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A World of Sand, Resin, and the Prisons of a Dying Empire
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     In the vast expanse of space surrounding Selen and her children, Kanaal is the first to see her light every day of its fast years.



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'Sandstorm', by Wizards of the Coast:
  - Publication: url
  - Artwork: url
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     Kanaal is a fictional fan-oriented concept based on a heavily fantasized version of the popular science fiction series by Frank Herbert, Dune.

     Herbert, F. (date). Dune (novel fiction series and supplementary documents). From ... . Online Publications & Media from ..., ???

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2005-03-07 [xido]: Still under construction, but soon to be worked on.... Cross between Frank Herbert's Dune and a huge worldly prison.... Linked to Carcerion/Tartarus@wikiSelenar System, the realms of existence, WFR games

2005-03-07 [xido]: Still need some cities and players... names are welcome. :)


Green marks locations of high resin concentration, water is mostly salinated.

2008-01-15 [xido]: Kanaal will be one of the few locations that content will not be completely off limits to web viewers. If you wish to contribute to the Living Kanaal campaign setting, you will need to join Elftown as a member, and join the forum that operates on the Kanaal_Handbook. If you have never read or seen a single novel/movie of the Dune series, you should probably wait until all pages have content before you join. Otherwise, you may not get the premise.

This world is big enough to host campaign elements from practically any Dune novel in any given location, and the ecology is similar in many ways to Dune. For more info on the creatures and races, see the note on 'Sandstorm' by Wizards of the Coast.

2008-01-15 [xido]:
Dune Genesis: (?)

If and when this content becomes a video game, it should be created by Dreamcatcher Games Interactive, so that they can make up for bad reviews on their previous Dune game, which got bad reviews because of its not sticking to canon.

Also: 3DRPG_Network

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