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Just Another Day In
Not Another Tavern

Part 1 of the Purple Vortex Campaign


Entered from Not Another Tavern

To Part 2: And into the Purple Vortex we Go!!!!


[Angel Dreamer] - Angel Dreamer char
[BadCat] - BadCat Char
[buddha_mjs] - as himself
[Kim_Lundin] - Kim char
[Klyle] - as himself
[medianduel] - Aramil Nightbreeze (Medi)

Game Moderators:
[xido] - Vulcarisksk, Buddha Mahjdahaus of Downriver (partial, with [buddha_mjs]), Demons, Imorphixius, Brother Deren
[Nightshadow] (resigned) - Caylandra, Brother Deren


Angel nails up a sign:
NO SMOKING. Smokers will be bopped, and their cigarettes/cigars/pipes confiscated. Thank you, Management.

Tamer sits at the bar drinking Something Under the Sun. She asks Angel "Hey, Want a drink while we wait for Klyle to show up?"

[buddha_mjs] enters the room and the floor creacks as his heavy boots carry him forword to angels side.

Angel grins up at Bud and shakes her head at Tamer. "Nah, I'm fine. Wonder when some other customers are going to come in." She links her arm through Buddha's. "Want a drink or something, hun?"

[medianduel] walks in with a cigarette in his mouth. Seeing the sign, blows one last puff of smoke and flicks it outside. "Hey, I'd like to apply for the bouncer job. And could I get one of those 'under the sun' thingys?"

[BadCat] saunters in, looking irked. Noticing the sign, she immediately pulls out a pipe and lights up. Coughing from the unnacustomed foulness, she asks weakly, "Anyone wanna play a game of pool?"

[Angel Dreamer] bops [BadCat] and confiscates her pipe. "Honestly, we all want to be able to breathe, its the whole point of the sign."

[Unicorn Tamer] says "hey Medianduel I haven't seen you in a while, sure here's an application and one something under the sun coming right up." She walks over to the bar and starts to fiddle with the blender. Tamer hands Medianduel a drink. He hands her the application. She said "hey great you have the job."

[Klyle] walkes in the door in a hurry saying,"Man am I late?!?", takes a breath and states,"I'll get started at once."

Angel laughs. "Well, its not like we've had a ton of orders ya know."

[buddha_mjs] kisses angel softly then takes [BadCat] up on the pool game."I break"

Klyle goes into the back room, the kitchen, and starts the ovens up. Then a loud crashing sound occurs and klyle yells,"Damnit, ouch stupid fire."

Glaring at [Angel Dreamer] for confiscating her pipe, she heads to the pool table and takes up a cue. "Whenever yer ready, mate."

[buddha_mjs] lays his hand on the pooltable and slides his cue into his fingers. a thundering crack fills the room. "looks like im strips"

Smiling at Buddha, Angel sticks her head in the kitchen to check on Klyle. "You still alive back there? No major injuries? Then start cooking a large pepperoni pizza and dont burn down the place!" Shaking her head, she makes herself a virgin Something Under the Sun and watches the pool game.

Leaping onto the table, [BadCat] holds her cue like a golf-club and knocks a ball into a pocket. "Ye-ess!" she howls delightedly, and jumps off the table, grinning foolishly.

[Kim_Lundin] walks in to the tavern "I'd like an orange juice, please." He sais and sits down by a table.

Angel pours an orange juice and sets it on [Kim_Lundin]'s table. "So, how are you?"

"I'm okay i guess, how are you?" [Kim_Lundin] sais and drinks a little of the juice. "mmm..."

Klyle gets up and makes the pizza and takes it out of the kitchen,"Whos is this?"

Waiting patiently on [buddha_mjs] to take his turn, [BadCat]'s nose twitches at the entrance of the pizza. "Hey, can you get me one of those? Just pineapple, capsicum, olives and onion... and LOTS of cheese!"

klyle sets the pizza on the bar and goes back in the kitchen and starts making bad cat a pizza.

[buddha_mjs] gives up on the pool game with the loony and goes over to [Angel Dreamer], his love. "so whats up tuts?"

[Unicorn Tamer] "Oh, will you two get a room, just kiddin. You know I love ya'll. Hey Klyle promis not to burn down the place if I take a walk."

