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Kay roleplays!

yes she does!

This is my general advertisement for "LOL I LYKE ROLEPLAY" for the world. Here I can keep EVERYTHING EVER about me and it'll be fun. If long. But still. These are the questions I've gotten asked when going through the online dating service that is finding a decent roleplaying partner.

If you are interested in roleplaying with me, as in you think we will match nicely, send me a message on whatever site you found me on. I will then divulge the secret of the golden monkey! Also my email address/AIM.

Stuff I'm lookin' for / stuff I do (bolded are the important bits if you just want to skim):

-You may note that a lot of this shit has to do with smut. I do smut. I also do romance w/o smut. I feel that some sort of sexual/love tension is good in a RPG, because I find it amusing. Please don't take it personally. I am not having sex with you, my character is having sex with your character. (Exceptions: Slinks. YOU KNOW IT BABY. UNF.)

-Literate. I don't care about length of posts but quality is nice. No netspeak, it gives me a headache. My rule of thumb is that I match the length of my posts to your's. You write a novel, I write a novel (or try). You write three sentences, I match you, unless I'm moving plot along. If you write one sentence I cry because I can't work with that. I also do third person past-tense for the most part, if that matters. I have done 'action' style writing, as well. I play with people whose second language is English so I don't grammar-Nazi out, no worries, that's not what this rule meant.

-OC... I can't do fan stuff mostly because I probably don't know any fan stuff well enough to roleplay it. There are exceptions (such as Merlin) and I have no problem using the backgrounds of any fandoms if I know that decently, even if I don't know the main characters very well.

-I roleplay by email, AIM, and MSN. I prefer email, since I can access it constantly from my phone and prefer it. WAY easier. Plus, my IM makes it difficult to do long, literate posts.

-I sometimes sprout a life spontaneously, even though most of the time I'm glued to my computer. I try to warn people beforehand, but sometimes I get kidnapped. It happens. Ninja can't keep their hands off of me. And know that I FULLY SUPPORT YOUR SOCIAL LIFE. I'd like you to tell me if you're not going to be on for a few days so I don't worry if my email/whatever got through alright, but! If you say you weren't on for a day because your friends kidnapped you for coffee I will be happy for you, I promise! Basically, happy social life = happy me, so I want the same for you. I'm also getting busier nowadays, so it just might take me a bit to get around to replying.

-Not adverse to smut, obviously, but I do like plot. My characters are also realistic and don't sob over everything or fall in love after a few dates. They have been known to have sex in under 12 hours. But normally they go for the thing called personality, which they also have. Relationships will have problems and it'll be fun for me.

-I am also pretty tame when it comes to fetishes... The really out-there stuff kind of freaks me out. Don't get me wrong, I think everything (most everything) has its time and place. Just, 'bleeding anus' should never been seen in a roleplay unless as part of a horrible joke. I might have one or two rough roleplays (like yeah, the freaky stuff) but I can't do it all the time. But children are a no (oh god no) and bathroom fluids stay in the bathroom (please dear god no). And extreme gore, get that away from me.

-I am SO flexible when it comes to plot, genre and characters. Flexible like a whore overdosing on muscle relaxants. I've done it all, from goth to sci-fi to fantasy to RL to bastard children of some or all of these. If you don't have any suggestions I can throw a few out at you. I can also mold a character off of yours, I have played anything from the kid-like innocents to brutish assholes. I'm more natural when I'm playing happy people, though. Although I can have emo bastards sometimes. It happens, I regret nothing.

-In that vein I have a tendency to make shit up as I go. I try to let the other person in on the horrible things I plan but I've GM'd way too often and like to surprise people, so it's second nature to just throw things into the mix. Let me know to stop, and I'll stop. Easy as that.

-I... I cuss. ...if that wasn't totally obvious.

-I torture my characters like you wouldn't believe. I find it funny when they get injured. BUT I usually don't do debilitating injuries like broken bones because then they just can't do anything for a while, unless we've agreed to skip through time. Most of the time it's just a bruise or something. Or emo. I love throwing horrible situations at my characters and going "DANCE YOUR WAY OUT OF THIS BITCH BWAHAHAHA." And they hate playing the damsel in distress, most of the time, so they end up hiding it. (Typical scenario: "Dude, why are you so grumpy?" My char: "NO REASON. *bleeds from chestal wound*") Meaning I also like a bit of physical plot like violence, danger, guns, omnomnom.

-If you are looking at this for a yaoi thing, well... *sigh* I typically end up playing seme. Not as a personal preference, but because 90% of female roleplayers play strictly uke. Plus I have a tendency to make manly men because hey, testosterone means they grow facial hair, whaddya know. (But even when my characters are shorter/weaker/more stereotypically 'uke'... Yeah. I am dominant!) But seriously, ideally it would be switching. Because I don't care. Just know I usually play seme. I have played uke, it's fun for me to switch it up, but I make a rebellious little shit. (...I feel dirty just using those terms, goddamn. I do not know your animu anymore! But so many people are freakishly particular about this, I *have* to put it out there.)

-God, all this is about boylove roleplaying. Ahem. I CAN DO HET. I have often done het. I started off roleplaying het. I still do het, and les, and all that funness. It's just lately, y!gallery has stolen my sooooouuuul. And my anal virginity.

-...please be over 18. I am 21 at the moment and if you're in highschool one, you shouldn't be on y!gal if you looked at this from there, and two, it's totally sketchy. If you're under 18 we're not doing anything sexual at all.

If you're not willing to let me make up characters on the spot, have a few premade chars: Kay's Pure, Undiluted Sexiness. If you want a list that could eat your soul of people I have played, head on over to Kay's Characters. You might want to look at the later biographies. XD


This is basically where I'll put any premade plot idea thingies that you can choose from if you don't trust me and my usual method of deciding between genres: FLIP THAT COIN.

-Genre: Usually fantasy. Idea: Take a general love story/fairy tale, like Romeo and Juliet, Beauty and the Beast, Hansel and Gretel, and then distort the shit out of it. Any fairy tale, or other story, will do. I can twist plots like you don't even KNOW.

ANYWHO. If you're still interested, drop me a line. If not, GET OUT OF MY SIGHT but take a cookie before you go! RAT BASTARD.

PS: please understand that sometimes, personalities don't mesh. It's okay to tell me you're not enjoying yourself or you feel that the roleplay isn't working. I'm typically a good roleplayer (as said by others, so of course I don't believe it) but it happens to me too sometimes. Or even such a thing as an unexpected absence, and when you/I get back, the roleplay has lost its interest. It happens. It's not the end of the world. Don't make me drag it out like a dying puppy on an IV because I swear to god I'm terrified of hurting your feelings.

Username (or number or email):


2010-01-03 [Yami]: I'd love to rp with you sometime, if you'd like I can give you my yahoo messenger name and we can chat that way or we can make a wiki on here

2010-01-03 [kay-chan]: Awesome! I'll message ya. Er, I don't think I have a yahoo, lemme check...

2011-02-23 [lacy_azlin]: Lacewing from y! Hey, nifty I have an elftown too. though i haven't used it much recently. I don't mind picking it up again. rp goes it worked fairly well (especially since I was able to include the art as I drew it!)anyway e-mail

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