure anyone.

And who knows magic. Lololol. Basically I want conflict. Quick question: with all the cults popping up (I skimmed the history) is it possible that one was actually real? Cuz he could have gotten magic from being the Chosen One of some random deity.

IM me when you get on. Unless you're on, I should check.

2009-07-12 [NOOOPE]: No magic in his setting. 'S kinda an... anti-religion point in the story how it's all bull shit. But this is an rp. Anythang's possible!

2009-07-12 [kay-chan]: Either way, I don't mind. I just thought it would be funny to freak him out. Buuuuuut maybe Naqada would get freaked out enough with the guy not like... responding much to his advances. I'd lol.

2009-07-12 [NOOOPE]: hehehe, so! Wiki? Email? IM? And du ya need time to make the guy?

2009-07-14 [The Femme Fatale Problem]: Kay...I'll play with CHA with you! I loved my char from the Asylum too :(

Oh and Thannie too...

Sorry I suck at the email stuff...but I prefer IM if you're a willing victim--I mean RPer...

2009-07-22 [kay-chan]: Dude, I would luuuuuuuurve it... You know I'm good for you. Only thing is... recently I've been getting home late or whatever due to my... sorta-kinda-job. You know my AIM tho, hit me up if you see me online and we can run with whatever, I don't mind.

2009-07-22 [The Femme Fatale Problem]: Me? I have to get AIM put back onto my new comp...

2009-07-23 [kay-chan]: Well, you have my MSN... and those are the two types of IM I have. So. :P And my AIM is CarnivrousMuffin, but don't tell people. It's a sekrit.

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