Klyle reponds sarcasticly, "I will try." "No I will keep it safe."

Tamer says "okay i'm going for a run back in five."

[BadCat] snorts in disgust as Buddha abandons the game. "Gah, forget the pizza! I'm gone!" Snatching up the 8-ball she stumps out of the room.

Glad he has the job [medianduel] walks over and stands just inside the door with his drink. "Thanks Tamer .... now do i just kick the annoying ones ... or the ones that accually are causing trouble?"

Angel chuckles as she begins eating a slice of the pepperoni pizza. "The ones that are causing trouble, Medi....if you just kicked the annoying ones, only me, Tamer, and Bud would be, good pizza Klyle."

Tamer says "no prob man be back." as she walks out the door.

Klyle says,"Thanx" Pause "Hey, I wouldn't be here?"

Angel grins.

Medi smiles "okie doke. Hey, Klyle, can I get a burger?"

"That will be 8 bucks." Klyle says sarcaticly. Klyle walks to the back and starts the grill up.

Tamer walks back in sees klyle and walks to the bar as she says "Are you trying to burn the place down again?"

Klyle replies,"No, really I 'll be fine."

"Have he burned the place down before?" [Kim_Lundin] asks.

"No, it hasnt been up long enough for him to burn it down." Angel sparkles with mischief and laughter. "But we've known him for a while; burning down the place is something he would do."

"Soo, you let him take care of the ovens? You're really brave..." [Kim_Lundin] sais.

[buddha_mjs] points to a cauch and says in a loud voice "MINE!!........and my sweeties :)"

"I will not burn down this tavern." Klyle replies to all that care and the many that don't.

Kaestra walks in and sits at the bar. After requesting a glass of water, she studies [buddha_mjs] from head to toe, her clear green eyes noting the gold band on his finger and its mate on Angel's. Her lips curve slightly upwards in a smile.

Angel pours Kaestra her water, then steps back to look between her and Bud. Well? she sends to Kae, worried by the silence.

Buddha notices Kaestra eyeing his ring then covers it with his other hand. " not be getting any ideas..."


In a flash, before anyone can react, a vortex of a vivid purple hue tears apart the sky just above one of the tables. 

The center of the spinning hole begins to burn out a bright red, hot air billowing in from the other side. It smells of sulfur, and decay, which, along with the scalding hot air, makes everyone back away. Angel falls, her knees giving way under the extreme heat. As screams are beginning to be heard from the back of the room, three dog-sized, gray creatures fall from the portal, scrambling quickly away as they land.

The rat-like creatures stand like humans, with thick, muscular features, their gray fur embellished with thick tattooing, of deep browns and greens. Beady, red eyes stare out over their long whiskered faces, glaring with intensity. One of them leaps onto Buddha, and begins to struggle with him, clawing him once on the jaw.

From the rear of the room, an elf screams, "Now that's a mean thing to do to a buddha!"

Angel rolls to her feet, eyes darkening and a dagger appearing in one hand. Spotting the rat-thing on her husband, she flips her hand out, launching a bolt of lightning to knock the creature off him.
(OOC: are there even any elves in here? ^_^)

Kaestra jumps up, calling in her bladed stick and settling into a defensive posture. "Where the hell did these things come from? Or rather, which hell?" she snarls.

Buddha pulls out one of his desert eagles and shoots the rat off of him looking disinterested and stairing at his feet the whole time.

Hearing the comotion, Medi flicks his cigg and runs inside drawing his katana from one of the folds of his trench coat. Immediately he slices a head off of one of the rat things close to the door from behind. Then spotting the one still left on the table, Medi draws a shuriken from his belt pouch, and lets it fly into rat-things forehead. Seeing the scratch on Buddha's face, he says, "Dammit, I'm falling down on my job!"

"That you are, Medi. I mean, you're supposed to be expecting a vivid purple vortex to appear in the ceiling and spit out giant rats. Honestly, what kind of a bouncer are you?" Angel teases. Snagging a cloth and some water, she begins fussing over Bud while washing the scratch.

"Im fine love" says buddha. "come here :P" he sits her on his lap.

