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March 21, 5:27 p.m.
Pulling into the garage number she was given, Karly got out of her car, carrying her coat, the box of graonla bars, and her half-full cup of hot chocolate. She locked the doors with the press of a button and walked through a door, to just outside her home. She unlocked the door and opened it, hurrying herself through the doorway and closed the door, locking only the bottom lock. She moved to the dining room table as the heat made the tips of her ears and nose hurt slightly. She set the box and cup down and hung her coat over a chair. Karly slipped off her shoes and set them near the doorway, taking a seat at the table just long enough to open the granola bars and take two out. She then moved to the living room, taking both bars and her half-filled cup. She relaxed into the soft cushions of her sofa and closed her eyes for a few minutes. She had curled up on the one cushion, leaving the food and drink on the coffee table within arms reach. She pulled a thin blanket off the back of the seat and draped it over her legs and waist, pulling it just above her stomach. Karly grabbed the remote and turned the TV on to the Discovery channel, letting it play through its list of shows as she dozed on the couch for what seemed to be only a half hour.

March 21, 8:42 p.m.
Almost falling off the couch, Karly literally shook as she woke up. She looked around after a quick rub of her eyes and looked at the watch on her left wrist. 8:43 PM. she read to herself. After about a minute, it hit her; she told the guy at the cash register she'd meet him at nine at the store. She stood up, but instantly sat down as her head spun. "Grr," she said quietly and reached for the remote. Turning off the TV, and standing up slowly this time, Karly stretched and flexed her stomach muscles. She moved from the couch and grabbed a granola bar from the box, opening it with her teeth as her opposite hand fumbled with her shoes. After taking a quick bite of the chewy, sweet granola, she placed it on the nearly empty table and pulled her coat on, picking up the bar again. She checked to see if her keys were still in her pants' pocket and pulled open the door. She locked the top lock this time and rubbed her hands together and made her way to her car. Once she unlocked it and hopped in the driver's side, she backed it out and turned, back into the city.

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