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this is my wiki messege me if you want to join and make your own character ny person is called kanizai this site is linked to [Dancing_wolf] read we will be linked once my character has left her village by the way my character is an elf now i shall begin

kanizai swung her legs over the same stool for the 3rd time this week "same" she muttered

the bar tender passed kanizai her drink as she noticed something wasn't quite right here

A girl walked in the bar, she was wearinf a ling white poncho and bagey green trousers, she had long back length brown hair. She setted herself by the bar table"beer please", she looked around 13.

"that's strong stuff home made young lady" said the barman and gave her the flagon

Kanizai looked at the new commer "and who are you?" she asked intersted

The girl took the beer and took a sip of it, "my names Zeke, if you must know and yourself".

"i am kanizai!" she yelled just then a very tall man stepped up "so your the famous kanizai" she looked up at the muscley figure "yes! wanna fight?!"

Realises that this may get intresting and decide she will watch.She takes a gulp of her beer downing it.

kanizai stood up half this man's height and he hit's her in the stomach knocking her flying but she got back up almost immediatly "you should know you can't defeat me that easily" she still has her hood up and fly's forward and hit's the man straight in the bollocks

Zeke gets knocked into by the man and falls backwards onto her ass." ass hole"! She stands up and creates a ball of fire in her hands!

Kanizai looks mildly interested but says "this is my fight" and pulls back her hood reveling point elf ears "the dream is true" and created vines from her hands and crushes the man to death "murderer!" yelled one of the occupants of the bar Kanizai walked up to them "if you don't want to end the same i would shut up" and started to walk out of the bar pulling up her hood

Zeke waves her hands and the fire is gone, she decides to follow the girl, she walks out side to follow her.

"what are you?" kanizai suddenly asked "human? sprite?"

"me, well i suppose you could say im halve and halve really" she puts her hands into the air and fire starts to go around them like snakes.

"strange well if you intend on following me then you should aleast know what i look like many have heard of me but not caught a glimpse of my face" kanizai pulled down her hood to reveal a fair face, sky blue eyes, long dark brown hair and ears that pointed outwards

She just gives a blank expression," i do not intedn on following i only wish to see your true potentioal, but i must warm you i will destroy you if you intend on getting in my way", she turns to leave.

"well then you'll have to follow me" pulls up her hood "i can't control my power" starts to walk away "they come out when i'm angry"

She just vanishes into air"you have alot more power than you think Kanizai and i need you to find it if you are going to be any use to me, we will see each other soon", she said as she vanished.

"well that was interesting" muttered kanizai to no one in particular as she walked to the cottage which was her home and she started to walk through the forest

Kanizai's cotage
the road to ashelt
on the road

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2005-01-25 [Rice]: Hey can i join

2005-01-28 [firelady]: yeah sure messege me and i'll give you the password

2005-01-28 [Rice]: ok thanx Lissa

2005-02-09 [M e l i s s a]: Strange. what exactky is this wiki about, may i ask?

2005-02-09 [firelady]: it's a fantasy rpg were people just walk around talk and randomly fight with magik

2005-03-03 [Rice]: Melissa im going to re join and like be some random person!

2005-03-03 [firelady]: cool same paaword by the way

2005-03-03 [Rice]: cool by the way my chacater loks like a girl virsion of Zeke hehehhee

2005-03-03 [firelady]: hehehehehehehehe mine is slighty drunk here by the way

2005-03-03 [Rice]: hehehhehehhe drunkness is cool!

2005-03-03 [firelady]: you will fight but wait i'll fight some bigass thing for you to get involved with just follow my lead

2005-03-03 [Rice]: sure ok i just wanted to state i could control fire thats all hehehe

2005-03-05 [firelady]: hehehehehe well ok but we can have a really dodgey convosation outside the bar!

2005-03-09 [orange evil fairy]: hey liss can i join

2005-03-14 [firelady]: yeah sure messege me and i'll give you the password like with jenni!

2005-03-14 [Sombre]: Well... um... I would join right away if I knew what I was meant to do... please explain meh luvly ^____^

2005-03-14 [firelady]: just enter very dramaticly with some very cool power and basicly'll pick it up just enter with a lot of drama and power for now ^_^

2005-06-20 [Fujiwara Taiki]: Random people...tsss

2005-06-25 [firelady]: pfft i'm as random as many wish to be...

2005-09-07 [Shadow-ofDeath]: Hmmm... Sweet.

2005-10-14 [firelady]: ok...

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