"Everyone okay? Angel conference at the bar." Angel gets up and comes over to the bar. "Angel we have to find out who is doing this. I don't want anymore giant rats in this place and figure out how to close this portal or something it's bad for buisness."

Tamer as a med students walks over to Buddha and looks at his chin. "Just let me look at it" He pushes away and then gives in. "Well it's not to bad you may need a stich or two. I can do it if you like."

"im fine, really -_-" says buddha

Medi says a few odd words and the vortex closes. "Only a necromancer can cast that kind of spell. You know any Angel, Tamer?"

Klyle walks out to hear what the noise is all about and sees the dead rats, "WHAT DID YOU SAY MEDI?" Klyle announces.

Angel leans against Bud. "Actually, I can think of two necromancers off the top of my head, and one of them would love to see me and Buddha dead, but I honestly don't think he did that." She studies the ceiling where the vortex had been. "Maybe we should go through there and find out where it came from."

buddha lays on the couch and covers his face with his coat.

Kaestra vanishes the stick and calls in a small box. Taking out a saphire on a short golden chain she turns to Angel. "For your can be hung on that lovely necklace of yours. Its mate," she pulls a an amethyst on a gold-link necklace. "This is for you, Buddha. When you wear these, the two of you will be able to communicate with each other. No shield or spell will be able to block it, noone will be able to tell if you are using this type of communication, and nobody can take them from you."

"I said 'only a necromancer can cast that spell'" says Medi. "Klyle can you think of any that would want them dead?" He walks over and pulls the shuriken out of the rats head and tosses it back in the pouch.

Angel's eyes go big at the gift. "Wow...thanks Kae." She attaches the chain across her necklace. Walking over to the couch, she pulls the coat off of Bud's face and dangles his gift over his nose. "Lookit hun, did you hear what Kae said?"

buddha takes the stone of the chain and ties it in his hair on the opposite side of the ring then wrapes the chain in his coat buttons. "thankx kae"

Kaestra nods, pays her tab, and begins to leave. Pausing on the threshhold, she half turns. "If you truely want to know the origions of those creatures, you need to go through the purple vortex and find out. If not," she shrugs, "I suggest you clean those up before other customers come in." Then she leaves.

Knowing exactly what Kae means Medi speaks another spell to reverse his last one and the purple vortex opens up again. "I'll go through and find out. The rest of you guys stay here." Even though he knows noone will stay behind.

Angel snorts. "If you think I'm just going to stay here tamely and tend the bar while you go through the vortex, you've got another thing coming Medi."

"Oh well, I didn't think anybody would listen to me," says Medi as he jumps up on the table just below the vortex.

"Man, that means i have to go" says buddha

Angel laughs and kisses his cheek. You know you want to go...but you could always stay here and keep Tamer and Klyle company, darling, she whispers in his mind, testing the powers of the jewels. Sitting on the table under the vortex, Angel watches him, waiting for his descision.

[Kim_Lundin] jumps up from his chair "DAMN! I missed a battle! Well, I'm going to go with you and check out that portal. It was a long time since I fought against evil... rats..." He goes towards the portal.

The air is thick, and hot, and the foulest of smells are taken in from the planar hole. It is difficult to get close to the tear, and its shifting position has been changing since its birth. It seems to have gotten very large, and is now shrinking in size again.

buddha walks up to angel and looks up at her and takes her hand. Then letting go he says"why not" and jumps up to the vortex, kicking off of kims shoulder on the way.

Angel calls Markela to her and takes the ring from her necklace off. Looping it onto a cord, she ties it around the firelizard's neck. "There, now we'll be able to come back. No following us, Markela, ok? I need you here." Markela whistles reassuringly, then flies over to the bar, where she curls up. Angel hurriedly follows Buddha into the purple vortex.

Klyle looks at the people going into the vortex,"Didn't yall ever hear of watch before you leap?" Klyle goes into the kitchen and brings out a shotgun and yells,"I'm going in."

Tamer says "someone has to stay here i will stay but klyle wait" She pulls a box from behind the bar and pulls out two rings and puts one on her right ring finger. "You will be able to call me if you need to get back. I will open the vortex. I will be able to call you if there is anything going on here. Please take it."

Klyle walks to Tamer takes the ring puts it on and says,"So I guess this means..." jumps it to the purple vortex.


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